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Canadian War Time Hero Comics to be Reprinted

More of Canada’s First Superheroes to be reprinted starting with Johnny Canuck!

Press Release

Toronto-based comic book historian, Rachel Richey is excited to announce that she has obtained the publication rights to characters of Golden Age publisher Bell Features. These Canadian wartime comics will be published as full collections starting with Johnny Canuck, Thunderfist, and Adrian Dingle’s The Penguin.

To be reprinted first, Johnny Canuck is part of an incredible stable of Canadian superheroes created during the second world war. Perhaps the most prominent of these figures, Canuck was the personification of the Canadian war effort, facing the Nazi regime and even Hitler himself! Richey will be collecting and reprinting all 28 issues of this character created by Golden Age artist Leo Bachle. This is following the success of Richey’s co-venture with CGA Comics’ publication, Nelvana of the Northern Lights. Nelvana was successfully funded through Kickstarter and a second printing will be released by publisher IDW later this year.

Johnny Canuck will be reprinted with the permission of the copyright holders, Corus Entertainment and the National Archives of Canada.

About Rachel Richey:

Rachel has worked closely on the John Bell Collection of Canadian Comics at Library and Archives Canada, and documents Canadian comic books for the blogs Sequential and Comicsyrup. She worked on Lost Heroes as a researcher and works with the Doug Wright Awards.

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Posted by i_dont_like_comics

"To see the face of the Penguin is to die." man, that's ........ something.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Damn you Hitler, you berserk fiend!

This is pretty cool though.

Edited by Jasoninthewoods

Johnny Canuck/Captain America must happen :)

Posted by TommytheHitman

Dang! That looks cheese awesome!

Posted by RazzaTazz

Looks fun

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