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Check Out Sideshow Collectibles' 'Loki' Figure

The toy maker releases high definition images of their latest figure based on the villain of 'The Avengers' movie.

We here at Comic Vine love Sideshow Collectibles. In fact, we often give you all a closer look at many of the figures based on popular comic book characters from the company -- and there's no question that more often than not they are absolutely gorgeous. Recently, the high-end toy manufacturer has been working on cranking out many of the characters we saw in The Avengers. We recently gave you guys a closer look at Captain America, and we've also pointed to both the Thor and Iron Man figure. But you can't have the entire cast of heroes and not have a villain to go along with them, am I right?

Sideshow Collectibles revealed high definition promotional images ofthe upcoming Hot Toys figure based on actor Tom Hiddleston's portrayal of Loki in The Avengers. We have to admit, the likeness is not only uncanny; but the expression on Loki's face is so menacing it would make anyone quiver with fear -- well maybe not, but he definitely looks cool.

Sideshow isn't just giving us a simple figurine, oh no. This "Sixth Scale Limited Edition Collectible figure" will come with not two put seven hands, two daggers, a mask, a helmet, a scepter and of course, one pair of shackles so you can re-imagine the blockbuster film. Like so many of the Hot Toys Sideshow Collectibles sculptures, Loki is limited edition, which means limited in quantity. He can be yours for $219.99 or a payment plan of $73.33 per month. Loki is now available for pre-order and will be shipped in December, 2012. What do you think of Loki? Pretty cool? Is this something you would like as part of your collection?

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Source: Sideshow Collectibles

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Posted by Baddamdog

Omg do they get such detail on the face!?

Posted by wmwadeii

@Baddamdog said:

Omg do they get such detail on the face!?

it scares me

Posted by Sidious

wow it took a lot of talent to make that. No I know its redundant but, if they made a life-size black widow they'd make a fortune!

Posted by deadpool25mm

wow this is amazing..!

Posted by dcfox

Wow, that face is creepily realistic!

Posted by ZZoMBiE13

Holy crap! I've never really considered actually buying one of these before. I have very limited space to display such goodies so I've kinda gotten used to overlooking these kinds of collectibles. But damn. I may have to rethink that position. The price is fair and the quality is astounding. And I know it may not be cool to say it, but I'm still blown away how Marvel Film Studios managed to make Loki's curly horned helmet look so cool. I never dug it much in the comics but... just wow.

This is greatness in a box, end of story.

Posted by Crimsonlord53

Nice very nice now can we see Loki in Sif's body.

Posted by TheHeat

Freaking beautiful.

Posted by TheGoldenOne
Wow. That's pretty darn good.
Posted by Overlander

You were meant to be that statue.

That is just as commanding and ominous as in the movie.

Posted by blueninjapanther

dang, looks too real to be true

Posted by waruikumo

Me, I'm waiting for a Thanos to make my first Sideshow purchase.

Posted by NyxEquitis

Wow...that is..amazing, for a simple statue. Looks more or less exactly like Tom Hiddleston. Lot of money, but it certainly looks worth it.

Posted by Necrotic_Lycanthrope

That is one hot Loki. (FYI, I'm a girl, so don't get weirded out for me saying this.)

Posted by Fenrir085

Wow, that is really impressive craftsmanship. Looks like I will adding a new addition to my collection very soon.

Posted by Ganthetsward20

I looked at the other figures and I must say that Loki is my favorite one they have currently

Posted by ArtisticNeedham

Dang! More things to buy. I would love to buy this, the Captain America, soon Sideshow will be selling a Avengers Hulk sculpture that looks awesome! So much money.

Posted by MasterofChaos

Holy wow. That is just perfect. I'd get that, and I don't even collect toys. Never had one that costed more than 15 dollars.

Posted by wadey wilson

REALLY AWESOME FACE DETAILS! Now I'm waiting for an Agent Coulson figure

Posted by maruko101


Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Man that is great detail! Know what would be even better? A bust of Hulk slamming Loki into the ground like Bam-Bam and his club. I would literally empty my pockets for that statue likeness!

Posted by Om1kron
@wmwadeii said:

@Baddamdog said:

Omg do they get such detail on the face!?

it scares me

If you've ever wanted to know, look at the process Randy Bowen goes through to make a sculpture. They pretty much make a VERY HUGE version of it, and then it is shrunk down with 3d scanning or some other techniques then a mold is created from the scan. Assuming they're all individually painted.  
Here is a good one covering how Mcfarlane toys does their sports figures.  
Posted by Deadcool

I WANT IT!!!! NOW!!!

Posted by htb106

It looks amazing!

Posted by James Lasagnaboy

You guys never seem to give adequate credit to Hot Toys...

Posted by Mercy_

Oh my godddd

Moderator Online
Posted by ragdollpurps

God damn.

Posted by LordRequiem

His long hair definately gives a more evil presence.

Posted by Miss_Garrick

That's really cool and all, but I want a six-inch action figure of Loki in that very fine civilian suit he had in Germany.

Posted by batkevin74

Wow! That's really well done. Oh and you're sending on to my house @Sara Lima, that's really nice thanks :P

Posted by BritishMonkey

some say hot toys sold their souls to the devil....

but buy 5 more of these lokis and you get the kaleidoscope effect

Posted by awesomeoclock


Posted by lololoki

wow those are really realistic.. want one

Posted by KidSupreme