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Cartoon Network Announces Young Justice, Firebreather & More

The network is preparing to unleash lots of new programing and the return of some favorites.

Cartoon Network has revealed their plans for several new programs during its Annual Upfront presentation at New York's Time Warner Center. They plan on delivering a wide variety of programing for all ages. They will have twenty-five new series, movies and specials along with thirteen returning series. The one that most likely will catch your interest right away is Young Justice, which we announced back in February.
What else can we expect? There will be a MAD show based on the magazine and produced by Warner Bros. It will be an animated sketch-comedy series and feature such characters as Alfred E. Neuman and Spy Vs. Spy.  We will also see The Looney Tunes Show, a half-hour animated comedy series. Bugs and Daffy are no longer confined to 7-minute shorts. You can expect all your favorites to pop up.
== TEASER ==
Series that will be debuting soon include Ben 10: Ultimate Alien featuring 16-year-old Ben Tennyson. Generator Rex comes from the creators of Ben 10 ( Joe Casey, Joe Kelley, Duncan Rouleau and Steven T. Seagle) and has a young super agent who has the ability to create mechanical weapons and vehicles from his own body. There will also be Sym-Bionic Titan from creator Genndy Tartakovsky (Dexter's Laboratory, Samurai Jack) and features a hybrid of giant robot battles and high school comedy. Three alien teenagers crash land on Earth and have to protect their new home from alien invaders. And we will also see Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated, a new animated feature with the gang back solving the mysteries of Crystal Cove.
Firebreather, an original all-CG animation based on and co-executive-produced by Phil Hester. There will be another live-action Scooby-Doo movie with Scooby Doo! Curse Of The Lake Monster.
Returning shows include: 
Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Dude, What Would Happen, Destroy Build Destroy, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Flapjack, Johnny Test, 6teen, Stoked, Bakugan, Pokémon, Battle Force 5, Pink Panther & Pal and Totally Spies. Doesn't look like The Secret Saturdays made it. That's too bad.
There were some more shows announced. It looks like we have a lot to look forward to on Cartoon Network.

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Posted by Joey Ravn

Woah, they look awesome! I really like Robin's look. Complete bad-ass :P

Posted by danhimself

and the designs look awesome!!!!

Posted by iLLituracy

Young Justice?! Firebreather?! Another Ben 10 series + Generator Rex?!
Well played, Cartoon Network. Well played.

Posted by ManuelPrez

whos aqualad on young justice? 

Posted by Crazy Pan

Wait--Artemis? Do they have such a problem with making Arrowette or Mia? Gaaaaahh.....*angry* Why is it my two favorite characters get screwed over in TV? First, Rose Wilson being a brunette two eyed good girl (yes I know it was a different universe Rose but they could have at LEAST shown the REAL Rose we all known and love) and now a morph of Arrowette, Mia, and...I'm sorry wtf? WTF. Do they really have SUCH a problem with Arrowette?! GAAHHH!!!! And since WHEN did Aqualad and Miss Martian become a part of YJ? And it's supposed to be Impulse, not Kid Flash. *throws angry bricks at this show* Okay I'm done now...

Posted by sora_thekey

Who are the two characters on the right in the Young Justice poster? 
Robin and Superboy!!!!! yay!

Posted by Sir Duke

Wished it had been Impulse instead of Kid Flash, but it still looks to be Bart Allen.  The synopsis makes me think we might see a good bit of interaction with Batman, Superman, Flash and the like.  Also, anyone else think it's inevitable that we'll be seeing the show do an adaptation of Titans Tomorrow?  As cool as all the characters look, I'm bouncing off the walls in joy that Miss Martian is gonna be a main character.

Posted by Son_of_Magnus


Posted by Captain13

Why did they make Aqualad black? Couldn't they just have used Static?
I support diversity in animation and comics, but I have a feeling this is going to take more heat than when Bruce Timm announced that he was using John Stewart in Justice League instead of Hal Jordan to increase diversity.
Plus Static is WAAAAAAYYYYY COOOOOLER than Aqualad.

Posted by RedK

 one problem i would of liked to see the original costumes from the young justice series and change them after the first episode or something and what the hell no Impulse was looking forward to him and why are miss martian and aqualad on the team and how come aqualads black. 
Okay seems like I'm complaining a bit but  young justice is going to be awesome.

Posted by 00 Raiser

This gives me a reason to watch Cartoon Network again. ALL HAIL KID FLASH!

Posted by Crymsun

Young Justice, a new Ben 10, and Generator Rex!  I'm stoked.
Posted by VenomMagus
CN has been messing up Teen Super Heroes for years now, and I don't think they'll stop any time soon.  I mean, the book companies themselves aren't even sticking to their own creations, why should TV?!
Posted by The Hottness

Posted by Namor1987

Firebreather, Ben 10 Ultimate Alien, Generator Rex, Sym-Bionic Titan, & Young Justice & Batman Brave & The Bold will be the series I mainly watch

Posted by SUPER-MAN 23

Young Justice is going to be probably better than Teen Titans 

Posted by Homeless

Show looks awesome. Really excited about it. 
Posted by ele3000

I hope there's at least 1 Green Lantern in the series.

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

i am glad that totally spies is returning.

Posted by Citizen 14

Superboy looks like a butch lesbian.
but the show sounds awesome.
only second to Scooby-Doo. (animated)

Posted by Zniperking

Will wonder girl be in young justice?

Edited by Mr. Dead Pool
They could turn Kyle Rayner into a teen? But anyway show looks awsome and maaaaybe we'll see Lil' Lobo!!!!
Posted by Gregomasta
@Captain13: I agree.  Jon Stewart was a GL so I don't see that much of a problem switching him in for Hal,  but wtf making lad black?  Why not make him Hispanic, or Asian?  They should have put in Static.
Posted by ccrosby
I completely agree with your stance on this issue-  Diversity in comics is fantastic and not only does it make characters and stories more interesting, but it emulates real life as well.  None of us are the same, so why would all heroes and villains be the same?   Now with that in mind changing a known characters race for the sake of diversity does no one any good.  It actually calls more negative attention to the show (in this case), when they could have easily included numerous other characters to fulfill that role that people would enjoy seeing.  @Captain13 you suggested static shock- not a bad choice.  How about the new Blue Beetle; Jaime Reyes?  Hes fantastic on Brave and the bold.   Or even Firestorm; Jamie Rusch?   
Truth is-  you're already changing the the book series Young Justice to fit more of a Geoff Johns era Teen Titans mixed with modern titans and a little young justice (whats the deal with arrowette becoming artemis?  and wheres young justice/teen titans main stay wonder girl?), and  Aqualad hasn't been involved with the series in over a decade, so why choose him and change his race? There are fans of existing characters out there that would love to see their favorites cartoonerized, and i feel like going out of you way to chose a character and change everything about them displays a lack of thought and creativity.   
Non the less-  the art style looks good, and warner bros has yet to produce a dc cartoon product I didn't like- and as a fan of the young justice series (and superboy & robin in particular), I'm excited to see what they do with this one.
Posted by KCsuperman09

wow this looks so cool dc's animated shows are so cool. Marvel need to step there game up big time.

Posted by Blue_Shield

Very cool.
Posted by Mbecks14

sweet! Young Justice, Ben 10 Ultimate Alien, Scooby Doo, Generator Rex!
CN is doing so much better! much improved over the crappy "reality tv shows"

Posted by Zoom

Boo.  Just half the team is actually Young Justice?  No Peter David?  No confidence.
Posted by Namor1987
@Citizen 14 said:
" Superboy looks like a butch lesbian. but the show sounds awesome. only second to Scooby-Doo. (animated) "
lol he does alot doesn't he I guess its his posturing & hair
Posted by G-Man

I feel like I've been waiting for Phil Hester's Firebreather forever.

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

Thank god , Greg Weisman is still working

Posted by xerox_kitty

Awwww.... And here I was hoping it would be Impulse.  It's just Teen Titans Version 2.0.  I'm sure I'll enjoy it nonetheless, since I loved the Teen Titans.  But I really hoped it would be a proper Young Justice.

Posted by Curleyman182155


Posted by NightFang

I just fell in love with Cartoon Network again!

Posted by marvelman20202

they need to bring teen titans back 

Posted by E.I.S.A.M.

I'm actually hoping Artemis is an amalgam of Wonder Girl and Speedy II or Arrowette. I think the whole making aqua lad black, or spanish, is to blatant of a race thing. I think they're going to have to prove he should be there by creating some compelling stories for him, because right now, he looks like he's there to appease the anti-defamation league. I agree they should've used Static, or better yet the current Aqua girl. This sort of thing didn't work when they created Spike for X-Men Evolution, but it did work with Liz Allen in Spectacular Spidey, so I really don't have a problem with it. I'm mostly just pointing out what looks super obvious.

Posted by Comiclove5

It looks alesome! I can't wait for all the new shows!
Posted by AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge

 Sounds interestings....AND MISS MARTIAN?! Wow....
Posted by Biondello

Am I the only one who thinks Generator Rex sounds a lot like My Life As a Teen Age Robot?

Posted by Omg chris


Edited by jamdown

im not sure, but i think i just $#!T my self, finally Cartoon network wont just have winy JAPy real life shows
Posted by CylonDorado

Aww, I'd rather just have more Justice League :( 
Oh well, might be good.
Posted by DragonRex1

Great... yet the STILL have some of that crappy live-action... well, at least they're inserting more animation.
Posted by The_Martian

I like the art for Young Justice. Miss Martian FTW :)

Posted by Tim_Drake4444

Robin all day!
Posted by Grim

i donjt understand why things must always be changed. why change the younge Justice lineup so much? hopefully it turns into a sort of JL unlimited with tons of extra cast members (which the comic acttually did at some point).
still, i am almost dead from the amount of SQEEEEEEGEing in dealing with right now. SUperboy in a mainstream cartoon means Superboy as a wide scale recognized hero like Robin... and its akll i ever wanted. 
 if i die... someone leave the seasons on a dvd player next to my grave....

Posted by MrMiracle77

I can finally get more than just my monthly Miss Martian fix.

Posted by Bruce Vain

Ahhhh yes Young Justice looks great :D Never was a fan of the Teen Titans show. Couldn't stand that American anime style.
Posted by TheMess1428

Okay, I have a huge problem with this version of Young Justice. Most of this makes no sense at all. First off, Robin has a costume that is a mix of Tim's second costume and Damian's Robin costume. And we're not even sure if they'll make him Tim Drake or not. Second, Superboy has his current costume in this instead of the one he wore in the actual Young Justice series. And he has never worn those pants ever. Also, it was Impulse, not Kid Flash. And watch it be Wally West somehow... Artemis? No Arrowette? What the hell? Aqualad and Miss Martian were not in Young Justice. And that doesn't even look like Aqualad in any version I've ever seen. And one big problem is that I see that Cartoon Network is giving Wonder Girl the sh*t end of the deal again. She didn't appear in Teen Titans and now she won't be in Young Justice either. The team won't be good without Wonder Girl and Secret.

Posted by crazed_h3ro

Wait is Aqualad...Black? o_O,I mean I'm black myself I'm just saying this is pretty missed up.If that guy was somehow Cyborg with none of his cybernitics showing then okay but reall;y Aqalad?

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