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Buy Me This! 4/7/14

This week, we take a look at pinball machines way out of our price range.

Growing up, I'm sure there were a ton of you out there that dreamed of having your own house with an arcade room. Now, since video games have progressed, technologically, the home arcade is cool, but it almost doesn't compete with a 60" HD television and an Xbox One. However, there's still one aspect of arcade culture that is irreplaceable: pinball machines.

This week, we'll be taking a look at pinball machines, which are expensive as well as a pain in the butt to fix up and maintain. If you love owning super-cool things that will frustrate you to no end, you'll love this week's Buy Me This!

X-Men Pinball

Our first item of this week comes to us from Pinball Universe. This was the only pinball machine, on this list, that was brand new in the box. To own this pinball machine, you'll have to shell out $5395. As you can see on the playfield, Wolverine and Magneto are there, and most likely, they both move about. The art on this piece s fantastic and it looks like it will provide hours of fun.

Check out some more pictures below.

Doctor Who Pinball

Next up, also from Pinball Universe, is Bally's Doctor Who Pinball. This 1992 pinball machine will run you $3,295. The coolest piece of this game is the Dalek on the top of the display. Hopefully, he yells "EXTERMINATE!" at you over and over again, as The Master looks on, disapproving of ever paddle flip you make. This is one of those machines that bridges the gap between older pinball machines and the newer, more animatronic ones it has a cool, classic look, with newer features on it and that's why we'd love to own it.

We have some more photos below.

Judge Dredd Pinball

Can anyone tell me who the law is? I've seem to forgotten. Well, this Judge Dredd pinball machine does a great job of reminding you. Once again, Pinball Universe has the machine you need, and for once, a Judge Dredd related item isn't based off that Sylvester Stallone film! YAY! If you want to get your hands on the law, it'll cost you $3,395. What's really cool about this machine is that it has newer features. but the art style really matches the 2000 A.D. books.

Get a closer look below.

Avengers Pinball

Finally, here's Avengers pinball, which is the only contemporary pinball machine on this list. This machine comes from Great American Pinball and if you really want to grab this beast, you'll have to shell out $7,500. There's a few really cool elements to this machine, including a moving Hulk and the tesseract, which this machine seems to call the Cosmic Cube (Nice work, pinball machine!) There's tons of elements from the film here as well, making this one heck of a cool pinball machine.

Here's a few more pictures of this awesome machine.

Let us know what you'd love to own out of these items, and we'll see you guys next week with a new theme. In two weeks, we'll be covering items from WonderCon and in three weeks, we'll be covering items from C2E2. So much convention awesomeness coming your way!

Mat "Inferiorego" Elfring is a writer, joke teller, twitter guy, podcaster, and does NOT want you to buy him anything in this piece.

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Hey, Elfring, no.

Posted by inferiorego
Posted by thatthomclancy

@inferiorego: this stegosaur is not going to enable your pinball addiction.

Posted by The_Tree

One of my local pizza places actually has that Judge Dredd pinball machine.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous
Posted by Sammo21

Now if any of these were Black Knight...

Posted by jwalser3

Oh Jesus. That Dredd pinball!

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The Doctor Who three-stage Dalek table is the best table out there.

Posted by AllStarSuperman


Posted by Smurfboy

A lot of cheaper can be found at PSN (Playstation 3) pinball game. ;)

Posted by bored_and_agitated

The first two can be found at that new arcade in downtown LA, 82

Posted by mak13131313

Pretty dang cool.

Posted by Maddpanda531

I swear I've seen that X-Men pinball machine here before.

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Here's a soundtrack for this article:

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The Avengers pinball is available in a standard and 2 limited editions. The standard edition should be around $5.000-5.500 but its playfield is missing a few features (which doesn't have to be a disadvantage). See images below for the list of features. The cabinets and displays of the 3 versions also come with different movie pictures and in different colors -- standard in grey, Avengers LE in blue and HULK LE in **cough** green. The special editions are limited to only 250 machines each.

  • Avengers (Standard)
  • Avengers HULK LE and Avengers LE

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@sammo21 said:

Now if any of these were Black Knight...

Yes! I am glad I am not that the only one who recalls that pinball machine which haunted my memories. So much fun to play but the best parts were the lines from the "Black Knight" and the music. The game play was decent as well. Just a fun pinball machine, loved the graphics as well.

Nice article that wasn't related to comic books or movies. Good to have a change like this.

Posted by lykopis

< --- crying. :'(