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CHEW #6 Reviewed!

Babs takes a bite out of the latest issue!

Babs takes a bite out of the latest issue!


Written by: John Layman
Art by: Rob Guillory
Published by: IMAGE
I think this is one of those few comics that I can safely say managed to develop into something completely new and different from anything else out in the market right now (or ever, for that matter). John Layman just goes to show us that you do not necessarily have to have this really deep and dense book (like Ellis' SUPERGOD) to have a beautifully crafted comic book. Everything from the prevalent themes in the story, to the way the dialogue and story is structured all add to making CHEW one of the most unique and entertaining books in the market today. CHEW will leave you craving more, so be sure to pick up the trade that which compiles issues one through five in addition to the sixth issue, both of which will be released tomorrow. As I stated in the video review, everything about this book just works really well. Layman could not have asked for a better artist than Rob Guillory, who's quirky style is perfect for this series. If you have not yet picked up the comic, then you are missing out!
5 out of 5
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Posted by FoxxFireArt

It's always nice to see a more "out there" story do so well in place of the regular super hero fair.
I had always heard of the omniscient narrator as third person perspective. Though I believe your description is much more accurate. I have not always been the biggest fan of a first person perspective narration. That always ruin the tension, because if the narration is all written in the past tense then you know that the hero survived events. That's my issue with the Clone Wars series. It's hard to get involved in the story when we know that most of the characters will die, and the supposed hero of the series is partly responsible for those deaths.
I like that the CHEW writer doesn't use a lot of thought bubbles to the extent of other series. That forces him to use dialog well and let the reader think about motivations.

Posted by drawme

I also think that what makes this book unique is the perfect interaction between story and artwork. Imagine an artist who uses a more realistic style...that wouldn´t work. So Rob´s style gives the book a certain touch.
I love it!!!

Posted by BatGhostin

have been getting and its great! Loving Image right now!

Posted by TheOmegaMan

I'm always looking for the next non superhero type comic. But this one just doesn't appeal to me for some reason...Though the artist is coming around here on sunday for a signing...
Posted by rpaolasso

Image is rockin' it. . . . This is one of my top 5 books to read . . . and re-read . . .

Posted by Media_Master

I'll definitely look out for the Chew trade!