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Characters Deserving of an Open World Video Game

Don't you want to jump into the shoes of your favorite characters and roam around a big world? We certainly do!

As many of you probably know, Grand Theft Auto V came out this week and has a massive world to explore. It's yet another video game which offers a promising open world experience, yet when it comes to comic book characters, we haven't had too many of these. Batman, Spider-Man, and even Hulk have all had the luxury of great video game worlds to explore, but there's so much potential with countless other characters. Because of that, we started wondering what an open world experience would be like for some of the characters we adore. Here's just a few of the ones we'd love to see created one day.


"But making a good Superman game is impossible!" Is it really? Why should difficult equate to impossible? Yes, creating a good Superman game would be quite a chore, but given the right team and proper backing, it could be a brilliant time, too.

When it comes to his variety of powers -- heat vision, freeze breath, x-ray vision, etc -- you should be able to quickly switch between them in a tab on the HUD or open up a small menu, momentarily pausing the game and allowing you to scroll through them (like Bioshock and its plasmids). Each can be used for entirely different scenarios and teaching the player how to use them can be delivered in an organic manner as the game progresses.

As for his challenges, there are more than plenty which have been presented in the comics, aren't there? Aside from stopping petty robbers, putting out fires or saving people from terrible accidents, there should be a wealthy amount of villains populating the world. As for fodder, Lex Luthor can have a formidable robotic army protecting the city. Meanwhile, an encounter with someone like Metallo or Parasite could force you to use your powers and avoid close combat, where-as a slugfest with Doomsday could utilize quick time events, therefore avoiding any awkward melee combat. Luthor could also have various plans set in place across the city which would force you from spot to spot, providing different obstacles each time. So on and so on.

It wouldn't be an easy game to make -- not by any measure -- but there's no reason to believe it's impossible, either. Given tight controls, a large environment, and a sharp and passionate team, Superman holds the potential to blow us away just like Batman: Arkham Asylum did when it first came out.

I believe I can play as a man who can fly... just keep flying rings out of it.


Think the mobility and madness of Crackdown meets the smooth controls and smile-inducing script of Uncharted. Yes, Deadpool already had his own game, but let's be honest, a character like this shouldn't be limited to a linear experience.

This could essentially be a wackier take on the open world genre, offering tons of absurd and hilarious side missions throughout the city. The desire to avoid the redundant would hopefully get the team's creative juices flowing. This also gives a chance to show off Wade's supporting cast. Yes, believe it or not, Wade does have his own cast and doesn't need to rely on cameos -- though they certainly are appreciated. And do you know what would make this especially great? A mission or two where you have to steal some HYDRA tech as Bob and then run for your life. And then when you're safe, you switch to Deadpool and save him from the sea of HYDRA forces.

Remember running around rooftops in one of the Arkham games and then jumping down into the street and beating up a bunch of goons? Now imagine that... but with swords and simplistic yet effective third-person gunplay (basic lock on mechanics, of course). Furthermore, navigating great distances and potential backtracking can be simplified by using a teleporting device (would serve as the game's version of fast traveling).

Wade absolutely has the potential for a game that can be both badass and funny.

Judge Dredd

Don't you want to walk around Mega-City One as the law? Unlike many open world games, one inspired by Judge Dredd would work best as a first-person shooter. This way it allows the development team to fully immerse us in all of the technology Dredd uses as he engages in shootouts and chasing after criminals. Naturally, being a FPS means melee combat runs the risk of being a bit awkward, but plenty of games have been able to implement serviceable melee attacks in the genre. Plus, it opens the door to jaw-dropping executions while in the heat of combat.

Traveling city blocks and buildings on foot would be perfectly fine, but to offer variety, the Hall of Justice can inform you of crime taking place in other areas. If they aren't too close to your current location, you can hop on the Lawmaster (his bike) and drive around with a third-person view. This would also introduce the possibility of vehicular combat.

If we can't get a Dredd sequel, can we at least get a good Dredd video game?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Man, just put Rocksteady on this project and it's sure to be magnificent. Their work with Batman proves they can craft amazing melee combat and gritty city environments, and those are the two key elements for a modern TMNT game. The only real challenge for them would be implementing co-op and possibly AI teammates. Considering all they've accomplished, it's safe to say that's something they could tackle masterfully, no? Additionally, having everyone with you at once runs the risk of making matters too crowded in certain environments, so when the time comes, each Turtle can instead have their own variety of solo missions.

Honestly, giving TMNT the Arkham treatment seems like the most logical choice ever.

Silver Surfer

Okay, it's fair to say this won't happen and is totally far-fetched, but what if instead of an open world... it was an open galaxy? The Milky Way is your playground and you'll encounter all kinds of high level threats as you soar through the cosmos.

Flying aimlessly in such a beautiful location would be tempting, but the game could be given a sense of direction by having it take place when Norrin served Galactus. This way the Devourer of Worlds could call upon you to scout locations and eliminate various threats across the galaxy. This would also give the opportunity for Marvel to fill the game with its variety of alien races and cosmic characters -- characters who tend to not get a lot of focus.

The Power Cosmic offers an absurd amount of powers, but again, this could be reduced to ten or so unique abilities and they can be scrolled through in a tab or selected in a quick pop up menu. As for exploring specific worlds, that could be handled like side-missions in the Mass Effect franchise.

A game like this doesn't seem probable, but a man can dream, right?

Which character or team would you love to see in an open world video game? Share your thoughts below.

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Posted by Jonny_Rogers

Awesome ideas!

I'm glad that I'm not the only person that sees potential in an open world Judge Dredd game.

Posted by Deranged Midget

Judge Dredd and TMNT are the two most deserving titles on that list. TMNT and Rocksteady would be a dream come true. But can you imagine RockStar with Dredd? Or even the team behind Mafia 2 (2K Games).

Edited by Iron_Turtle

John Constantine. Open world, supernatural detective come survival horror.

Would run well in a Deus Ex: Human Revolution style of gameplay.

Needs to happen.

Posted by Bluefox170


Posted by MarcosVergara14

I tought Deadpool had a videogame

Edited by ghost_runner

Supermans game should be similar to games like darksiders and god of war, where you'r an incredibly powerful hero who gains even more powers through out the game, the only problem i foresee is the flight mechanic.

deadpool should have something similar to devil may cry's gameplay, combining guns with swords and a lot of other cool weapons. the teleport mechanic can be very interesting, maybe something like dishoured.

I dont know much about judge dredd, but i think his game should be a first person shooter, but unlike normal shooter he should use his tech and gadgets. gameplay should be similar to crysis, dues ex, the darkness, all shooters were you not only have guns but powers/tech on your side.

TMNT should have a emphasis on stealth, they are ninja after all but should have its own combat system unique from the arkham games (witch is something all games seem to be ripping off)

same for the surfer as superman (their both realllyyyy powerful)

Posted by Strider92

Luther Strode!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by evilvegeta74

616 Thor!

Posted by k4tzm4n

Luther Strode!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh man, that would be such an over the top and fun beat 'em up game.

Edited by Strider92

@k4tzm4n: With Unlockable Jack The Ripper bonus missions!!!!!

Edited by Aeroman

green arrow, daredevil, the flash

just to name a few

Edited by k4tzm4n

@theacidskull said:

no hulk? -__-


Batman, Spider-Man, and even Hulk have all had the luxury of great video game worlds to explore, but there's so much potential with countless other characters.

Posted by ARMIV2

Daredevil could have a cool game.

Posted by Lvenger

I love your proposal for Superman Gregg! Too many times, game developers seem to be scared of making a Superman game but it just needs the right developer and ideas behind it to make it soar (pun intended) And an open world TMNT game would be brilliant, the Rocksteady treatment would be so fitting for them!

I'd also like to see an open world Flash game as unlikely as it is to happen. A speedster game would make for a really innovative choice and the abilities you could unlock would be brilliant. Plus, if you focus it more on New 52 Flash, you can combine forensic detective work with fast paced supervillain missions. It would be a nice balance IMO.

Posted by The_Lunact_And_Manic

John Constantine. Open world, supernatural detective come survival horror.

Would run well in a Deus Ex: Human Revolution style of gameplay.

Needs to happen.

Posted by HushoftheWind

Silver Surfer or Nova would be an amazing open world game.

Posted by Techherofan

A Wonder Woman or Thor game would be nice it could be like Arkham City meets God of War and/or Darksiders.

Green Lantern with Zone of the Enders like combat system might be fun too.

Posted by Z3RO180

Thor but mosly superman

Posted by thedevilhunter89

TOTALLY agree with that last one!

Posted by Med

If we are delving into space, then Green Lantern.

Posted by impossibilly

With the weapons he uses, I think an open world Lobo (non-New 52 version) game would be a hell of a lot of fun. I'm thinking intergalactic GTA.

Posted by AllStarSuperman





Ben 10

Posted by TheManInTheShoe

I think Superman could be harder because it's not like you often see Superman walk on the street beating up thugs, and therefor it can be difficult to live up to the standards when Superman mostly flies around the skyscrapers.

I would really love an Arkham-styles Daredevil game.

Posted by fodigg

Open-galaxy game with Nova would be cool.

Posted by thenexusrebound

X-men would be a lot of fun.

Edited by Barkley

I could figure out how to make Superman game I just don't have the tech skills to design a game....first off you have to set what can hurt Superman and cannot.....two words Apokolips weapons..they can injure and hurt Superman....and Darksied has armed ordinary thugs can do some damage to Supes...ordinary guns do nothing.....parademons can hurt Supes....Green k can and magic...all will be in the game and throw every Superman villain in the game.....Brainiac too...

Posted by LCazT1996

I tought Deadpool had a videogame

He does, but not an open world video game.

Posted by LCazT1996

@med said:

If we are delving into space, then Green Lantern.

Posted by frogjitsu

All the ideas sound cool, but that Silver Surfer one really strikes a chord with me. Just surfing through the galaxy alone would be cool. Reminds me of spending half the time playing Spidey games just web slinging, or Zelda games just riding Epona or the Loftwing, and attacking stuff.

Just thinking about it, I'd like to rid around in the Turtles' van or blimp around NYC. Especially the blimp.

Posted by comicfan123

What about an open world, multiplayer Fantastic Four, X-Men, or Avengers game? You could use the Baxter Building, the Xavier School, or Avengers Mansion as your base, fight PLENTY of awesome villains, and the like, and with the gigantic roster of characters and their respective powers and skills, there's practically no limit to the amount of fun you could have.

Posted by dauntes_patron

How about villains. Someone like Joker running around kidnapping, killing, evading the authorities, fighting batman (and other heroes). Would be cool to have a game where you can alternate between hero and villain in an open world

Posted by bloggerboy

Superman's powers alone are a good justification for the game.

Edited by WarBlade539

How about Punisher? A realistic, Third-person, open world shooter with a mature storyline.



Posted by Scarlet_Spider_Forever
Posted by PunyParker

And Spider-Man.....but a good one this time.

Edited by spidershamrock

Spidey needs another good game, up to the Spider-man 2 standard

Posted by RedQueen

I've always thought an x-men related open world game would be awesome, like X-Men Legends but more fleshed out, and more open world naturally.

Posted by Vitalius
Posted by SuperJedi17

Nightwing,I want to visit bludhaven,or even Chicago,in the digital arena,and then night wing could actually use his acrobatics to get around,jumping from rooftop to rooftop,using various things to back flip,front flip,slide through,etc,to get to the ground floor from the rooftops,and pretty much just give him an Arkham style of gameplay,with more emphasis on his speed and agility(see:Comics,young justice) and a tad bit less emphasis on his Escrima sticks being electric,while taunting your opponents(Verbally) could maybe be a part of the combat system,they get less accurate,more rapidly attacking you,but(in melee) are a bit more powerful.Even if not like that,night wing would need to taunt his opponents,it's part of his strategy,and was sorely missing in Arkham City(Loren Lester or Jesse McCartney providing the voice,or Will Friedle). And in a game like this,it could be set while Damian is Bruce's Robin, just checking in on his former mentor,in bludhaven,somewhat different continuty,available in games,could make these things happen,or it be set while he trying to build himself up as a solo hero.That could be cool.And random crimes,gang territories,etc could be cool thing in a super hero game.

Edited by superior_prime_maybe

The idea of silversurfer gave me goosebumps.
Imagine getting a back hand by someone whose finger is bigger than u O.O

Edited by Miss_Garrick

Jack Knight as Starman!! The entire video game would take place in Opal city and have adventures based on the amazing comic series! You would start as David fighting a crime or two, then you would switch to Jack. Also, depending on the adventure, you will play as Ted, Mikaal, Bobo, and the Shade! The series had 80 issues, the game designers could make almost all of the stories work in a open world video game setting! Wouldn't you want to visit Opal City with it's beautiful sights and glorious history and Turk county full of dark secrets? THIS WOULD BE AWESOME!!

Thor with the Warriors Three, Balder, and Sif seeking adventure in Asgard and the other magical realms, but not Earth. I just thought it would be interesting if Midgard never comes up in a Thor game.

Power Man and Iron Fist! Have adventures exploring Times Square and K'un Lun in the 80's!!

Pre- New 52 Amethyst exploring Gemworld, getting to meet the magical variety of people there and fighting Dark Opal.

Posted by kid Apollo

ive always wanted a New Mutants game. you could switch to different characters whenever you felt like it, kinda like Batman to Catwoman in Arkham city. plus it could give you the option of playing co-op and see which duos work the best

Posted by tikhunt

How about villains. Someone like Joker running around kidnapping, killing, evading the authorities, fighting batman (and other heroes). Would be cool to have a game where you can alternate between hero and villain in an open world

Kinda reminds me of that Spider-man game on ps2 where you could play as Venom... forgot the name of it.

Edited by Dragonborn_CT

@theacidskull said:

no hulk? -__-

He already have Ultimate Destruction, man :P

Though Prototype is probably the same thing too.

Edited by ceniza

The silver surfer one I really liked. Really. I'd imagine the navigation of the galaxy sort of a cross over between Zelda wind waker in the sea scenes, and the oldies star wars games, where dogfights take place in outer space.

I'd like to get into the videogame industry just to help produce that monster.