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Captain Kirk Gets Romantic In 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Movie Sequel

A recent interview with actor Chris Pine reveals Captain Kirk may get a romantic interest in the upcoming film sequel.

If you're a "Trekkie," or even just a casual Star Trek fan, you might recall Carol Marcus, a character that holds a pretty significant role in the Captain Kirk mythos. In a recent interview with actor Chris Pine who plays Captain Kirk in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek movie franchise, he and Carol Marcus (played by actress Alice Eve) will have a very "flirtatious relationship." And considering Marcus' character is Captain Kirk's one-time love and mother to his son David according to Star Trek cannon, it's not unlikely that these two might develop a blooming romance in the upcoming film.

So will we see a romance between Carol Marcus and Captain Kirk?

"What I will say is so much happens, the action the plot is so…the current of the plot is so fast that there really isn't much time for Kirk to do anything other than save the crew and save his own ass because danger is imminent. But clearly, Kirk being Kirk, Kirk loves a blonde, and Alice is a beautiful woman…so the flirting and the connection is there but I'll leave it to people to watch to see how far it goes…but what she adds to it, for fear of being thrown in "J.J. Jail," her scientific knowledge and education - scientifically speaking - plays a big part in helping solve the conflict.

So not only do we have a possible love interest for Captain Kirk, but we have a character who might also serve as a force that combats the conflict that will be created by actor Benedict Cumberbatch's character in the film. Oh, and according to Zachary Quinto (Spock) in the interview, "there will be dancing." This is certainly a lot of interesting insight into the upcoming film and it will be exciting to see how things unfold. Star Trek Into Darkness is set to hit theaters May 13th, 2013. Are you looking forward to the sequel?

Source: MTV

Posted by Dracade102

Captain Kirk with a female? I never thought I'd see the day.

Posted by IronAngelX

Zachary Quinton is gay but him talking about Alice Eve sounds like the beginning to a surprise relationship lol. Wouldn't be cool to see a gay guy go straight in Hollywood for the first time (that I can recall) instead of the other way. Just saying.

Anyways, back on topic,

This movie looks super-freakin-awesome, I loved the first one (don't know why they cut out the Klingon scene) but I am super stoked for the sequel to come out.

Posted by BiteMe-Fanboy

lol. Expected. Hope he hooks up with some alien broad and never calls her back.

Posted by yeahbowen

Captain Kirk gets romantic? Can the next article be "Spock uses logic in new Star Trek film? Haha. Oh Kirk, you're such a dog.

Posted by Z3RO180

i am looking forward to this movie

Posted by bob808

I always wanted to see how Captain Kirk and Carol Marcus met.

Posted by StMichalofWilson

@yeahbowen said:

Captain Kirk gets romantic? Can the next article be "Spock uses logic in new Star Trek film? Haha. Oh Kirk, you're such a dog.

This and funny

Posted by StMichalofWilson

@Babs said:

So will we see a romance between Carol Marcus and Captain Kirk?

Hey, you never know, one thing might lead to another. Then they may have a kid. Then meet up with a guy named Khan....

Posted by pspin

Every time I watch the first one I just wait for Zachary Quinto to go all Sylar on everyone, just choppin' heads and takin' names.

Posted by Fuchsia_Nightingale


Posted by Miss_Garrick

"Are you looking forward to the sequel?" No.

Posted by GothamRed

@yeahbowen: You could also make make an article saying McCoy complains to complete the trilogy

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Could've sworn that every bit of how this movie looks and the characters pointed toward the second ever episode of TOS entitled "Where No Man Has Gone Before"...especially since Cumberpatch's character John Harrison sounds so very much like Gary Mitchell, and Alice Eve's character bears far more resemblance to Dr. Elizabeth Dehner than to Dr. Carol Marcus. At the very least this does shed more light on the movie for next year.

Posted by Novaar

Hardly the first time a gay man has 'played straight'. Rupert Everett has played romantic leads for years and is openly gay. Or even in comic book/sci-fi films - Alan Cumming is bi-sexual, currently living with his male partner, but played Nightcrawler. If you go back to the likes of Rock Hudson then you have a leading romantic lead who was gay but not open. These days, more people feel they can be open (a V V good thing) but there are still examples both way. :)

Posted by leokearon

Carol Marcus, homage to that scene, I really hope this isn't going to be a reboot of Wraith of Khan

Posted by Bokkie

@IronAngelX: Neil Patrick Harris ? from HIMYM, Barney Stinsen the Bro code :)

Posted by IronAngelX

I'm not talking about gay actors playing straight roles, I'm talking about gay actors...going back in the closet? closing the closet door? Doesn't matter, I'm just wanting to see hype on when an actor that was gay comes out and says: "Oh hey,I'm straight!"in real life. lol, it never happens that I hear of, just thought it'd be cool if it did.I was merely being ironic, I feel like I've had to explain this too much anyways.

Posted by FoxxFireArt

A lot of people bated on ENTERPRISE. While the plotting eventually went off the rails. I thought it had some potential, and I liked the character T'Pol. Not sure what it is about female Vulcans that can be so damn sexy.

Posted by sparty-dbq

Is she the one that gives that incredibly fake looking scream in the trailer?

Posted by Yung ANcient One

Are you looking forward to the sequel?


I been waiting for this sequel since I saw the 1st film(of this series) on DVD. I have never been a STar Trek Fan, and I dislike Star Wars(those damn fruity swords.) This movie though, this... I like. The actors made me fall in love with the movie.


Posted by BigMaraSpence

I'm personally hoping for more Orion Slave-Girls in the sequel, but I know it will be awesome regardless.

Posted by irmensul

captain kirk may have a romantic interest..& this is news how? lol

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@BiteMe-Fanboy said:

Hope he hooks up with some alien broad and never calls her back.

Everything relevant about Kirk's entire career summarized in a few pictures: