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Buffy The Vampire Slayer Back On The Big Screen?

Could we see the return of Buffy in theaters?

Thanks to user CPTSteve, it looks like there could be a chance that Buffy will be returning to theaters in a 'one-off' movie.  According to Breaking News, it seems that Sarah Michelle Gellar may be in negotiations to reprise her role as the Vampire Slayer.  According to the site, "a new Hollywood script which will feature the character as a vengeful mum."  The idea would be to see an older Buffy to pick up where the story left off.

No word on the accuracy of this.  I haven't heard anything from Whedon's camp on this.  Apparently Gellar is excited about this but is busy with other current projects.  Gellar seemed content when the show ended and didn't make any appearances on Angel after Buffy ended.  Perhaps she understands that fans would want this and that the money would be nice?

Would a Buffy movie be something you'd want to see?  Do you think Buffy as a mommy would work?

Posted by Joe Venom

Yes, I would love to see this, but only if Whedon backs it tho. There is a lot you can do in a movie with a world full of Demi-Slayers, and hope they bring back Willow (Alyson Hannigan) and Xander (Nicholas Brendon). too.

Posted by weaponx

I think this would be great. I am a huge fan of the show and think this could be really good. I am not too interested in seeing Buffy as a mom though. That is just something that doesn't really go with the show and would be too different. It would be nice to get some Angel action in there too for one last go at closing the Hellmouth and developing their relationship!!!

Posted by Korg

No. A thousand times no. Season 7 was atrocious enough. This idea sounds like pure crap, IMO.

Posted by TheCapedDuck

Maybe an R rating with a little naked vampire slaying... wouldn't be too bad

Posted by TwilightThunder

Not just season 7 Korg, the whole series was ATROCIOUS!

Posted by Media_Master

I haven't seen any of the tv series, could be nice for introducing people like me to the world of Buffy.

Posted by Korg
TwilightThunder said:
"Not just season 7 Korg, the whole series was ATROCIOUS!"
I disagree. It was incredibly well written and directed. The acting was a bit campy at times, but it was a very enjoyable show.
Posted by EmmaFan89

i think that this would be great and if the mum thing is true i think it would be more of a mother figure than as an actual mother like to the "potential" slayers i just hope that if they do make a movie faith is there along with most of the characters from season 7.

Posted by WonderBoy1132


Posted by SuperCoonce

dude - sarah michelle gellar was so smoking hot back in the day.... has she done anything lately?

Posted by inferiorego
SuperCoonce said:
"dude - sarah michelle gellar was so smoking hot back in the day.... has she done anything lately?"
She just got done washing my car
Posted by Korg
SuperCoonce said:
"dude - sarah michelle gellar was so smoking hot back in the day.... has she done anything lately?"
You mean you didn't catch her performances in the illustrious, critically-acclaimed Scooby-Doo and Grudge movie series?
Posted by Asymmetrical
SuperCoonce said:
"dude - sarah michelle gellar was so smoking hot back in the day.... has she done anything lately?"
according to Wikipedia...

"Most recently she played an ex-porn star in Richard Kelly's Southland Tales (2007) and as part of an ensemble cast in The Air I Breathe (2008)."
Posted by Midnightist

I do some times miss the show but the way the comic has progressed I don't think they need to bring it back as a movie but if they added the whole Angel crew then I might be more inclined but just one eh maybe

Posted by King Saturn
Hmmm...this could be pretty cool actually
Posted by pixelized

What other projects could she be working on... scrapbooking?

Posted by Midnightist
pixelized said:
"What other projects could she be working on... scrapbooking?"
Females mid life crisis maybe reliving the good old days?
Edited by Korg

She's working on other movie/tv projects... Check her imdb page.

Posted by Slinger
pixelized said:
"What other projects could she be working on... scrapbooking?"
The occasional Robot Chicken appearance.
Posted by shankarma

i think it would work but

Posted by CV Timeline

hmmmm, i'm just gonna wait

Posted by pixelized

wait for....?

Posted by Laura Logan

I'm going to have to go with "No". They already have a continuation of the Series with The Comic Season 8. And the Mommy issue could easily, and less expensively be addressed with a "one-shot" in the comic or if it "That Good". make it into a book!

Posted by 34gwecfaisuwiueb2eiub2

This could be a great movie if they retain all the original cast.  They shouldn't make it a big special effects bonanza either, that would be degrading the charm Buffy TVS.

Posted by pixelized

Does SMG get any money from the comics?

Posted by Djinn

i would love it, i loved the series so to see a movie come back would be great, not a fan of the comics though

Posted by rendellboy94

she's hot.

Posted by skillin villin

it could be good, i just hope it does not turn out like the original Buffy movie, well if the movie gets made though.

Posted by grimm

If there is a god he will not let them make this movie. I'm as big a Buffy fan-boy as anyone (actually i liked the angel season a little bit better. And I like willow more than buffy) but you just can't remake buffy. Even if you have all the original cast, without whedon it just will suck.

Posted by dunetz

      Remember NO TIGHTS NO FLIGHTS?  This is not going to be true for season 9 of Smallville. Clark Kent  will take flight for the first time! This will bring in new viewers to the show and sell more D.V.D.'s  then ever before! Maybe a new Superman movie? In order to have Clark in a Superman uniform he must have Jor'el make everyone think that Superman and Clark don't look alike! that 's why Superman won't need to wear a hood or a mask!!!

Posted by Hathaway

I do love Buffy. But I don't think I want to see it up on the big screen [again]. I just think it should be left to rest now. I'm probably in the minority but I think it's time to call it quits and be done with it.

Edited by grimreaper1980

start producing the movie already, that's enough talk

Posted by Tony Rogers

if will.......SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!