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Clark Kent gives up BEER

Original cover to Action Comics #869

Action Comics Gets Cover Changed

Some of you may have noticed that Action Comics was recently delayed.  The original solicits show Clark Kent enjoying a cold beer with Pa. 

Is there anything wrong with that?  I'm pretty sure Clark is over 21. 

I suppose DC was worried that it'd be a bad portrayal if the kids saw Superman drinking an adult beverage.  Is this backlash from way back when kids tied towels around their necks and tried jumping off their roofs?

Kid busted for drinking:  "Shorry offisher...I wanted to be like, hic, Shuperman..."

I just don't see the big deal.  Part of Superman's charm is that even though he is an alien, he is more human than most other heroes.  I understand the decision to change it.  In today's age, I suppose you can't be too careful.  People are so easily outraged over nothing.  What does make it bad is the poor job they did in changing the label on his bottle.  The original (as you can see) has some detail to it.  The new one just has a generic label marked "soda pop." 


Kid friendly version

Posted by Methos

oh man...

that's rediculous...

i really like the original cover as well, the new one just looks like it's been badly photoshopped...

hell, i could do a better job than that!

todays world has become too polically correct, it's rediculous


Posted by Shatterstar

Could've just changed it to root beer.

Posted by LightBright

That's just lame.

Posted by HunterKiller

I don't think it's lame at all, I think it is consistent of the portrayal of the character. A charming part of the character has always been that he is a big boy scout and even though he is an adult, he just would not feel comfortable portraying any vices.  In the original Superman movie Christopher Reeve looks at Lois Lane with his X-Ray vision and tells her that she should quit smoking and that fortunatelly, it didn't appear as though any permanent damage had been done yet, or something along those lines. That would not jive with him drinking an alcoholic beverage which would hamper his senses in any way. 

What is lame is that Action Comics insists in portraying Superman in a photorealistic way and he looks more like the aforementioned Christopher Reeve than anywhere else. I understand that this is an homage, but seriously this distracts from my enjoyment of this title, it takes me away from the story. I look to comics as pure escapist fun from our world so why would I want Superman to remind me of any famous person living or dead? I think they should really stop this practice.

Posted by SilverZeo

Well, at least this way they won't make any future rumor jokes that be over done, like a scene where and Munchkin Hangs himself, or Lion King having the word 'sex'  repeatably hidden in the background.

Posted by Red L.A.M.P.

I don't think Superman would drink either.  I think that it would be out of character for him.  His background is based on midwest protestant farmer style of living.  He'd be drinking pop. 

Posted by The_Martian

LAME! LOL, I realize he is "Superman" but he doesn't have to be "perfect".

Posted by Calvin

isn't supes invunerable to alchool?
and what about his "pa" why wouldn't he drink a beer?

Posted by Venom-Hulker_1


Posted by Venom-Hulker_1

Has anyone else noticed the Cyborg Moon?! or am i going insane. Maybe i's Ego- the living planet getting ready for halloween... mmm candy corn

Posted by G-Man

That's Brainiac.

Posted by ~The Wanderer~
People are so easily outraged over nothing.
Yes they are, and that's what's so ironic in this situation...
Posted by Da Talking Beaver

I saw that why I picked up the issue yesterday & that it was hilarious. The fact that it was so obviously changed makes the joke, if it is a joke. Maybe they didn't have some up with a better label but that it just says "Soda Pop" made me laugh.

Posted by G-Man

Maybe they make their own soda pop on the farm just like some people make their own moonshine.

Posted by Shatterstar

mmm moonshine

Posted by G-Man

The real question should be what is ol' Martha serving in those cups back there?

Posted by inferiorego

They're drinking root beer in the original, look at the label...


oot beer... I wonder what letting is missing

For shame DC

Posted by G-Man

Maybe it's Hoot Beer.  Drinking it is such a hoot.  Or maybe Root Beer was just too edgy for Clark too.

Posted by inferiorego

Hoot beer sounds delicious

Posted by G-Man

It was either Hoot of Foot Beer.  Maybe that's a type of moonshine beer made in a shoe.  Or if it was in a boot, Boot Beer.

Ugh, maybe it's time I let this one rest.

Posted by goesfast

You say 'foot beer', and all I get are awful flashbacks to watching those "Old Greg" videos on youtube. Baileys in a shoe, anyone? -sob-

Posted by Psychotime

That's just ridiculous.

I knew DC was uptight about their characters, but seriously?

Yeah, as a role model for kids, Superman can JUMP OFF TALL BUILDINGS, run around with his underwear on the outside, pick up cars, punch the teeth out of villains, and STAND IN FRONT OF GUNFIRE, but he can't have a beer? Because he's supposed to be a role model for kids?

If the reason wasn't for the kids, maybe they believed it to be out of character for a Goody-Two Shoes character. If that's the reason, then it's ok.

Now that I think about it, he's probably immune to alcohol, anyway.

Posted by longbowhunter

Superman is like 75 years old. He is way over legal drinking age.