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Captain America Declares War in October

A third Marvel teaser is released.

Yesterday we saw two teasers released for some event happening in October. The first image featured a shattered Mjolnir and the second appeared to be Wolverine's hand. What was odd is the mention that information would be revealed at this year's San Diego Comic-Con on Sunday, July 15, during the Amazing Spider-Man panel. What do these images have to do with Spider-Man?

Today a third image is released bringing Captain America into the fight.

There has been speculation that this is just an extension of AVENGERS VS. X-MEN but most likely it has to do with the Ultron War that has been teased since last year.

We'll find out in a few weeks.

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Posted by primepower53


Posted by Billy Batson


Posted by A7D7A7M

I agree with the "ugh".

Posted by Lvenger

Why does this not surprise me? Enough events already Marvel please!

Posted by Arevish

Marvel universe is gonna be totally f*ckd up

Posted by SHAZAM117

Ugh....not another Heroes vs Heroes "war", lame.....I'm hoping this is the much talked about "Age of Ultron" arc I've heard about for some time now.....I don't think I can take another Heroes vs Heroes "who's side you on?" schtick....Bring back the damn villians MARVEL!

Posted by mettlekm

ultron = very cool

Posted by Cafeterialoca

@Arevish: You mean it hasn't already after Fear Itself and Avengers vs. X-Men?

At least it's not shattered like every other teaser.

Posted by HotSauceCommittee

Yes, lets irrationally hate this before we even know what it is, good idea, all aboard the bandwagon.

Posted by EnSabahNurX

@HotSauceCommittee said:

Yes, lets irrationally hate this before we even know what it is, good idea, all aboard the bandwagon.

O_O If it's not the ultron war then i'll sit it out lol

Posted by X35

@HotSauceCommittee: Well you could just as easily say the same thing to people saying "oh this is gonna be AWESOME".

Posted by longbowhunter


Posted by Thowell3

This is one of the many reasons why I don't read Marvel comics any more.

Posted by Necrotic_Lycanthrope

They're right with the " war" in the title...because I'm about to storm the company with a rubber bat and loaf around on the front steps until they start paying attention to me and end this crazy faze of theirs.

Posted by Ludo
Morvl pls
Posted by jwalser3

See you can tell they are "masters of suspense" because the poster has 3 words and blood on Captain Americas shield.

Posted by FadeToBlackBolt

I don't think CV/Marvel know how a declaration of war works. If your symbol is on the ground battered and bloody, chances are you haven't declared war on someone else, they've declared it on you.  
And just for the fun of it; 

Posted by Zeeguy91

Yeah, I think I'm on the same page as everyone else. Enough events Marvel! Just breathe for a second. If its Ultron War, then I'll get into it, but if not then I'm just gonna have to pass.

Posted by RedRobin92

With the exception of the new on going series Winter Soldier and Scarlet Spider, Marvel is getting on my last nerve with these Major Events. I may have to tap out for awhile.

Posted by Suprman

I'm really starting to get sick of Marvel continuously shoving their events down our throats. if it weren't for Captain America and Winter Soldier, I wouldn't be reading Marvel right now.

Posted by wowylied

So another event who want to "change the face of the marvel universe for ever !" but will be poor as hell and forgotten after 2 weeks ?

Posted by Webjaker

I agree with almost everyone here, lets stop the team-ups and choose a side BS and focus on characters and stories for AT LEAST the rest of the year, then you can have Men vs Women or Dark Haired vs Light Haired, or righties vs lefties

Posted by ltbrd

I'm not really as upset by these major events as everyone else seems to be. In a way, its nice that Marvel wants to keep bringing all their titles together in order to make the Marvel Universe feel more connected and one whole timeline rather than each character having their own arc but also being part of a mini-series or crossover. Kind of along the lines of why Wolverine seems to be in every book these days. If the whole MU is going from one arc to the next, however, it justifies why characters would be title hoping based on the needs of the story. In a way its very similar to their approach to the Marvel films.

However, a little bit more time in-between each major event would be nice. With Ends of the Earth just finishing, AvX still going on, and the next arc with the Lizard starting it feels like we don't get anymore good, standalone stories for each character (obviously I'm just using Spider-Man as the example here but it applies to all titles) or team. Yes, the Ultron War was hinted at and the ground work laid back in 2010-2011 when the latest volume of Avengers came out, but to roll right into it after such a major event as AvX (though I'm not really enjoying the series it is still a planet changing one given what the five hosts are doing) feels cheap to both the story taking place now and the one to come. You need some fallout time, some character development time, and maybe plant a few more seeds of the next event before launching another.

In this I think DC learned its lesson a bit better than Marvel has, as DC had the long string of Infinite Crisis, 52, Countdown, and Final Crisis....which just tapped everyone out on company-wide events and having to buy so many issues to get the full story. They took a little break, had Flashpoint, and have now taken another little break to establish the new 52 before launching into the Trinity War here shortly. So the pacing as DC feels better than Marvel right now, as Marvel just seems to want to push big stories out as fast as possible. Again, part of that may be because of the movies and so sales are going better and they want to keep people hooked. Hopefully its not a way to get to a point where all the major stories they had planned are done and now they can do a "reboot/revamp" like DC.

Posted by doordoor123

If the Ultron War or whatever this is ends with a post-apocalyptic Marvel Universe, I'm in. If not, I'll continue not buying their events.

Posted by aaunderoath

... not an event .. story arc

Posted by MadRooster81

@aaunderoath said:

... not an event .. story arc

Agreed. I've only seen evidence of this affecting the Avengers. I'll wait till more details come out before I pass judgement.

Posted by KainScion

the author should rename this: marvel - please complain about it

Posted by Vincie_Pooh

Maybe Cap got into a food fight and his shield has some tomato sauce on it... not blood. LOL

Posted by RoboShark

That image is win.

Posted by broo1232

Event after Event after Event can't we actually have some actual story rather than endless fighting and boring plots.

Posted by Cavemold

So ultron vs capt now ?

Posted by Illuminatus
@HotSauceCommittee said:

Yes, lets irrationally hate this before we even know what it is, good idea, all aboard the bandwagon.

The hate is completely warranted after we were all given similar, obscure teasers for Fear Itself (which was laughably bad) and AvX (which has sucked so far). 
Posted by Gambit1024

Who's writing this?

(only thing that's stopping me from hating)

Posted by Death Certificate

@HotSauceCommittee said:

Yes, lets irrationally hate this before we even know what it is, good idea, all aboard the bandwagon.

Because hopeless optimism is always the right answer and it's not like Marvel hasn't done this before like in the last 7 years :D

Edited by sentryman555

If this event is done right it COULD BE awesome. I've been thinking about it and if it is the Ultron war this could be the thing that brings all the heroes back together and finally stops making them fight each other. Also Spidey has been tinkering a lot with technology lately what if he makes something that accidently revives Ultron? I think that would be really interesting for his character to go through. Having the burden of knowing a whole war started because of you.

Edit: But if they actually kill Bucky this time I'm out.

Posted by pahphoenix

What if the Avengers bring Ultron back as a weapon against the X-Men... and can't control him. Hmmmmmm.....

Posted by mtrakos

@RedRobin92 said:

With the exception of the new on going series Winter Soldier and Scarlet Spider, Marvel is getting on my last nerve with these Major Events. I may have to tap out for awhile.

Winter Soldier is my only read from marvel other than older trades. Honestly marvel doesnt have a whole lot going for them right now. Great heros surrounded in meaningless event after event.

Posted by Mucklefluga

More War!! D:

Posted by -The Renegade-

Guys this is really pushed, but could it be the first story arc of the next avengers writer that will be replacing Bendis ?

Edited by sesquipedalophobe
@HotSauceCommittee said:

Yes, lets irrationally hate this before we even know what it is, good idea, all aboard the bandwagon.

Imagine a fine, sexy mama saying she has something to tell you later. You feel excited and you just can't hide it, morbidly curious in fact. You build up in your mind she is ambidextrous, double-jointed or even a super spy for the Kremlin, that she's giving it all up to settle down with you. Then come to find out she has a sixth toe on her right foot and a tail, which is nothing spectacular. You're paying for the operations. Been there, done that.



@HotSauceCommittee: Well you could just as easily say the same thing to people saying "oh this is gonna be AWESOME".

I believe that's just one person with alternate accounts. No one can be that enthused without fracturing their psyches.
Posted by Mokey

Fool me once, Marvel, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me more than twice? I should probably stop leaving the house.

Edited by mesosteros

Huh...gang? Ultron is already revived but it managed to get away. Stark said himself that when he comes back it's going to be for that apocoliptic vision he, cap and the Avengers saw. Besides I reiterate what I said in my comment in yesterday's teaser reveals.

«Wow... so many angry comments.
First things first: Stop complaining about Thor dying again and the hammer getting broken again, I like Thor and yes he's died a lot but these are teaser images that only show Thor's Hammer in bad shape, not him dead and besides, how many times have the events of a teaser image really occurred? If a comic teaser image/poster meant the things depicted always happened then how many times would it be now that the villains would have won? Seriously. Stop taking teaser images so literally and stop with the Thor'eal love.
Second: yes Marvel does many events, and some have been really crappy like the first act of AvX (but the second act started of great, let's hope it keeps that quality), but the vast majority end up being overall good despite the flaws, unlike DC that rarely has a good event. Night of the Owls and the various War of the Light crossover events were good but Flashpoint? The Crisis? War of the Green Lanterns? Geez people. I'd rather have back-to-back events that are so-so than occasional events that generally suck. Besides the argument in favor of fillers is ridiculous as they are absolutely boring 90% of the times. That's the reason I stopped watching Naruto and Bleach and only continued reading the mangas. The occasional filler is good but back-to-back fillers are much worse than back-to-back events.
As for the story itself: pretty sure it's Ultron War. To whoever said it's too soon check the timeline. It's time.
Yesterday's X-men as to do with the Phoenix-Five. They said they were more than just mutants now hence the yesterday. Besides it runs parallel to Steve's Vision of the Ultron War.
The only thing that would be left to explain since "Fear without man" is probably Fear Itself: The Fearless (Valkyrie and Sin are women and still has to do with the Worthy's Hammers) is "What's in the rings". Well since the Mandarin has returned and has focused on making Stark's life a living hell, I'd say that's it specially because if i remember correctly Ezekiel Stane asked the exact same question after realizing he was under the ring's control.
Now you will ask how would this tie to Ultron? Well... what has Stark gone and done because of the pressure Mandarin put on him? He separated the armor from him. It's now an A.I. run Iron Man 2.0. That seems like a good body for Ultron to take over wouldn't you say? Specially because future Stark doesn't have the Extremis armor... he's got a rudimentary one ressembling War Machine's.
As for Spider-Man's involvement? Well Future Stark makes it very clear that it's Kang the Conqueror's fault this thing starts, but if Spider-Man is also responsible for this? Well... we've seen him getting closer and closer with MJ again. Wouldn't that make him wish the deal with Mephisto went down the drain while keeping Aunt May alive? He could be willing to change time in order for this to happen, and remember that after Spider-Island Madame Web said he would have a lot to bear should he choose to continue being Spider-man and although Sable's death (?presumed?) has taken a toll on him I don't think this was it yet.
Besides the mystical part of Marvel is also brewing something AND I'm fairly sure it has to do with Mephisto: I mean Magma is a powerful mutant but not the most powerful, why would Mephisto want something from her (it was not love, he had an ulterior motive that Loki ruined according to Mephisto himself), we had the Red Hulk, Venom, X-23 and Ghost Rider being marked with those pentagrams after that small crossover in Vegas and finally Rahnne's son is from a god and she has now decided to go after him. This last one is more flimsy and apparently not Mephisto related but it's on the Mystical side nonetheless. Probably Mephisto knows what Spider-man is going to try to undo the deal and is getting ready for it.
Also on the Mystical side of Marvel I almost forgot about the Defenders having to deal with the Concordance Engine.
Of course the mystical side may be something entirely different.»
Posted by (((Prodigy)))

I'm not going to hate on this immediately, but I really hope it's not another 'heroes vs heroes' kind of event. Whatever happened to Marvel's good ol' days when they actually fought villians sometimes?

Posted by Mokey

@(((Prodigy))): Whoa, there, grandpa. This isn't your hippy silver age! Villains? The youngsters of today don't want villains! They just want instant gratifying brawls!

Posted by carnivalofsins00

Ultron War, plain and simple.

Posted by Wolverine0628

Ultron War?!  Awesome!!  How did I not hear about this?
Posted by leokearon
Posted by TheBigRedCheese


Posted by Saren

@HotSauceCommittee said:

Yes, lets irrationally hate this before we even know what it is, good idea, all aboard the bandwagon.

Being "That poster who hates the idea of contrary opinion" must be a tired schtick, no?

Posted by Death Certificate

@leokearon said:

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