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Bounty Hunter Cad Bane Takes On Palpatine

The first season finale of Clone Wars is almost upon us.

We all know that Palpatine is a shrewd and cunning individual.  We've seen the first video giving us a look at the mysterious and deadly bounty hunter Cad Bane.  You can click over there to see more of what the season finale of "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" is about.  I'm hoping that we'll get to see more of Aurra Sing in action as well.  I don't think Palpatine is going to be too happy.

Here's a video clip and a couple more images.  The season finale airs Friday March 20, 2009 on Cartoon Network.


Posted by Koeil

Really enjoyed this ep alot more darker episode so it was a good one for me. Although really didnt like how it just went "Bam were done" in the end

Posted by Media_Master

That chick has a gun..

Posted by G-Man

What is it about Aurra Sing?

Edited by Alexander Anderson

That makes her so damn creepy?  I don't know, probably the plaster-white skin and overly long fingers.  She looks hellish.

Edit:  Just saw the episode.  Easily the best of the season, with the animation, music and writing all being significantly better than normal.  Cad Bane is one of the few good character designs that the series has produced thusfar.  Despite some slightly hokey wild west references in his mannerisms, he seemed genuinely competent and dangerous, qualities that few villains in the series have had.  His voice actor did an excellent job, and I look forward to seeing the character again next season. 

This episode goes to show that less emphasis on the actual wars, less Jedi action and more character-driven plots are what the series desperately needs.  Episode after episode of watching clones blasting droids and Jedi running around can get downright boring, and there's precious little room for creativity.  Bottom line: if more of the episodes were like the finale, I'd care a whole hell of a lot more about the series as a whole.

Posted by EganTheVile1

Seems like Aurra Sing should have had her lightsabers but aside that it was cool to see her in an episode

Posted by Alexander Anderson
eganthevile1 said:
"Seems like Aurra Sing should have had her lightsabers but aside that it was cool to see her in an episode"
Yeah, I was surprised by that too.  She's a hard-core sadistic Jedi killer in the comics, but I guess General Grievous has taken over that role.
Posted by ILoveComics

i hate the clone wars series it makes the Jedi and Sith look so weak. Darth Maul was Sidious weakest apprentice and he was able to cripple a crime orginization. Darth Vader fought THE BEST bounty hunter Boba Fett he almost died from being CARELESS when fett was hiding and shot him in the head but Vaders helmet was strong enough to take the blow, He got tired of playing around with Fett and brought the force into play thats when Fett got the heck out of dodge.  
There was a episode were they had Dooku traped by some stuipd pirates GIMME A BREAK. Sidious, Dooku, Yoda, Windu, Vader, there all in that class were there powers are at the peak of the dark or light side. They can all move EXTREMLY heavy objects like star destroyers, Sidious is especially adept at seeing the future, and mind control so is Yoda, Windu destroyed an entire army of droids BY HIMSELF WITH OUT HIS SABER FOR MOST OF THE BATTLE. The Reborn Emperor Palpatine could create small wormholes that destroyed entire fleets. He's also adept at messing iwth people using them as pawns he did basically destroy the republic inside out and then rebuild it in his image and ruled for 17 years.

Posted by ILoveComics
@Alexander Anderson: I think this series is a travesty especially when you consider how immense the force powers are of certain individuals in this series are and how pathetically portrayed they are. Grevious having trouble with a little kid? GIMME A BREAK He was kicking the crap out of five jedi knights two of them were masters that i know of. He killed three out of that battle. He then later fought 3 Jedi masters all of them were masters he killed two of them and then owned shaak ti.