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CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT #4 Behind-the-Scenes Process

Check out how a couple pages went from script to layouts to pencils, inks colors and lettering for the upcoming issue.

You might recall our Preview Theatre for CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT #4. The series is written by Joshua Williamson and this week's issue features a new arc and new art team: Eduardo Francisco on pencils and inks and Stefani Rennee on colors.

I think far too often we take for granted what it takes to create an actual comic book. This is the sort of stuff that really fascinates me, seeing the process and steps is a cool thing.


Playing catch-up on the last eighty years, Captain Midnight heads for Manhattan to get a firsthand look at how far humanity has advanced in his absence. But when our hero hears about a mysterious high-rise heist artist who appears to be using Cap’s antigravity technology, his recon mission turns into an investigation of this strange sky man . . .

* A brand-new artist! Eduardo Francisco (Mass Effect: Homeworlds)!

* Introducing Skyman!





Cap is sitting among the stacks of newspapers, and is currently leaning back in a large chair reading one.


There are dozens of stacks of newspapers on the ground. Captain Midnight has read them all. Nearby Cap is a small side table, with a glass of chocolate milk on it.

Cap is wearing his Captain Midnight costume but has a large robe over it. Feels like a Sherlock Holmes moment.

1. CHARLOTTE (off panel): “…He doesn’t trust it.”

2. CAP: Any wise guy can report and post on it? No, thank you. I’m no rube.

3. CAP: Back in my day, a man could sit back after an honest day’s work and know that some ink slinger did some digging before sending a story down the wire.


Still holding the stack of newspapers, Charlotte walks into Captain Midnight’s office.

4. CHARLOTTE: Oh, please, even then you couldn’t believe everything you read, Albright.

5. CHARLOTTE: The only thing black and white about the newspapers is the ink and paper.


Closer in on Charlotte’s face, looking worried.

6. CHARLOTTE: Things are different now. You just haven’t seen enough of the world to really get it. Everyone has an agenda. Even these newspapers.


Cap as he reads one of the newspapers; turning its pages. In the background, we can see Charlotte putting the new stack of newspapers she was holding onto another stack that was already resting on the ground.

7. CAP: This new world of yours is a flat tire, sweetheart.

8. CHARLOTTE: Hey, hey…What did we talk about?



Close in on Cap as he reads the newspaper, looking closely at one of the articles that has his attention.

9. CAP: No “sweetheart, doll face, dame, or broad” talk. Sorry, you know I meant no…disrespect…

10. CAP: Hm.

Check out the process and differences.




Colors 1:

Colors 2:





Captain Midnight is in his uniform on top of the Empire State Building, above the observation deck.

Captain Midnight is stalking his prey, scoping out the city, searching for Skyman.

Make sure that this scene feels iconic and not cheesy. This can come off as normally cliché, so let’s try and make Captain Midnight look bad ass.

1. MARSHALL (caption): “…Cap’s probably getting into all kinds of trouble.”

2. CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT (CAPTION): “Hated leaving Charlotte and Marshall like that, but I needed to operate in secret. Can’t have them tagging along just yet.

3. CAP (CAPTION): “If Fury Shark’s agent is using tech she stole from me to commit these thefts, I have to put a stop to it.

4. CAP (CAPTION): “The view up here is always breathtaking…”



It’s 1941. Sunset. Captain Midnight is on the observation deck of the Empire State Building with Joyce Ryan and Chuck Ramsey. Chuck is looking through standing binoculars. Excited to see the city. Cap is dressed in street clothes. Cap is holding Joyce close, raising her chin with his index finger like he is about to kiss her. Cap and Joyce’s eyes are locked. They were in love.

The bright sky can be seen behind them. It was a nice day. Cap is remembering happier times.



5. CHUCK: Ya gotta see this view, Cap! It’s keen!

6. CAP: I’ve got a better one, Chuck.


Back to present day. Close in on Cap’s goggles, as he looks out over New York City.

7. CAP (CAPTION): “Can’t dwell on the past. Need to find…”

8. CAP: There.


The shadowy figure of Skyman is flying through the dark night sky. He’s gliding past the tall buildings of New York City. Because so much of New York City is lit up, Skyman should mostly be in silhouette and hiding in the shadows.

9. CAP (off panel): Those are my wings, all right.




Colors 1:

Colors 2:


Check out CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT #4 for the beginning of the new arc. On sale this week, October 30.

Posted by Catsnlynne

Very interesting to see all the work that goes into making a comic book. Captain Midnight is one of my favorites.

Posted by AllStarSuperman

That was pretty cool, watching it step by step

Posted by nappystr8

This was very interesting. Hope to see more of these in the future.

Posted by apg103

very interesting.

But I assume each writer has different outlines.