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Captain America Super Bowl Spot Breakdown & Analysis

What does the TV spot tell us about the movie and how it will compare to the comics?

By now you should have seen the long awaited Captain America: The First Avenger Super Bowl TV spot. At 31 seconds, it feels like it flies by. But those 31 seconds are filled with images we haven't seen before. Let's break down this clip to see what new information we can learn and get an idea of how faithful this movie appears to be compared to the Captain America's comic book origin. 

From the first scene we can see that Steve Rogers has a slightly different background. In the comics, he wasn't allowed to serve his country due to his unfit condition. The TV spot tells us that Steve managed to enlist and get his own uniform. In a later scene we also see him struggling through some training while the others around him are going through the obstacle course with ease. 
 == TEASER ==

You get an idea of Steve Rogers physique in the opening scene but seeing him in a t-shirt and right before his transformation, we see the government should have prevented him from actually joining the Army. Again, this shows us the difference when he is being prepared for the change. In the comics he was a simple volunteer. The first time we saw him in the comic was right before the change.  

The lab is looking pretty shiny here. In the comics, Project Rebirth involved Steve getting inoculated with the Super Soldier Serum. The movie version has Steve put in a high tech-looking pod.  
The pod encloses him and rather than a serum, it looks more as if he is possibly exposed to gas or some sort of electrical burst of energy. The process is a more dramatic and painful one that in the comic, which seemed to just mae Steve a little light-headed rather than showing him scream in agony. The process also didn't look to go completely smooth as there were electrical explosions around the lab. This could possibly lead to preventing the process from being repeated.  

Scrawny little Steve Rogers is no more. Enter the man with the giant pectorals. It's time for everyone in the room to cheer. The experiment is a success. When asked how he felt, his reply was, "Taller."  
We know in the comics that Abraham Erskine was the only one that knew the secret of Super Soldier Serum. He was then prevented from administering the formula to other soldiers. We have to assume that something similar happens in movie but we are not privy to that just yet. 
Throughout the clip, we jump around a little. The next scene shows Steve in his Captain America outfit holding the circular shield. In previous images, we've seen that at some point he has the original shield as well during the film. We'll also see this circular one in an earlier state towards the end of the clip. 
Also, take a look to Cap's left (our right), that guy in the derby hat with the fancy mustache has got to be Dum Dum Dugan. So where is Nick Fury
Captain America will be seeing some action. The scene above and this one shows him getting in the middle of things. Early reports suggested that the Army would be reluctant to allow their one and only Super Soldier to get into the thick of things out of fear of losing him. You would think that if the Super Soldier Serum's secrets were lost, they would have him strapped down in a lab and be conducting every single test they could on his blood and body. The shield might suggest that this too takes place later on. 

Here's where things start looking a little fishy. With the movie taking place during WWII, they have to ensure that everything looks right for the time period. Captain America will be fighting the forces of HYDRA and he's going to need some help (yes, HYDRA appears to be a bigger threat rather than the Nazis). Check out the plane and weapons the soldiers are carrying. Those don't really look like their from the WWII-era. Then again, if you've seen the footage from San Diego Comic-Con, you know that a cosmic cube is involved. Will that be the explanation as to how HYDRA managed to get some pretty advanced-looking weapons? 

Captain America uses a gun. It makes sense. I know over the years, writers have tried to shy away from Captain America using a gun. He was a soldier. It was war. Why wouldn't he have a gun? Sure, he doesn't need one because as Captain America he can kick pretty much anyone's ass but it's a nice little touch to see him actually having one. I have a feeling that by the time the movie's over, he'll realize that he doesn't even need one to get the job done. 

Another shot with who I suspect is Dum Dum Dugan. Things are looking a little calm here. Right behind Cap's shoulders is Sebastian Stan playing Bucky. There's been talk that Bucky and Steve's relationship will be different than what we've seen in the comics. If these other soldiers are part of the Howling Commandos, again I have to ask, where is Nick Fury? Whether or not he has a big role in the movie is bound to be kept a secret.

24 seconds into the clip, we finally get to see the Red Skull as he removes his human-looking mask. In the scene right before this, it looked like Cap was fighting the Red Skull. It's hard to tell if this reveal occurs immediately after. It's also hard to tell how...realistic the Skull's head will look. From this little peak, it's looking pretty good. 

Towards the end, we get a little bit of humor that is mandatory in trailers and TV clips. We see Steve Rogers holding an early (and unpainted) version of the circular shield. What's interesting about this is looking at Steve, he appears to be his pre-Super Soldier Serum self. This makes me wonder about his original shield and there's also the other prototype version of the shield seen in Iron Man 2.

And that ends the TV spot. It might have been short but it did reveal a tiny bit. We've heard recently that Bucky will have a bigger role. That and any involvement with Nick Fury or Howard Stark is not clearly evident from this. We also don't see any mention of the Cosmic Cube as in the San Diego footage. I imagine it won't be too much longer until we get an official (and longer) movie trailer.  
What did you think about this 31-second spot? Was there anything in this analysis that I missed? Are you more or less excited than you were before? 


And here's a look at the TV spot if you haven't seen it yet (without the watermark). 
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Posted by Duncan

He looks F'ing funny when he's skinny.

Posted by ImperiousRix

I'm infinitely more excited simply because of some stuff we DIDN'T see. 
Still didn't see Cap throw the shield, nor was there Union Jack, so I'm excited to eventually see those things. 
From what they DID show, however, I'm feeling confident.  The movie looks like it'll be fun, at the very least.

Posted by sladewilson30

it's his head on someone eles body

Posted by Duo_forbidden

The tv ad looks great from what I saw along with the Thor commercial. Definitely can't wait to see this later this year.

Posted by UrmanitaRules
@Duo_forbidden: I so effin' agree dude!
Posted by ComicCrazy

Looks awesome
Posted by Omertalvendetta

He looks like a bobblehead when he's skinny... It looks awfully fake, almost as fake as Green Lantern, lol, but I can overlook that if it gives me a good story.

Edited by darkcloakx

i can't wait  to see the movie i think it will be great ! along with thor as well. green lantern = dvd release. 

Posted by Grim

well, the good thing is that the costume looks way better in motion and filmed by a proper film camera. Im now far more excited. Thank you Superbowl.

Edited by Rheged

LOVED the trailer!  Can't wait for the movie!
@ImperiousRix said:

" I'm infinitely more excited simply because of some stuff we DIDN'T see. Still didn't see Cap throw the shield, nor was there Union Jack, so I'm excited to eventually see those things. From what they DID show, however, I'm feeling confident.  The movie looks like it'll be fun, at the very least. "

"Union Jack" is in the pic that has Bucky.  The guy with the beret is the actor playing Falsworth.  I'm pretty sure we aren't going to get the Invaders, but instead a mishmash of the Invaders and the Howling Commandos.  Likewise, I doubt we'll get Sgt. Nick Fury leading the Howling Commandos, as the military was segregated in WWII.
Posted by ImperiousRix
Aw, and here I was hoping for the mask and flag ensemble for Falsworth.  I guess that was a little too much to ask for...
Posted by Dark Cell

Posted by Om1kron
@sladewilson30 said:
" it's his head on someone eles body "
it looks more like they digitally emaciated him. 
Posted by Derangel

The TV spot was pretty good. It sold me on the movie. This is the only super hero movie I'm looking forward to this year.I doubt that Thor will be good. I have little faith in First Class. I have no clue what to think of Green Lantern, some stuff looks good, other stuff looks terrible.

Posted by Rheged
@ImperiousRix said:
" @Rheged:  Aw, and here I was hoping for the mask and flag ensemble for Falsworth.  I guess that was a little too much to ask for... "
You and me both!   I could definitely be wrong and that Falsworth could break out the Union Jack costume, but seeing him with Dum Dum Dugan like that ... my hopes are fading. :(
Posted by franklinrichards86

was that namor in the water seen? 
Posted by obscurefan

I try never to get my hopes up too much for any of these movies because I know they can always turn sour at the end... but darn if that wasn't able to get me amped up and excited for this movie. If I had to put down some money on it I'd say it's going to be good.

Posted by Poncho

well, i dont think they could have put Nick Fury in the Howling Commandos in this "universe" for 2 reasons. 
1. Hes black, and in WWII, the miltary was segreagated.    
 2. Nick Fury would be like 80 years old and he didnt look that in Iron Man 2 
Posted by leokearon

It looks great, and the Thor one looks got too. 
Now I want the new action figures more
Posted by ArtisticNeedham
I think the scenes with Steve in uniform are to explain why he suddenly becomes a great soldier, not just physically, but mentally too.  Even without his powers Steve is trained and gives his all and learns how to be a great soldier, probably in preparation for becoming the first Super Soldier.   Some comics try to explain it by saying that his mind also became more powerful, almost absorbing all the military books and strategies he read, but this works too. 
These shot:
reminded me of this from the ultimate comic:
Posted by Xion

the teaser was amazing! even for 31 seconds!!! 

Posted by goldenkey

gonna be a full summer of movies

Posted by uroboros
@franklinrichards86: nope..that's just Cap..freeze'll see the white t-shirt..
Posted by Jacory44Williams

good stuff
Posted by GT-Man

DAM!! why did i miss the SUPER BOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!111! and its funny how you really don't need to be a superhero to be that buff and tuff and i hope hats not hes REALLL costume in when he wakes up from the ice
Posted by Zereta

I thought Thor was looking good but DAMN Captain America is shaping up to be bloody amazing!

Posted by ShirEPanjshir

I thought the Captain America images came off a bit goofy looking at times. Thor however looked ( even more ) amazing in this new trailer.
Anyway, I'm excited for both movies ( and Green Lantern )

Posted by CyrixSG

My main fear with most super hero movies tends to be the costumes, especially the likes of Cap, considering how bulky it looks.  It reminds me of Robocop.  Not going to stop me from attending the theatrical release (or prerelease depending on how lucky I am), but still a major concern for me.  Maybe a full trailer will set my mind at ease instead of this teaser.

Posted by spider-man 2996

So cool can't wait for this
Edited by PenguinDust
@Poncho said:

" well, i dont think they could have put Nick Fury in the Howling Commandos in this "universe" for 2 reasons. 1. Hes black, and in WWII, the miltary was segreagated.     2. Nick Fury would be like 80 years old and he didnt look that in Iron Man 2  "

I agree all bets are off in this new and different Marvel universe from the one I grew up with but if I remember correctly, Nick Fury received a dosage of one of the incomplete versions of the super-soldier serum which drastically slowed his aging and improved his physical abilities.  So, how old he is by Iron Man 2 days is inconsequential because of the treatment.  Speaking of ageless, anyone know if Logan/Wolverine will make a cameo in Captain America?  I'm curious because he did in the cartoon's Cap origin story for Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.   

Doesn't seem quite as menacing without the swastika. 
Speaking of which, I know that the cartoon cut out all the Nazis in its presentation of Captain America's origin.  There was barely a mention of Germany at all.  And, so far I fear the movie might be following suit.  Perhaps they feel that it would hurt their overseas box office, or maybe they want to build Hydra up as a worthy enemy for the Avengers in the minds of the average, non-comic reading film-goer. It all seems very revisionist to me and that's troubling.  I can understand (but not excuse) their omission from the cartoon, but if Nazis are removed from the movie then it really will be a fantasy film.  It's too bad because they made great bad guys in Hellboy and two Indy movies. 
Posted by SC

Damn, look how happy that guy in the background is. Thats one huge smile. Ear to ear. I bet he wants to touch the super pecs too. That or he has a hand fetish. 
Posted by Caligula

not excited. but there is always Thor.

Posted by ltbrd
Well if you look at the history of the Red Skull in comics he wasn't part of Hitler's main forces but a side agent under his direct control, but Red Skull eventually tried to murder Hitler and take his place. So I think what the script of this movie will try and do is show that while the world at large is fighting Hitler and the Nazis, the Allies discover that Hitler has a secret military organization that is far more deadly than his main forces....enter Red Skull and Hydra. Sort of like how all the Wolfenstein games are about clandestine branches of Hitler's forces so Red Skull and Hydra will be the ultimate Nazi black ops group (thus giving us a reason why they are unknown to the larger world and so well funded). The movie will then probably portray how Red Skull, gaining possession of a cosmic cube, looks to gain power for himself and bring about his own version of a world power and must be stopped by Captain America and the Howling Commandos because the U.S. government doesn't want the world to know (and thus become fearful) that there is a group even stronger than the Nazis.
Posted by ltbrd

One of the things I like the most about the look of the film is that idea of better technology for the time period than what was the norm. While it may not be practical, prior to and especially during WWII, both President Roosevelt and Adolf Hitler were obsessed with gaining not just numerical superiority but also technological superiority over the other side. It was this idea that drove the Manhattan Project and the creation of the atomic bomb. But historical records show how the U.S. and Germany were dumping millions in weapons research and some of the stuff scientists were trying to create (though impractical for the technology of the time) is actually stuff that would come to life in later decades. So while the one-man sub and huge bomber plane may not be historically accurate they do showcase the technological drive of the period and each side trying to one up the other and I think that it will bring that comic book aspect to the film that is needed to separate the gritty, actual period look of the soldiers, battle scenes and such that were shown in the trailer. Like I said in a reply post, this film has a very Wolfenstein feel to it and those games were wildly successful because of the mesh of actual history with creative license.

Posted by thecheckeredman

I doubt we'll see Union Jack in any sort of "costume" other than WWII British era fatigues and perhaps a Union Jack patch or some sort of adornment that will be a tip of the hat to the character -- which suits me just fine.  This IS Cap's flick after all.

Posted by tbpinkfloyd

They've said that Fury isn't leader of the Commandos but Dugan is. We may get a glimpse at a younger Fury though because there's a younger Black actor set for a role on the poster. Stark is involved with the shield and uniform design; after all, he's been cast.

Posted by tbpinkfloyd

The training scene is probably because they wanted to prepare him for what he'd be facing BEFORE turning him into a super soldier. 
Could you trust someone to fight the good fight after just turning him into a perfect human with no prior experience?

Posted by Chane

Looking good.

Posted by xerox_kitty
@G-Man: FYI, I pinned this to prevent any more dupe threads ;) 
I think it looks great so far!  I missed Dum Dum, but he looks perfect (so glad they kept the 'tasche!) and I don't know who's playing Bucky but even he looks edible...!
Posted by NightFang


Posted by G-Man

I'll most likely be posting a non-watermarked version of the trailer later today as well.

Posted by Crackdown

I's been confirmed in multiple places. Nick Fury will be in some part of the latter part of the film.

Posted by thegeekpin

everybody and cube is going to show up at the end or the secret ending

Posted by .Mistress Redhead.

He looks like he got bad breast implants and not enough Hugo Weaving!!!

Posted by DEGRAAF

I'm not getting to excited about this movie and this trailer didnt help at all. After seeing it i still felt like it wont be a total success. I dont thik it will flop but i dont think it will do what Thor or Iron Man will do or did
Posted by PenguinDust
Hydra on the move 
  I accept that possible explanation, although I wonder if the film will be nearly as well thought out in detailing the separation.  What bothered me is the complete lack of Nazi iconography in the admittedly very limited resources I've seen so far.  Again, I know I am in error to draw upon the cartoon so much, but I hope the producers don't shy away from the image of the despotic Nazi regime by focusing on the nefarious and manipulating Hydra as is the case on TV.  I am not crying foul as of yet and am giving the film the benefit of the doubt especially considering just how little credible information is in circulation; I'm just voicing my concerns as they stand today.  I hope I am wrong and both forces of evil are equally viably present.   On a side note, I was reminded of the Nazi propaganda movie from 1991's the Rocketeer when I saw the images B&W images on the left.
Hydra doesn't seem to be too concerned with secrecy in some regard.
Posted by Doctor!!!!!

He looked super scrawny!!!!!!!

Posted by spidershamrock

I saw someone in the water and I also saw something with fire. Im wondering if thats Namor and the Human Torch

Posted by dondasch

This looked so bad when I saw it.  I still have less than no hopes for this movie.  Bring on Thor !

Posted by Braxxis7

Awesome cant wait to see more!
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