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C2E2 2014: Marvel's Spiderverse Panel

Check out what happened today during Marvel's Spider-Man panel, aside from singing.

All of these folks will be in Spider-Verse

At C2E2, Marvel made some big announcements about Spider-Man, Original Sin, and even Daredevil at their Spiderverse panel. We sat in on the panel and learned quite a few interesting things about what's happening in the Marvel universe in the upcoming months.

THE PANEL: Editor Nick Lowe hosted the panel. Featuring the Spider-Man talent of James Robinson, Josh Fialkov, Ramon Perez, Jordan White, and Mark Waid.

The event kicked off with Jodan White playing ukulele and singing the "Spider-Man" theme song, in which the audience sang along. Lowe gave away an issue of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1 to the person who really sang their heart out.


Amazing Spider-Man #4 variant cover by Humberto Ramos

Lowe explained that the first issue of the new AMAZING SPIDER-MAN series comes in at 96 pages. It includes a main story, numerous back-up stories and INHUMANS #1. Dan Slott is writing with Humberto Ramos on art. The first issue, which will be out April 30th, introduces the reader to the villains for the first arc: Black Cat and Electro. Black Cat went to jail during SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN and she's not happy.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #4 cover by Humberto Ramos

Both issues #4 and #5 will be tie-ins to Original Sin and will introduce the reader to Silk. When Peter Parker was originally bit by that radioactive spider, it turns out someone else was bit as well. This is Silk. Who is she and where has she been all this time?


Learning to crawl, which takes place during the early years of the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN comic, fills in the gaps between comics and will explore the life of Peter Parker, who is still new to his powers and being Spider-Man.

Artist Ramon Perez says readers will get a closer look into Peter's social ;life as well as dealing with the death of Uncle Ben. Readers will actually see his funeral. There's also a new villain named "Clash." The panel-goers were then treated to some interiors of the book, as well as the covers by Alex Ross. This book will be on store shelves on May 7th.


Fialkov, the writer of this book, says that the story starts out with Spider-Man robbing a bank. He doesn't know who he is, where he is, and why he's robbing a bank. "If you were to wake up, in a costume, and you're with a bunch thugs and robbing a bank, would you go with it or against it?" Parker doesn't remember all those things that make him who he is like "having great responsibility" or those in his life who taught him lessons.

Fialkov continued, "What's great about the infinite [comic] format is you explore storytelling in a way no one else is doing. It's a lot of fun and so special. I love getting to write fun Peter Parker... Iron Man also shows up."

The WHO AM I infinite comic will come out on May 6th. The first four issues will come out at the same time. Lowe says they're trying something different and want readers to "binge read."

Cover for issue one and three preview pages below


In July, writer Peter David and artist Will Sliney tackle this fan favorite character, Spider-Man 2099. The audience is shown the covers for issue one. Simone Bianchi and Rick Leonardi did the covers. Peter Parker will make an appearance in the book. Slott is very excited about the book and really pushed for Peter David to write the book. The audience is shown two interior pages from the book, and it looks utterly fantastic.


Mark Waid says that Spider-Man was the perfect character to tell a big story in a big way for the OGN format. He had an idea in mind that Peter would be in trouble, but his sister, that he didn't know existed, would help him. He really wanted to do a spy story with Peter parents as well. He says that things Peter's parents did the in their past affect Peter and that was a part of the core story. Waid really wanted James Robinson to help him craft the story. The was actually James' first time writing Spider-Man, and he actually got the call to write this book on the day he quit working for DC Comics. James said writing this book "makes you feel like a kid again... I immediately fell in love with the Parkers."


The infinite comic will be coming out in print format in July. It's written by Mark Waid and drawn by Peter Krause. The book follows Matt Murdock's move to San Francisco.

DAREDEVIL #6 cover by Chris Samnee


Issue 4 will be out in June and issue 5 will be out in July. Waid says both he and artist Chris Samnee approach this as one storyteller. It's one joint effort for these guys. He says they're having a blast with Daredevil in San Fran. DD truly relies on the NYC geography more than any other character because he's blind. "It's a big learning curve" says Waid. There will be the return of one of DD's oldest foes: The Owl. It will be the most dangerous foe he's ever faced because the Owl is more powerful than ever. Issue 5 will cover the strange death of Foggy Nelson.

Issue 6 and 7 of this series will tie into Original Sin. Javier Rodriguez will be working on the art while Samnee recharges. In the tie-in, Matt will find out why his mother left his father. Waid states, "It drops the world beneath his feet. Everything he knows gets turned upside down." Matt finds his mother in prison, but can't help her from a legal stand-point because he gave up law.


Spiderverse kicks off in November. However, Free Comic Book Day (Saturday, May 3rd) will have a Spiderverse flip-book, with the other side being a GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY book. Morlun will be the main villain of the book. Interior pages are shown. Morlun is dealing with Peter Parker from Marvel 1602. Lowe says they will be using every version of Spider-Man they are legally allowed to use. This series will run through AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #9-#14. Tie-ins will be announced later on. They don't want to give everything away, 6 months before the book comes out.

Confirmed versions of Spider-Man in Spiderverse: Electric Company Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Arana, Spider-Ham, Bagman, 70s Japanese TV series Spider-Man, "There will be A Ben Reilly," Miles Morales, Spider-Man Noir, and everyone else in the giant Spiderverse banner (at the top of the article).

Who won't be in Spiderverse: Movie versions, Ultimate Peter Parker (Nick Lowe made sure to say he's still dead), and no symbiotes.

Audience Questions

Mark Waid said he's not involved with the Netflix Daredevil series and said series will not affect the comic. He said Marvel doesn't want the books to change because of what's happening in the tv show. SPIDER-MEN 2 is brought up by an audience member. Lowe says Bendis is very motivated to do it and spiderverse will not affect SPIDER-MEN 2, whenever it happens.

The next audience member asks about Anna-Maria. She will apparently be in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1 and she will be a big part of the book. She's not going anywhere and she's become a big part of Peter's life. They live together and work together. In addition, Peter's sister, from FAMILY BUSINESS, may be brought into the main series, since the book is canon.

In addition, Eddie Brock is a character they've been thinking about a lot recently. He won't be coming up any time soon, but it sounds like he may make a return in the future.

Finally, before the panel is let out, there's an image on the big screen which is someone in Superior Spider-Man's costume. It's not Peter though. That's all they had to say about that.

Posted by Twix_Right_Side

Loving all of these.

Especially Spiderverse,and I am going to read Family Business right now.

Posted by Ninjablade09

No movie versions? That's fine.

Posted by AWeekInGeekdom

Awesome spidey news :) Can't wait to dig into Amazing again… I hope Spider-Verse isn't too rushed.

Posted by Teerack

But who spiders the spider-men?

Posted by iragulasuperbia

I first started reading comics when my dad moved his boxes of them into my closet, and some of the first ones I ever read were Spider-Man. I am incredibly excited for all this, and will probably end up emptying my accounts, but, hey - I'll have Spider-Man comics.

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Silk huh? Colour me curious.

Posted by Yung ANcient One

I wonder who is this UK Spider-Man that SLott says UK cosplayers will cosplay as for years to come. Is it the gray spider-man with red eyes? Is it the Spider-Man that is showing his blonde hair? Is the Spider-Man that looks like he's wearing a trench coat? Is it the Spider-man that is dressed as a Knight? If there's no symbiotes then who's the spider-man that looks like Spider-Man wearing Toxin? Are they going to make brand new Spider-Man's for this Spider-Verse?

Lastly, I wonder, who is that someone in Superior Spider-Man's costume?Is it a clone with Otto's brain? Is it Spider-Man 2099? Is it a new character? (+)

Posted by AmazingWebHead

Yup, even the pig

Posted by Spider-Man

Minions Cheering (Despicable Me)

Posted by Spideysense44

Spiderman 2099!!!

Posted by ravisher

i miss you ock

Posted by MachoMustachio

very interesting, and its wonderful to have the REAL Spider-Man again although its sadly with Humberto Ramos's terrible art...I'll still check it out though

Posted by M3th

@machomustachio: I am sorry tHat you Have bad taste. Humberto Ramos is one of my favorite artists. I feel for ya bro. You are missing out. :)


Posted by Lykida

So great to see Bag Man, iron Spider, Spider-Man noir and of course Spider-Man 2099 again!

Posted by Paste_Pot_Pete

Looking forward to Amazing-Spider Man, and whatever happened with Foggy.

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i love that spiderman 2099 and japanese spidrrmN eill be in it. I wonder will the Indian spiderman appear in it?

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sigh. can we get rid of Slott/Ramos all ready please? i can't even get excited for this.

Posted by inferiorego

@fallschirmjager: sure. I'll write it. In my ASM run, Peter spends a whole issue finding a good place for breakfast. In issue two, he struggles with making the perfect Pandora playlist. In issue three, he sits in rush hour traffic.

Spoiler alert: it's going to suck and everyone will want Dan Slott back.

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@inferiorego said:

@fallschirmjager: sure. I'll write it. In my ASM run, Peter spends a whole issue finding a good place for breakfast. In issue two, he struggles with making the perfect Pandora playlist. In issue three, he sits in rush hour traffic.

Spoiler alert: it's going to suck and everyone will want Dan Slott back.

Just because you can't write a better Spider-Man doesn't mean someone else couldn't.

how's your art though?:p

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like her name and look. reminds me of veil. hope they give a good explanation why silk hasnt debuted until now

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I'd love if Superior Spider-Man kept being a thing, even with Peter being back.

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F*** yeah!

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I wonder if they'll use spider-verse to bring back superior spider-man. Their could be a universe where Otto stays as spider-man. Maybe he gets trapped in the main marvel universe. The only reason I'd want this is so anna maria can get a happy ending lol

Posted by lifeofvibe

@spider-man: your name 0_o

Posted by captain_oblivious

like her name and look. reminds me of veil. hope they give a good explanation why silk hasnt debuted until now

I hope it's something along the lines that she just wanted to live her life. Just because you have super-powers you should wear a cape? Reed Richards pointed that out during the "Acts of Vengeance" storyline when the super-human registration act was flying about. During a congressional testimony, he didn't do anything when a villain attacked. A crongress person pointed it out and he said the thing was better able to handle the situation, which he did.

Sometimes people just want to live their life or maybe they feel they can do a better job at improving society/being a productive member than by wearing a costume. I'd think it would be better than how they introduced Cable. He comes in and everyone knows him, has some interaction from way back and yet only now talk about it (e.g. Wolverine, Nick Fury).

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so much bs happens we the spiderman comic and we as fans just let it keep happening...

Silk ? Really how long has peter been spider-man and shes JUST now coming out

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Looking good.

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in for spiderverse come on ben riley and spock, kaine better be in it.

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I think Silk could be an interesting character, I'm not happy to continue to have Slott on the book I just feel it's time for a new writer and new direction for Spider-man he has had over 100 issues and Peter is still directionless.

Spiderverse I really just want to see him interact with May Day and see if it has any lasting effects on Peter but knowing this current direction she will not be in it.

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Darn I would have loved to see Ultimate Peter arguing with, Andrew Garfield, Tobey McGuire and Miles Morales over whose better.

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@br_havoc: At this point Superior has more direction than Peter does and Superior is gone for now but it seems that want him in the 2099 verse and from that last comment we may be seeing him again in the Amazing series.

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i wanna know what peter seen when he looked up miles morales in this dimension

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@m3th: yeah, missing out on these masterpieces

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Sounds epic!