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Captain Marvel in 'Injustice: Gods Among Us'

Check out what the powerful hero looks like in the upcoming fighting game!

The game is still about two months away and there's a lot of spots left in the roster, but we can now say that Captain Marvel is definitely in the game! ComicBookMovie was able to get their hands on a picture taken directly from an issue of @Gamer magazine. According to them, Shazam is indeed a playable character!

Viners, what do you think of the costume? Additionally, what alternate costumes would you like to see for him?

Be sure to check out Billy Batson's Comic Vine bio for more information! Injustice: Gods Among Us will come out April 16th.

Source: ComicBookMovie


Michael (MANofSHAZAM) sent this over to G-Man via Twitter:

This is a GameStop pre-order exclusive. Not sure when it was announced but it's pretty dang cool. Could this game get any better?

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Posted by Manute117

make the hood bigger and the bolt smaller awesome

Posted by Fantasgasmic

Red Son Promo without Batmankoff?! That's just poor marketing

Use your heads, Netherrealm!

Posted by Fallen_Crippled

Shazam needs a bigger head... I would like Red Robin and/or Red Hood as playable characters. If Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, and Raven aren't confirmed yet, them too!

Posted by INLIFE

So much armor. Still, I like this. Very excited for this games.

Posted by Moby

I know its a stretch but I want to see Hawkman. And every game needs a character that can play both sides what about The Creeper. I still excited about the game though.

Posted by Batnandez

I like the hood

Posted by Kal'smahboi
@Moby: There's going to be a hawk in the game. Only saw a glimpse, so I can't be sure which, but you can see one of them in a trailer.
Posted by thebluedragon07

They need to add in russian batman into the DLC.

Edited by Nightw BR

That is one off my list now Still hoping for Tim Drake and Barbara Gordon/ Batgirl to be confirmed, hopefully they are last that way all these people complaining about bat-family characters and I can kind of see why they are, but lets atleast save the last two hopefuls for last. Hawkgirl is the Hawk person you saw. Pause and you'll see.

Posted by Nightw BR

Still hoping for Tim Drake and Barbara Gordon/ Batgirl to be confirmed, hopefully they are last that way all these people complaining about bat-family characters and I can kind of see why they are, but lets atleast save the last two hopefuls for last.

Posted by CitizenJP

Okok you sold me on that Red Son Superman costume.

Posted by Red Rum

Holy Moley!

Edited by secondfallen616

Its an "alright" costume best part is that hes in the game! Looks like this might be a pretty kick-ass game, god i hope so anyways, we've all been burned so many times by comic book based games, anyone remember how absolutely horribly awfuly shitty the first Hulk movie game was? Still kinda stings, oh and that one Ironman movie game? Needless to say im jaded abit from those turd-factories...........

What about Black Adam? Any idea if hes in it too or an unlockable skin for Shazaam?

Posted by consolemaster001

Grundy gets a red son outfit but bat-man doesn't ? WTF !?

Posted by TheHeat
@Icon said:

Isn't his name SHAZAM now?

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Wow, another nod to New 52...but that Red Son DLC pack is what's interesting the $#%^ outta me O_O

Posted by entropy_aegis

YAY for Billy,NAY for Doomsday,that waste of space needs to be forgotten.

Posted by Birthright

Assasins Creed

Posted by sweetesttoaster

If Captain Marvel is anything like the one from MK vs DCU, then I know this is the character for me.

Posted by GREGalicious

I like the costume but I dont know about the hood...he looks more than a little bit like Zasalamel from Soulcalibur. I can deal with it though.

Edited by dewboy01

Don't forget Crime syndicates of america, and Kingdom come Superman.

Posted by OriginalVenom

Looks great! I could agree about the hood though, looks like they shouldn't use it. Hopefully if they do DECIDE to use it then we will have skins to fix that. Maybe a classic look for all of the characters.

Posted by mikeclark1982
@consolemaster001:  Warner Bros. Interactive partnered with several retail outlets on a pre-order incentive. Pre-orders from EB Games  and GameStop  would give players access to the Red Son Pack , an exclusive DLC pack inspired by the Superman: Red Son  comic book mini-series, containing alternate Red Son  skins for Superman, Wonder Woman, and Solomon Grundy, and 20 additional missions set within the Red Son  storyline.  Pre-orders from Wal-Mart  included the Arkham City Skin Pack , containing downloadable costumes for Batman, Catwoman, and the Joker. 
Batman will have more skins seeing that he kick started the DC video game universe.  
Posted by The_Roman

@dreamfall31 said:

Is BIlly in the Assassins Guild now??


Posted by Mrfuzzynutz

Ok, being as I played and liked the DC vs MK game a lot, and liking the plot behind the game, and my kids STILL laugh their asses off when Flash gets knocked into orbit in the trailer, I was already locked in for this

Now with the announcement of Billy.. I know have my character! He was a beast in DC vs MK, hope for more of the same

Posted by CptPanda29

Damn right he's Captain Marvel

Posted by kuma_far


Posted by ObsideonDarman


Posted by Sidious

I really liked the old Alex Ross retro-costume. That had a certain class to it.

Posted by detective38

Don't let Marvel catch you saying Capt. Marvel they'll slap you with a lawsuit

Posted by Logan Reilly

It's a slim chance, but I hope Beast Boy's in it. I heard Raven might be in it, so some other Titans would be awesome.

Posted by desmond006

this costume looks lazier than the other characters.

Posted by The_Lunact_And_Manic

Ah crap..

Posted by Big_Nasty

Can't wait until April .

Posted by maxicere


Posted by Chibio
@evilvegeta74 said:

Yeah, finally, I'm definately getting this , I want Hawkman and Aquaman next Black Adam too.

Hawkman won't be in the game because the creative director of the game hates Hawkman.
But it seems like Hawkgirl will be in the game.
Posted by consolemaster001

@mikeclark1982: yeah but the red son one was my favourite :(

Posted by Davicams44

Red Son details including a video of gameplay can be seen here.

Posted by MyComicStoreDotNET

The only fighting game I really like is Smash Bros., but I may have to seriously consider buying this now!

Posted by iancoderre3

I think I just Shazammed all over myself...

Posted by MSzekeresh

@Perfect 10: I fully agree. I think Zatanna would also add some really interesting play mechanics due to the nature of her powers. In that same vein I feel they could add one of the other Lanterns (really any color) to demonstrate the many different ways that a power ring can be used. Also I maybe literally the only person clamoring for her but Big Barda would be a great character if they could successfully differentiate her from Wonder Woman.

Posted by DocFishstick

this game is going to be great

Posted by AmazingWebHead

For alternate costumes, I'd like to see classic and Black Adam.

@Icon said:

Isn't his name SHAZAM now?

Please, just don't bring that up. This has me in too good a mood.

Posted by AmazingWebHead

Wait, how old is Billy in this?

Posted by SNascimento

@AmazingWebHead: He is a kid, don't know the age though.

Posted by mhanuroth

Arkham city skins pack:

Posted by sho3s22

@Cafeterialoca: Maybe make it a skin of Captain Marvel then?