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Check Out This Cool Disney/Marvel Mashup

Will it really be a small world after all?

There hasn't been too much fretting lately over the possibility of Disney buying Marvel.  We know that the takeover vote for shareholders will take place shortly, on December 31, 2009.
In the meantime, check out this really cool mashup art posted at BoingBoing:

This beauty was done by T Campbell and John Waltrip and is entitled "Epic Misney."  You can even buy a print of it through T Campbell.
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Posted by The_Martian

This is awesome!

Posted by aboynamedart

Namor and Ariel? ooooooh, Babs is gonna be maaaaad ...

Posted by rouju

OK, I was sold. Maybe the buy out it ain't a bad idea eh?

Posted by Son_of_Magnus

That is hilarious Doom took over Disney Castle XD and Namor and Ariel. Great picture

Posted by Nerd Of A Hero

I don't know...I still prefer Marvel alone.

Posted by Grendel

Gizmo-duck and Iron Man. Brilliant.
I wonder if the folks who made Frankencastle are going to attach Walt's cryogenicly frozen head to something?

Posted by PrinceIMC

I'm just a little concerned about Scrooge McDuck staring at Spider-man's behind and thinking about money.

Posted by Dr. Maxwell

Love the reaction from the princesses to Emma Frost

Posted by reaper2923


Posted by War Killer


Posted by Asymmetrical

ha! Beauty and Beast, that's awesome 
and Squirrel Girl and Chip and Dale 
this is one nice piece of artwork

Posted by Son_of_Magnus
@PrinceIMC said:
" I'm just a little concerned about Scrooge McDuck staring at Spider-man's behind and thinking about money. "
He is thinking of exploiting him as a giant cash cow like Marvel and Stan Lee have done for years
Edited by Vortex13

LMAO!!! Squirrel Girl with Chip and Dale, awesome even though they are not squirrels lol.
Oh wait... Hannah Montana girl is standing next to Dazzler, I suddenly like this less lol.

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

I love that the Dazzler is with hannah montana that is funny.
Posted by LordX1095

Ha this is funny... xD looks like Howard the Duck is showing Donald some "reading" material ;P

Posted by iLLituracy

This piece is epic.

Posted by Thunder God
I love the Marvel Herc and Disney Herc having a couple of brews
Posted by Son_of_Magnus

Who do Sue Storm and that Incredibles girl have trapped?

Posted by Mr. Dead Pool
It looks like Venom bonding with or eating Goofy
Posted by danhimself

kind of disappointed that Darkwing Duck isn't in the picture

Posted by Bruce Vain

I still think DC & Looney Tunes is a better team up.
Posted by Mr. Punisher
I guess he could stand next to Punisher.
Posted by whirlwind6


Posted by FoxxFireArt

There is a weird symmetry to this that just seems to work right.
It took me a minute why Scrooge McDuck was staring at Spider-man like that, then I realized he can see the money they can make with him as a property.
Really, if this could mean more Marvel related animated shows or Marvel animated feature length movies. I don't see the harm.

Posted by Aronmorales

Hey HEY! THAT is cool!


Posted by The Sadhu

Who is Dazzler with? 
and Belle and Beast(Marvel) dancing together... nice! lol
Posted by burr787

It's funny to see that Quicksilver sucks in both Universes, and is the rich duck(I forgot his name) checking out Spiderman's ass?

Posted by solocup

I think i'm gonna get sick...

Posted by NightFang

That does look pretty cool.

Posted by robbert

It would  be interesting  to see Doctor vodoo a.k.a the new sorcerer supreme of marvel against Dr. Facilier which is a new disney villain from the princess and the frog movie that is out right now.  My other battle possibilties includes:
Kraven the hunter vs. Scar  
Malifecent vs. Amora the Enchantress 
the sea witch  vs. Attuma or Sub Mariner   
Jafar vs. Dr. Strange 
Hades vs. loki 
Kingpin vs. pete 
Tarzan vs. Sheena the she devil 
The villian from Tarzan vs. Kraven as well 
The incrediables vs. The Fantastic four 
Buss lightyear vs. skrulls or Nova corps 
Zerg  vs. Dr. Doom 
Aladin with the lamp vs. Alan Scott green lantern from DC I would love to see and originally thought but since its marvel so  I am not sure  yet  
This is all that I want to see so far because I am tired of thinking about more hahaha.

Posted by Agent Buttons
Love it
Posted by Blue_Shield

So many great interactions between characters.
Posted by sora_thekey

This is awesome... 
Hulk is being interviewed for a job at Monsters Inc.!!!
Wolverine Vs Capt. Hook!!!
Love it!
PS. Babs I wouldn't worry to much Ariel and Namor would never work because Dory is getting in the way!

Edited by DMC

This pic is missing Mulan and Moshoo hanging out with Kitty Pryde and Lockheed

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

Namor is macking on Ariel
Posted by rouju
@The Sadhu:  Hanah Montana? (Probably considering Dazzler also a singer)
Posted by Omega The Supreme Being


Posted by ARMIV

...This is really freaking awesome!!!

Posted by Donovan Montgomery

lol, Tinkerbelle looks like she's goin for Hank 
Awsome job T 
Posted by Andferne

Quicksilver is losing the foot a child!

Posted by Hellos

Silver surfer, stich, and Walley barely holding onto the board, dear lord Norrin help them out.
Wolverine vs Captian Hook 
All Hail Doom.

Edited by Grim

the funniest things are Fin Fang Foom and  Maleficent duking it out, The Hulks grabbing a beer, Goofy getting attacked by the symbiote, and the high out of his mind look on Captain America.
 and on second glance, Scrooge looking at spiderman and seeing dollar signs is freaking hilarious. OH and Emma frost looks pissed.
....omg. is that Squirrel girl with Chip and Dale?

Posted by xerox_kitty

I love Hercules & Hercules sharing a brew... and the way that Scrooge McDuck is looking at Spidey with $$ in his eyes ;)
Posted by geraldthesloth

Funny this comes up when I get home from Disneyland :P
Naw but seriously..I WOULD BUY THIS.

Posted by The Lobster

The best parts of this picture are...
Belle and Beast 
Hercules and Hercules
Chip and Dale and Squirrel Girl 
Stitch and Wall-E with Silver Surfer
Wolverine with Captain Hook

Edited by .Mistress Redhead.
@aboynamedart said:

" Namor and Ariel? ooooooh, Babs is gonna be maaaaad ... "

that creeped me right out...
Posted by E.I.S.A.M.

This is actually really cool. I love the little mermaid and Namor together.

Posted by InnerVenom123

*Puts gun to head and fires*
Posted by hdorman1
@InnerVenom123 said:
*Puts gun to head and fires* "
bit doing that you have a chance of surviving
im going to shoot  through the mouth, after i take a cyanide capsule
just to be sure
as this poster is an abomination
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