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Comic Book Question of the Week: Favorite Current Animated Series

Five animated shows enter, one animated show leaves. Well, unless there's a tie or if "I don't enjoy any of them" wins!

Sometimes enjoying these characters in the panels just isn't enough. Every now and then, we're fortunate enough (or unfortunate enough depending on your opinion of the program) to have our favorite characters move over to the small screen and star in their very own shows. Currently, there's only five that come to our minds, but we wanted to see which one you're all digging the most. Will the silly Teen Titans Go! or Ultimate Spider-Man take it? Will the rebooted take on the Ninja Turtles win the most votes? Or will it come down to Batman or The Avengers' latest program? You help determine the winner, so click the link below and vote!


Voting will remain open until Thursday morning (ET). Shortly afterwards, a new feature with the poll results and more will hit the homepage, so be sure to check back then!

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Posted by medulaoblaganda

@longbowhunter: why am saying this is because teen titan go is for kids. you are not a kid at all. you don't need to be watching teen titan go.

Posted by The Average Bear

Can we count Legend of Kora?

If we could, it would get my vote for sure

Posted by longbowhunter

@medulaoblaganda: And what I'm saying is how do you know I'm not a kid? You specifically asked me my age earlier. Were you being facetious or was the question rhetorical?

Posted by Perfect 10

too bad anime doesnt count cause these wouldnt even be in the top 10

Posted by medulaoblaganda

@longbowhunter: i can tell you are not a kid. the way you write tells, your grammar tells.

Posted by longbowhunter

@medulaoblaganda: So by that logic you're telling me your're a kid right? Or are you an adult with the syntax of Helen Keller? Either way what gives you the right to tell anyone what they should or should not be watching? Teen Titans Go is an all ages program same as the other four shows listed in this article.

Edited by medulaoblaganda

@longbowhunter: am not a kid at all. the other four shows are for everyone including adults. teen titan go to me is for kids whereas the previous teen titan is definitely for everyone. i know i dont have the right. am just saying that teen titan is not for adults. its not even among the best cartoons among the list mentioned at the top. beware the batman should be number 1, avengers assemble should be number 2, because the show just started, tmnt number 3, ultimate spider man is so annoying because of the fourth wall spider man breaks every minutes, and the last should be teen titan go. thats my opinion.

Posted by longbowhunter

@medulaoblaganda: Look, you are certainly entitled to your opinion. But, I think you'd be surprised by the amount of grown ass people who watch Teen Titans Go. Some of whom are also users on this site.

Edited by lilben42


Posted by medulaoblaganda

@longbowhunter: agreed. but that is what i feel. have you watched episode 1 of hulk and the agent of smash? what are your taught? is episode 1 okay?

Posted by Miss_Garrick

None win. I want Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes and Young Justice BACK!

Edited by doombot890
Posted by Extremis

These are kids shows...

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Teen Titans Go! with TMNT following closely behind I say.

Edited by DadaHyena

Good Lord, I feel old: I mistook every one of those five titles for the series that came before them!

Posted by The Stegman
Posted by Superskrull86

Hate to seem like a bandwagoner, but TMNT is the obvious choice.