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Check It Out, Brigadiers! Stan Lee's New BOOM! Studios Books!

Stan Lee sends a message to fans and retailers about his new Boom! Studios books!

A few weeks ago during San Diego Comic-Con we announced that Boom! Studios would be teaming up with comic book legend Stan Lee to launch three all new ongoing series. The three new books have been co-created by Stan Lee and POW! Entertainment and the stories will revolve around all new characters- Soldier Zero, written by Paul Cornell with art by Javier Pina, The Traveler by Mark Waid and Star Born by Chris Roberson. Each are superhero genre books and will come out over the course of the next three months. But hey, don't let me tell you when Stan 'The Man' Lee can tell you himself! Check out the video below of Stan Lee talking about the new ongoing books he helped to create. I feel like BOOM! and POW! sound pretty good together, don't you? Does the fact that Stan Lee has attached his name to the following books make you, as a reader, more inclined to pick them up? 

Posted by Jake Fury

Damn work computer! I can't see the images!!!
Posted by ComicMan24

They look good.

Posted by iLLituracy

Excelsior, indeed.

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

Seeing as I'm a sucker for time travel i might pick up The Traveler.

Posted by NickDynmo

I want to hug this man and never let go. He is adorable.

Posted by Zniperking

If Stan Lee says to read it I will read it.

Posted by sora_thekey

These books sound like going back to 60s stories in the present...
Clearly since I am a huge fan of Stan Lee I will be picking these books up when they come out!

Posted by Jk-Prodigy
@Zniperking said:
" If Stan Lee says to read it I will read it. "
Posted by Pizawle

Looking forward to these.

Posted by Nick-SV(ril)
@Omega Ray Jay said:
" Seeing as I'm a sucker for time travel i might pick up The Traveler. "
My thought too. 
Will check 'em for sure.
Posted by Bobby X

I was planning on trying these out anyways, especially the Paul Cornell one.  
Now I have no choice, my hands are tied.
Posted by Man of Lengend

ill pick up a few

Posted by longbowhunter

They each sound interesting. I love what Waid is doing with Irredeemable, and Cornell's run on Action Comics has been great. May give 'em a look.
Posted by gambit987

I tink i will pick them up. (a big reason because Stan Lee told me so (he is cool)).

Posted by Impling

Gotta say just hearing him talk about these series, i can't wait!

Posted by Hamz

I'll have to check out these upcoming titles, they look interesting and fresh. Something the comic industry needs badly!

Posted by stu

this man is amazing!

Edited by Luke Danes

No offense, Stan, but where is your talent for ideas that haven´t been there? Alien this, alien that, and Iron Man revisited...
I will buy those books (hey, i grew up with your work - even when it was translated) but after seeing this video i don´t have much hope this will last long and Lee´s BOOM will be loud enough to be heard...
You are my Superhero, but this has no real "power" in it  as ist seems to me... :(

Posted by Ms. Omega

They all sound good will have to check them out

Posted by Captain13

I'll give them a look.

Posted by DH69

sorry stan, im usually with you on stuff like this, but these characters and the brief descriptions of them sound like crap

Posted by Stormultt

his drive will never stop. 
<333. ill pick up the books.
Posted by Mumbles

stan lee is classic

Posted by AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge
@Captain13: Same here...if I can get a spare moment from college....
Posted by MichaeltheFly

Sounds like good cosmic series to me I will have to check them out.

Posted by N7_Normandy

ehh, I'm not sold on these

Posted by Xangel
@Luke Danes:  good to see i'm not the only one that this video didn't do anything for.  Stan Lee is adorable, a legend, and a cornerstone for our entire industry; but these new stories look very lackluster; was hoping for something more.
Posted by ChipBOOM
@Luke Danes:  
MAN! You guys are a terrifically tough twosome!  You hear one line pitches and see a couple of panels of art and you are writing off the whole endeavor? C'mon! You'll see some interior pages of STAN LEE'S SOLDIER ZERO #1 very shortly. At least wait until you READ some of the actual book before you condemn it! 
And... I've seen the pages. I've read the scripts. They are awesome. You all might just miss the boat on this one! 
Posted by Luke Danes

I´m not missing them, ChipBOOM, as i wrote i will buy them, but i´m not impredssed with the ideas themselves.
We will see and then all of the new Leeverse will be finally judged! ;o)
But, the times when a good Artist could save a bad storyidea for are long gone... ;o)

Posted by frogger

Soldier Zero sounds interesting
Posted by zombietag
@Xangel: yeah. hes an awesome guy and im really glad for what hes done for the industry, but sometimes it seems like he never dislikes anything so its hard to tell what he really thinks is good and what he doesnt you know? these look okay. maybe soldier zero, but this definitely isnt making me want to go out and buy them right away no matter what. kind of same old same old.
Edited by jakob187

I've been finding myself picking up more and more Boom! and Dynamite books.  Those guys have some great stuff on their labels right now. 
As for that video, man...Stan needs to stop being prompted!  Just talk, dood!  We'll listen to anything you say!

Edited by Mighty_Destroyer

he is reading from cards haha

Posted by TheVindicator

Teleprompter is too low.

Posted by ComicCrazy

They do sound pretty cool.
Edited by Xangel
@ChipBOOM: Not missing them, just giving initial reactions; my whole job depends on making timely decisions on what looks good and what needs work; entire corporations, giant projects, and ground breaking films are all sold on one line pitches so you always have to make it your best.  Also, while I appreciate your enthusiasm for the new work, it does need to come with a grain of salt as you work for BOOM.  Am I being too skeptical? Maybe, but I'll judge for myself when the books are actually released; until then good luck on your new endeavors and hopes that your company thrives as there is always room for new talent outside the big 2!
Posted by ChipBOOM
Have you guys seen the preview pages for SOLDIER ZERO #1 yet?  
G-MAN is going to have them up in a jiff! 
Posted by Eyz

Sounds pretty fun!
I'm sure I'l give it a try, as I did with the Stan Lee's Just imagine a few years back~