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Check Out the New Comic Vine Beta

The moment you've been waiting for is almost here! Take a look and help us out.

Comic Vine is about to go through some big changes. We're getting a complete makeover. If you've checked out our sister site lately, you have a good idea what to expect. While the two sites will look very similar, there are some differences as some comic book data works differently than video game data.

What we want you to do is check out the beta site. Right now.

Actually, hopefully you're still here reading this.

Our engineers have been working day and night (almost) in making the new site happen. That's why we had new sign ups turned off, to ensure those new accounts would exist on the new platform. We want you to check out the beta and play around. Check out the new features but more importantly, we'd like to find and squash all the bugs before the new version launches.

Dave "Captain Cascader" Snider has a post over they explaining some of the changes. You can find that post on the front page, the news page or just by clicking HERE. It even explains how the let us know about a bug you find. The idea is to find and fix the bugs ASAP.

You'll notice some of the data over there seems a little outdated. It's a snapshot of the site from a bit a go. Don't worry, everything up through this Friday will carry over.

When is the change happening?

This is the important part. We will be putting this current live site in lock-down mode this weekend. That means any edits, submissions, blogs, reviews, etc you add after Friday, March 22, 2013, WILL NOT CARRY OVER TO THE NEW SITE. There should be a reminder on the screen letting you know we are in lock-down mode.

How long until we can add stuff?

The goal is Tuesday. The main indicator is you will notice a brand new site when you click on

So please check out the site. Try things out. Any edits made in the beta will not carry over. Which is why you can find the first issue of DOCTOR GUERRERO: MAN OF SCIENCE.

Check out the beta and help us find any bugs.

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Posted by Cap10nate

The only issue I found when browsing was that even after I saved my preferences to not show off-topic items in the forums they still appear. I even came back to the site and they are still showing. I tried hiding the General Discussion topics and that worked, but the Off-Topic is still there. Also, there is no option to hide RPG topics.

The site does look great though.

Posted by Samimista

Oh wow! This is really soon. I have a question though, will we still be able to log in and use the forums or do we gotta wait til the update is done?

Posted by Fetts

When I click on it, where it should say Forums, Powers, Reviews, etc. it's written in a bunch of math. I don't know if that was intentional for some testing purposes or whatever, but just thought I should let you know.

Posted by Barkley

Crazy just Crazy...and I mean that face G-man.....the website is cool

Edited by Danial79

How do you access the cool new search features you mentioned last time?

EDIT: Never mind, I found it in the Wiki section. However, it doesn't work the way I was expecting. When I put Moon Knight and Hawkeye in the search parameters, it came up with Moon Knight OR Hawkeye, instead of Moon Knight AND Hawkeye. I was hoping to see which issues they'd been in together :(

Posted by CitizenJP

Looks sick. Can't wait!

Edited by Battle_Forum_Junkie

The new site looks great, and I wanted to thank everybody that worked on the new site! It was worth the wait!

One question though... What the heck is Abraham Lincoln doing in a spacesuit, petting a reindeer, while rocket ships with brains painted on them pass over an exploding moon?? And, more importantly, what does it have to do with comicbooks?

EDIT: It's on my profile page...

Posted by Solomonwreath

Kind of looks like geek tyrant but, that's just my opinion

Posted by etragedy

@wessaari said:

@ckuakini said:

Are we gonna get updated with everything that hasn't been applied to the site, yet? (reviews, wiki edits, points, etc)

Seems like everything that was in between the time period of January 22nd till now has disappeared in the Beta site.

Will they fix this bug before they launch the site?

Another thing you guys should apply to the site is a section for reviews for avid comic reviewers such as myself and add complimentary and needs to satisfy the general audience. I believe user reviews (and staff reviews) is a main feature on CV that attracts new users, as well as promote the specific title, issue, etc and think should be paid close attention to.

Hoping to see some improvements on the review homepage!

Overall, love the Beta so far!



Posted by haydenclaireheroes

Always love to see this site become better!

Edited by Battle_Forum_Junkie

I also noticed that the little icon below a user's avatar that shows you if they're "online now" isn't there anymore. Is that something that will be put back in?

It was really helpful.

Posted by iancoderre3

I hope this means the iPhone app will be improved as well.

Posted by iceman228433

I can't wait till I can get Black background Comic Vine.

Posted by QuantomMan


Posted by Mercy_

@Samimista said:

Oh wow! This is really soon. I have a question though, will we still be able to log in and use the forums or do we gotta wait til the update is done?

You can log in and use the forums on the beta, but nothing that happens there will transfer over.

During the Comic Vine lockdown, you'll still be able to log in and you'll still have functionality, but after the lockdown has started, nothing will transfer over to the new site.

Posted by turoksonofstone

Looks just improved in every regard though the background tile on my homepage only goes across the top in a single bar otherwise very keen looking.

Posted by Fantasgasmic

@Mercy_: If nothing we do on the beta site transfers over, does that mean we should report bugs thru the LIVE site, not by clicking the link about bug reporting that Dave linked to (here)at the end of his post (here)?

Posted by Mercy_

@Fantasgasmic: No, the engineers are watching the bug reporting forum on the beta site very closely in order to keep track of the bugs. So even if stuff that we do over there doesn't transfer over, that's where it's easiest for them to keep track of the bugs (they cleared out the beta bug forum so that only topics created after the beta site was launched show up there).

Posted by takashichea

Better hold off my wiki addiction on Friday.

Posted by TDK_1997

@G-Man said:

@TDK_1997 said:

After it's launched,is this site still going to be active?

@joshmightbe said:

@RazzaTazz: Okay. Will they be eliminating this site or will the new site be a separate thing?

The new site will be HERE. will still be In other words, Mon. or Tues, whenever the change happens, it'll be here. You won't have to go elsewhere. The beta is a separate thing. That's why you're allowed to play around without worrying about messing things up. That stuff will not transfer over.

That's great!

Posted by TitanTempest

Im going to miss the green. But Im happy to think of the new members that could join for the new look

Posted by Alcamin

I was wondering when this was rolling out. It's looking great! I look forward to messing around with it. Keep up the good work, team.

Posted by Samimista

@Mercy_ said:

@Samimista said:

Oh wow! This is really soon. I have a question though, will we still be able to log in and use the forums or do we gotta wait til the update is done?

You can log in and use the forums on the beta, but nothing that happens there will transfer over.

During the Comic Vine lockdown, you'll still be able to log in and you'll still have functionality, but after the lockdown has started, nothing will transfer over to the new site.

Oh! So new posts during beta won't go through? Sorry about the slow questions. I can be a bit of Derpy Hooves at times. xD

Edited by Fetts

Ok is all of the tabs at the top supposed to be in math? It'd be nice if the tab "Forums" would actually say "Forums".

Edited by Esquire

All of my followers are gone. Is there any way to recover those? Do I actually have to impress people again? :P

Edit: I'm also following a bunch of people I've never seen before, and I'm not following a bunch of people I used to be following.

Edited by Ravager4

So, we can't see our profile backgrounds anymore? The gray stretches all the way across the screen. And no more profile images? And everything looks really big...

Edit: Also, why can I not hide the RPG board anymore? Really don't want those showing up for me...

Posted by M3th

I cant log in to my original account it says I'm putting the wrong password. :( I wish I could remember the e-mail address I was using 5 years ago. Change is Constant ( + )

Posted by Kesho_Ronin

Looks great.i really like the change :)

Posted by lorex

Now that the new website is up I have to say for the most part it looks great. One thing that I do not like and miss from the old version is there is no section that shows the hot topics from the fourms and instead there is the 'User Community Showcase'. I am not saying the showcase is bad but alot of the topics shows are from moderators not just the reglar fourm users. I liked to come onto the site and see if any fourm topics caught my attention. It was a very quick way to get into discussions about characters/topics people were interested. I doubt you will change anything at this point but I would prefer the old fourm section as opposed to the Showcase.

Posted by rouder

You can't rate a comic book anymore or am I just being a dummy?

Edited by Ellie_Knightfall

@m3th: If you have spaces or symbols in your original account, try substituting underscores for them when signing in.

IE if my account name was Comic Vine, when I sign in, I'd put Comic_Vine.

Edited by The_Lunact_And_Manic

We can't use HTML now, right?

Posted by Fetts

When I try to post pictures in stack form, I can't get the order of pictures I want in my
Previous Uploads. And when I try to get them from my desktop, I can't even post multiple pictures. Is this a bug or just the way its setup now? It'd be nice to properly post stacks of pictures instead of posting every individual picture one at a time...

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