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Cap'n Brit'n is Back Agai'n

British hero and MI-13 return in AGE OF HEROES

Those saddened by the cancellation of CAPTAIN BRITAIN AND MI-13 can dry their eyes.    The lion of the UK and his super-team will be showing up in the four-issue, post-SIEGE mini AGE OF HEROES.

 Block party summmmmer...

Lessee, lessee, lessee…  looks like we’ve got one of the Big Apple’s old-fashioned Sixth Avenue’s block parties!

Spidey’s operating in the front, along with the big Avengers trifecta of Bucky-Cap, new-armor Iron Man and more-viking-accurate Thor. The Black Knight, Brother Voodoo, Venus and, of course, Captain Britain are there for the party too, but I’m blanking on the remaining duo.  Who’s white-shawl and steel-sword girl on the right? And who’s red-tie, droopy-part and glasses man on the left?

The promo pic comes straight from writer Paul Cornell’s website, who also has some  enthusiastic words of hype for the special limited series.

Age of Heroes is an upcoming four issue miniseries from Marvel, which presents a panorama of the Marvel Universe after the events of The Siege are over. And Leonine Leonard Kirk and I are very happy to be part of it! Because Captain Britain and MI-13 (apart from two members who are... busy doing something else) are involved, in one of two short strips I've written for this anthology. (The other one features the Young Masters from Dark Reign: Young Avengers.) So this is the first of (hopefully) four more appearances coming up for members of the team this year, that I know of. (Mark Waid already surprised me by plonking Brian and Dane in Strange.) I'm especially pleased that the other three writers on the title are Corking Kurt Busiek, Delectable Dan Slott and Rollicking Rick Remender.

Sounds like a party. Cornell doesn’t give us an idea of when this anthology party’s hitting, so keep your perceptive, pickled peepers peeled.  

 To this trade, I refer...

An aside, I’ll take this opportunity to recommend you all pick up the Alan Moore/Davis CAPTAIN BRITAIN trade that came out a few years ago. The tome collects the duo’s early 80’s defining work on the character. It’s a rollicking, ripping and (smashing?) good yarn that introduced the multiversal Captain Britain Corps, totally cuckoo-crazy reality-warper Mad Jim Jaspers and, my favorite, the unstoppable, shape-changing Fury (a character that’d later serve as the basis for everybody’s favorite ultimate sentinel, Nimrod).  


-- Tom Pinchuk is the writer of UNIMAGINABLE for Arcana Comics and HYBRID BASTARDS! for Archaia Comics.   Watch out for the HYBRID BASTARDS! hardcover collection this March - - available for pre-order now on

Posted by the_fallen11

That is a really cool picture, love that art.

Posted by HaloKing343

The art is kinda bad. I'm not sure what's up with that. I guess they want to go with a layed back and relaxed sort of theme. Anyway, I think it's meh. 
Should be a cool mini-series though. 
I never read Captain Britain but I heard great things about the series. I wonder why it got cancelled if people liked it so much. Did anyone here read it?
Edited by Bobby X

Oh wow...well looks like it's time for me to start buying Marvel again.  
Loved Cap Brit and MI:13, thank god they are turning up again. What an excellent book that was.
Edited by timrothsays

"CAPTAIN BRITAIN AND MI-13", in my opinion, is one of the best '00 series along with New X-Men (Morrison) & ASM (Straczynski). So this is like a Christmas morning for me ^^

Posted by webofthornns

I believe she's Excalibur and he would probably be Pete Wisdom 
Posted by Adam Michaels

Isn't it DOCTOR Voodo now? :)  
And I do believe Mr. Red-Tie might be Bruce Banner? That's who I though it was the second I saw him. As for Ms. Nipple Poppins and the hooded sword weilder, I don't know.

Posted by the_orange_crush

Good to hear that Cornell and Kirk are going to do Cap. Britain again! Cap. Britain and the MI:13 was such a fun read and recommend anyone to pick up any or all of the 3 TPB's that are out. 

As for the two remaining characters Tom couldn't name, the guy in glasses is Pete Wisdom. The chick in glasses is Faiza Hussein and is the wielder of Excalibur. Both were part of the MI:13 with Cap. Britain.

Posted by Moomin123

Hooray, a British superhero. I wish Capt. Britain was the British equivalent of Steve Rogers. But then again, his powers he has are pretty cool.
Edited by Kid_Zombie

So that blond chick with the cape, could that be the latest secret avenger?

Posted by Namor1987

looks pretty darn sweet

Posted by They Killed Cap!

It sounds interesting, I will probably pick it up. 
Posted by welshguy

I agree with the recomendation for the Alan Moore/Davies trade of Captain. Its grim, violent, crazy, poignant and thrilling. And not being a big fan of Alan Moore (barring his run on Miracleman and the first series of the League of Extraordinary Gentleman) I think its one of his best. 

Posted by Lokheit

The "  white-shawl and steel-sword girl" is Faiza Hussain codename excalibur

Posted by Chane

I wish it was coming back properly.

Posted by pimpnerd88

Artwork is baddass, Marko Djurdjevic all the way. I need me some more Black Knight! Dane Whitman rules!!!

Posted by Nova`Prime`

Is that who the blond is supposed to be Venus? I thought she was a red head.

Posted by badog

Errrrm that's not Venus guys it's Megan, from excalibur?? Captain Britain's wife? she returned to MI:13 at the end

Posted by crowncoke

I do think that we are seeing the Secret Avengers here. 
If you think about it, several of these people match the shadows we have been receiving.  I am kind of getting excited aobut this team now.
Posted by Joe Venom

What happen to Spitfire? Please don't tell me Blade manage to kill her after all.

Edited by Secret Identity
@webofthornns said:

" I believe she's Excalibur and he would probably be Pete Wisdom  "

Indeed it is Faiza Hussain AKA Excalibur and Pete Wisdom who is the leader of MI13. The blonde woman in the red cape is (as badog right said) Meggan who is going by the name superhero  Gloriana.   
Excalibur wields Excalibur
Posted by Secret Identity
@Joe Venom said:
" What happen to Spitfire? Please don't tell me Blade manage to kill her after all. "
The two that Cornell mentions are "busy doing something else" here are Blade and Spitfire. They are having a bit of a fling with one another atm. It's a shame we won't be seeing them in this mini but hopefully they won't be far behind in any further use of MI13 and Cap B (which i really hope we get more of) 
I'm very excited for this. In fact i will be buying it. It will be the first time I've read any marvel since Captain Britain and MI13 finished. Can't wait!!
Posted by Watch Dog

Well I am very happy to see  Captain Briton, Meggan and the Black Knight are  back

Posted by goldenkey

great art, answers a lot of questions on who the silluettes are.  The big spider on Spidermans chest is great too.
Posted by pixelized

That's Venus? What happened to the AoA?

Posted by PrinceIMC

I'm so excited for this. Woo!

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

Interesting stuff, think I'l pick this up

Posted by Primmaster64

I do see Marveman.

Posted by BeyondtheBeyonder


Posted by Erik

I loved MI:13. I am glad they are back for a least a little while. 

Posted by bacchusV2

can't wait for this one to come out- now that all its members have gotten over the battle with dracula on the moon hopefully we get to see the new chemistry going in between cap britain & meggan now that she's back (and with a new outlook. hopefully they'll show how powerful she can get!). they should also drag in the rest of the mi:13 support like digitek, deaths head, tangerine, and dark angel...maybe kylun, shamrock, and micromax too!