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Captain America: "It's Going To Rock Everyone's Socks Off!"

Marvel's Editor-in-Chief discusses the upcoming Captain America film!

Marvel's Editor-in-Chief discusses the upcoming Captain America film!

Let's face it, if you were Joe Quesada at Big Apple Con in New York City and someone asked you about the progress of the Captain America movie, you would probably hype it up too, right? This past weekend at the hosted Wizard convention, Marvel's Editor-in-Chief revealed that based on the outlines of the upcoming film's initial screenplay he has seen, that the 'Captain America' movie will set up 'The Avengers' movie in a really fantastic way.

Sticking with Hollywood, Quesada offered a brief update on "The First Avenger: Captain America," with which he's had some involvement. "I've seen a couple of outlines and an initial screenplay, and it's going to rock everyone's socks off," he said. "It's very unexpected, the kind of movie it is." Quesada added that "Captain America" sets up "The Avengers" in "a fantastic way" and also mentioned that there is an undisclosed wish list of actors to play the star-spangled superhero.

The biggest fear amongst fans is the idea that the 'Avengers' franchise will stray too far from continuity. According to Quesada, however, while the films may not be exactly like the comic books, they will feel a lot like Marvel continuity.

It won't be the same exact continuity from the comics, but it'll feel very much like the Marvel continuity," he said. 

What Marvel storyline do you think would tie all these characters together and be a successful movie? Who would you like to see playing 'Captain America'?
Posted by Moomin123

I think this movie will be good.
Posted by goldenkey

There's a number actors out there that could play C.A..  I wouldn't mind seeing the guy who was just in Terminater 4 (name slips my mind and no not Christian Bale) or even the dread Mathew McCon-a-something.  I don't think we'll be let down on who ever plays him, just as long as it aint justin timberlake.
Posted by Kid_Zombie

Chris Pine for Captain America! as for story lines? no clue. I heard they were sticking pretty close to the Ultimate Avengers. I hope for so continuation from the other movies, still have a main bad guy wearing a ring, like the ten rings in the iron man films. Or have the LEADER from the hulk one of the Bad guys, just so the Avengers feels like its continuing these stories and not just a brand new story that ignores the other movies.

Posted by Bruce Vain

First, I love that image !! Who drew that ? 
And second I always saw someone like Howie Long playing Cap, but I know it will never happen. John Cena wouldn't be a decent choice mainly cause of his phyisque , but the guy can't act to save his.  But I've been seeing this guy Ben Ryan on youtube wanting to play Cap. I must say it's quite uncanny his resemblance to Steve Rogers is. My only question is can he act ? ...I feel the Captain America movie should be handled with care like the first Superman movie was , and shoot for casting an unknown. Also I think it would be nice to have a little cameo of Reb Brown and Matt Salinger who were the previous actors to portray Cap.   
To cast Red Skull I would want   Thomas Kretschmann    who was Cross in Wanted and was the Captain in King Kong. I think he would just be perfect. I also wish they would change the title of the movie and just call it Captain America, and not First Avenger Captain Amercia. When technically he wasn't the first Avenger. It was Iron Man,Hulk,Thor,Ant-Man & Wasp who were the first Avengers. The Avengers were the ones who founded Cap. So it just doesn't make an sense to call it that.
Posted by Bergquist

are the invaders in it 
is hitler going to be in it 
we know bucky in it
Posted by The WeatherMan

The guy on youtube is like a perfect copy! It's pretty weird, but given a few acting lessons I bet he could pull it off. He has the perfect look. DAMN look at those muscles!
Posted by Bruce Vain
@goldenkey said:
"  I wouldn't mind seeing the guy who was just in Terminater 4 (name slips my mind and no not Christian Bale)  "

Sam Worthington is his name.
Posted by G-Man
@Bruce Vain: That's the cover for Captain America: Who Will Wield The Shield due on December 2.  Drawn by Butch Guice.

Steve Rogers has returned, but Bucky Barnes is the current Captain America, and has come into his own in the role. Will there be two Captain Americas? Will Bucky go back to being the Winter Soldier? What will happen? Decisions, decisions, decisions.... 

Posted by Bruce Vain
@The WeatherMan:
He's like the Ray Stevenson(Punisher) of Captain America where he looked like he just stepped out of the pages of a Cap book.
Edited by Nova`Prime`

Joey Q talking about continuity is a scary thing. The comics need continuity first before he can say the movie won't be exactly like them.
I'll give it up that guy has a very strong resemblance to Steve, my problem with how they portray Cap is a muscle bound freak. He doesn't need to be, to be honest I believe the best portrayal of what Cap should look like, fighting wise, was how Tim Roth fought Hulk after taking the Super Soldier Serum. Of course he got thrust kicked into a tree, but still he had Hulk of balance for awhile. Now I am not saying Tim Roth would be Cap, far from it. But seeing him jump around easily and what not that's Cap, that's his fighting style. Now Agent is the muscle bound freak that just bowels through his opponents.
I always like to compare male comic book characters to a certain positions on the Football field, Cap's build would be more of a big powerful wide receiver, kinda like TO, he's muscular yet lean and quick. The human body has a lot of hidden potential and that's what the SS unlocked. Check this out Human Body I don't know if anyone of you saw this before, but it shows you how amazing the human body really is.

Posted by ARMIV

Aw yeah,that's the news I've been wanting to hear!

Posted by Tyler Starke

I'm really looking forward to a captain america movie , He's one of my favorite characters in the marvel U, but I'm still trying to figure out how they're going to make him look cool and or realistic, I don't think the captain america suit translates well into live action.

Posted by Decept-O

@Bruce Vain:  I agree with most of what you said.  The title doesn't bother me but think of people who don't know Cap, this will give them some clue about the Avengers.  Your facts are right about the line-up but it doesn't bother me at all.  
 Obviously you've put some thought into casting, while I've really had no clue who to pick for Cap nor Red Skull.  I'm curious how the story line will play out I just hope it will be good--no I want it to be frikkiin' GREAT.  He's Captain America blast it!   
@G-Man:  That's great artwork, looks like an oil painting to me but I could be wrong.  It still rocks, love it.
Posted by smoothbiggs

ok so when the hell will they pick somebody  to play cap lol   but  am telling you josh dumvall dude from transformers would be perfect for this  role

Posted by Thor'sHammer

The Cap movie should be something like this:  
Steve Rogers is in New York and Pearl Harbor is attacked, he decides to enlist and is turned away for being a 98-pound weakling.  Then Prof. Erskine declares that Steve  is the ideal candidate to try out his new super soldier serum.  The entire movie would take place throughout WW2 with Cap at all the famous battles, in the Western front in Europe fighting alongside US troops and turning the tide.   
The final scene could be Cap chasing down Hitler in his bunker in Berlin then Red Skull fires a rocket or bomb or rocket plane and Cap jumps on but falls off into the ocean. We see him sink and then we flash forward to present day.  Eskimos have found a man trapped in a glacier and they are trying to sell him to anthropologists.  But Tony Stark or Nick Fury get wind of it and they thaw out Cap and he wakes up screaming about the Red Skull or Hitler or something crazy, and then they say "Welcome to the Avengers."   
I am kind of a purist so there ya go.  And  the PERFECT Cap is Jon Hamm aka Don Draper from Mad Men.  He has the perfect mentality and the acting chops to play a morally complex Cap.  

Posted by MrCipher

Randy Couture of course..... :)
Posted by Bruce Vain

I would think the general public would know him or at least  know what he looks like. It would be  like not knowing who Superman,Batman, & Spidey is. Like I didn't think Wolverine needed to be called X-Men Origins. Just the title Wolverine would've sufficed.


Yea next to Batman - Captain America is a personal favorite of mine. I even have the life size Alex Ross head bust. So yea I've seriously put some thought into a Cap movie :D...Where I wanted Steven Speilberg to direct it (Joe Johnston is the next closest thing to Spielberg,since he's worked with him.), I wanted John Williams to do the score, & I wanted Howie Long to play him. I also think that they should use the WW II Cap uniform from the Ultimates but when he's brought into modern time have him wear the 616 traditional Cap uniform. I just feel that the Cap movie should be like the Superman movie of Marvel. A movie that will top Iron Man and Spider-Man.

Posted by BiteMe-Fanboy

Whenever i watch Saving Private Ryan I can just imagine Cap being on there... Think about it. When they storm the beaches of Normandy on D-Day at the beginning can't you just imagine Cap showing up and pushing the soldiers to move foward and to keep their heads up high? 
I would like Cap movie to be similar to Saving Private Ryan, with the blood and guts to. But i doubt they will have all that though. lol.

Posted by Archetype
@Bruce Vain: Dude the guy from Inglorious Bastards would be the perfect Herr Skull.
Posted by Aronmorales

I hope it doesn't suck!

Posted by glforthewin
@Thor'sHammer: he'd do a good job as him but i think he's more of a reed richards.
Posted by Bruce Vain
Christoph Waltz would be a great choice for Herr Skull, and if not that part he would also be perfect for Baron Zemo.
Posted by Namor1987

I want Matt Damon as Steve Rogers

Posted by War Killer

Last time I heard anything about the Avengers, was that they were going to base it more on The Ultimates (which makes sense if you ask me)

Edited by DickieSwift

I'm definitely looking forward to this film...moreso than Thor as there's still hope for some good casting. Thor has been nothing but 'miss' for me, but of course I hope to be proven wrong when that film is released...
Anyway. Someone from a German-speaking nation for Skull please, since it is going to be in the 1940s and he better have a heavy accent. Christoph Waltz, Richard Sammel, Thomas Kretschmann, or even Til Schweiger (three of those guys were in Basterds) in the role would be the bee's knees. I've got so much hope for this film. However, Cap and Skull casting and acting will make or break the film, in addition to the script. Brubaker better keep to that involvement as he claimed...

Posted by Asymmetrical

Mr. Sinister better be in it! at least for a cameo in the World War II know, just so a lot of hype starts and they decide to make a movie franchise for him...

Posted by smoothbiggs

Josh dumval=captain america

Posted by Nyogtha

 Kiefer Sutherland or Gary Busey as red skull! Come one, whouldn't like to see "the rocket" as Shmidt?

Posted by zaowarmaker

They better not destroy this...if they do I will never give them a chance again!
Posted by Tmul501

I think they need to go with a younger actor to play cap. Why would a guy in his late 30s early 40s play someone who's supposed to be in his mid to late 20s?

Posted by Media_Master
Good choice.
Posted by Obsurity

Chris Pine does look the part. I didn't know the source but some guy at a game store was telling me Will Smith...
Posted by ComicCrazy

I hope this turns out to be a really good movie.
Posted by creed603

What about Patrick Wilson from Watchmen?  He could pull off that role.
Posted by Deadpool437

Alright, the youtube footage of Ben Ryan, sadly is not a resume and has expressed no interest of playing Cap. Although, when you look at his co-stars, he's way too big. He'd be bigger than Iron Man in the armor. (Doesn't work.) However, I'd like to see someone like Channing Tatum, or Chris Pine as Cap. Both are hot, young stars who would do well in the role. With Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Robert Downey Jr. As Iron Man, they easily have the look needed to fill the role.

Edited by waruikumo

Call me strange but i've always hoped for a mixed race movie version of capt. america.  The anglo-american blond hair blue eyes fit when it was designed, but at this point in history it would be more accurate to have at least a Native american captain america, yes irony.  go a head whine. I know this will infuriate someone.  its designed to.

Posted by Thor'sHammer

You mean something...Like This!

Earth-717 Cap
Posted by Naomi Kale

Paul Walker as Captain America!!! It's not the best choice, but I like it.

Posted by Michael6ft7


ben ryan ftw
Posted by TheMess1428

Brad Pitt or Chris Pine
Posted by Moomin123

I think Matt Damon, Randy Orton from WWE or John Barrowman (maybe) could be Capt. America.
Posted by Lost_Rellik

Chris Pine or Paul Walker gets my vote.
Posted by castleking

thats the new cap :)

Posted by War Killer

I really do hope they base it more off of Ultimate Cap, it just seems way more realistic, but still have some of Cap 616 version in him as well. 



= Awesome Superhero movie!
Posted by Captain Mansandwich

Mark Valley for Cap!
Posted by HaloKing343

They shouldn't have the whole story in WW2, just a lot of it. Maybe about half in WW2 and half now.
Posted by CasterDude

I think that there is only one clear choice for cap and that is john cena.