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Broken Trinity: The Darkness Review/Preview

Jackie's back in New York City.  That's good.  My problem is we still haven't seen the conclusion of his adventures on the other side of the equator.  It's been interesting in the Darkness series seeing Jackie operating in another country.  It's too bad things didn't go too well for him down there.

With this issue, Jackie has made the decision to head back to New York to be closer to his daughter.  That makes sense.  An appearance by Butcher was nice too.  We get to see some of the ramifications when Jackie just decided to up and leave.  He had an organization that he simply left behind.  There's bound to be some fallout from his move.  Now that he's in a weakened state, he has his work cut out for himself.  He will show that he's still a formidable opponent. 

The art was nice but felt a little strange after getting used to Michael Broussard's artwork.  It did feel a little darker, which I suppose is a good thing for the Darkness and a story told in gritty New York City.  Ron Marz did a good job writing Jackie's character. 

Even though this story does a good job in setting up Jackie and the Angelus Warriors for Broken Trinity, it didn't feel like it was crucial to the entire story arc.  It is worth picking up but it's not essential reading.  Although, seeing Jackie deal with one of his men over a mistake he made just may be worth the cover price alone.

Broken Trinity: The Darkness (Cover A- Jorge Lucas)

(W) Phil Hester  

(A) Jorge Lucas  

(Cov) Jorge Lucas, Jeffrey Spokes

Depowered and alone, Jackie Estacado latches on to the only two people in the world he still cares about: Sara Pezzini and her baby, Hope. So when the man he’s hired to watch over them is discovered and chased away by Sara, Jackie makes his way back to New York City. But he quickly realizes the journey home is littered with obstacles, and he’s in no mood for delays.

This is the first of three tie-in issues to Broken Trinity, featuring the art of Jorge Lucas (Pilot Season: Ripclaw) and the first of three alternate covers by Jeffrey Spokes (Sadhu: The Silent Ones). Subsequent tie-in issues will feature Witchblade and The Angelus.

Cover A – Jorge Lucas
Cover B – Jeffrey Spokes
Full Color     
32 pages       

Broken Trinity: The Darkness (Cover B- Jeffrey Spokes)