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Boom! Studios Brings The Return Of Darkwing Duck

Things are about to get dangerous.

The Disney roster at Boom! Studios is getting another addition. It was announced today that the terror that flaps through the night is about to make his return. Get ready for Darkwing Duck!
Boom! Studios and Disney are heralding the triumphant comeback the the beloved Disney Afternoon star with Darkwing Duck: The Duck Knight Returns. Joining Darkwing will be Launchpad McQuack, Gosalyn Mallard and the fiercest of Darkwing's rogue's gallery. They can all be seen in an all-new completely original four-issue miniseries.
The series will be written by Ian Brill ( Zombie Tales) and James Silvani ( Muppet King Arthur). The miniseries will see Darkwing's city of St. Canard under the control of a mysterious corporation. Darwing's been out of the game for a while but when his friends and family are under better watch out! Darkwing will fight new villains as well as old ones. You can expect to see Megavolt, Quackerjack, Liquidator and Bushroot on the loose.

“It’s such a dream to bring back Darkwing, a favorite of mine and millions of other’s,” says series writer Brill. “Everyone involved in this book are working tirelessly to make sure this comic has the same feel of anarchic fun of the TV series, while still presenting a whole new adventure in the life of Darkwing.”

Darkwing Duck made his debut in 1991 (after my afternoon cartoon watching days unfortunately) and was a spin-off from the hugely popular Duck Tales series (which I did watch). Whether you're a fan from the hit TV show or want to discover this cherished character for the first time, the new miniseries will deliver the madcap adventurous spirit that made fans out of millions. Stay tuned for more information in regards to the release date.
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Posted by TheDrifter

Lets get Dangerous!

Posted by Agent Buttons


Posted by defaultdefaultdefault

possibly one of the most requested comics for years now
is finally achieved.

Posted by G-Man

I can't wait. I've never watched the show. It was after 'my time.' I have watched Duck Tales (and even had a Duck Tales game for my Game Boy). I can't wait to discover what he's about.

Posted by danhimself

ohhhhh man

Posted by Billy


Posted by NightFang


Posted by ninjasquirrel01

Well, I'm excited. That show was fantastic.

Edited by defaultdefaultdefault
@G-Man: you should watch the old stuff. its an allegory/parody/hat-tip to Batman, and various other comic books elements. you would love it. they threw in all sorts of little bits, like a parody of the Dark Knight Returns comic for example.
the character is essentially trying to be Batman, but fails at being dark mainly because he has 
a daughter in his life to steer him from it.
Posted by G-Man

Funny the "dangerous" thing made me think of the Weezer song, "Everybody Get Dangerous" and looks like someone already made a video tribute for it:

Posted by greenenvy

Perfect. I used to watch this show allot and its my favorite Disney superhero cartoon show to consider. I don't know why Disney and marvel did not think of this first I am little surprised because this would of been the first move since people are getting excited for this series to come out from Boom studios. 

Posted by War Killer

I loved that show! :D

Posted by csimon

I love it

Posted by Adam Michaels

Classic show!!! I do wonder why it isn't Marvel publishing Disney comics. I understand those who were already published before the Disney purchase of Marvel, but this one comes way after. So I wonder why it's another publisher releasing a Disney property. 
I find it rather clever that they title this "The Duck Knight Returns".
Posted by KING-A the true king

Well dats a "BIG" suprise  when i was Lil i us 2 watch dat  an read DA comics. 

Posted by Ms. Omega


Posted by KING-A the true king

Well dats a "BIG" suprise  when i was Lil i us 2 watch dat  an read DA comics. 

Posted by iLLituracy

...Now I need a change of pants.

Posted by KING-A the true king

So when it comin out

Posted by Nova`Prime`

I wonder why Disney decided to go with Boom.

Posted by PrinceIMC

Woo for Darkwing! I just bought the first season on DVD, maybe if the comic is successful we can get the cartoon back on the air. Heh.

Posted by theComicAddict

I really like what Boom's doing with all their titles, but the Disney stuff is top notch!  I cannot wait to read this series and introduce Darkwing Duck to my kids!

Posted by UnsolvedParadox

Pull list addition, confirmed!

Posted by UnsolvedParadox

Pull list addition, confirmed!

Posted by jakob187

I think I still have the Tiger Electronics handheld LCD game of Darkwing Duck.

Posted by InnerVenom123

LMFAO I used to love that show when I was a kid! XDDD
Posted by Destinyhero20

Posted by defaultdefaultdefault

the Boom! thing has always kind of been on my mind as well (though theyre excellent at 
handling Disneys stuff so who cares). someone explained it that they were honoring their deal with
them that took place before the Marvel buyout, especially in light of the fact that Boom! has shown such dedication to them already. much like how Disney is honoring Marvels deals with various film companies and Hasbro for example. im not surprised, its really smart business. have someone
else pay for and do the work, and you get your cut without spending anything nor lifting a finger.
plus having a variety of companies attached is how Marvel has managed to get more characters on screen than DC has, who has to have everything through WB at the moment. in fact if WB was feeling crafty they should follow suit and start licensing some characters out to other companies. it would certainly help to get me a Martian Manhunter movie sooner.

Posted by Fizzyotter

Now this is a comic that I will be picking up at my comic shop. Glad to see Disney bringing this character back as well, he needs to be reintroduced. Also if GizmoDuck shows up, that will make my day. 
Now all we need is a Rescue Rangers comic and we are golden.

Posted by Redfield

Posted by Bruce Vain
 LMAO - Soooo wrong, but yet too funny
"I can't wait. I've never watched the show. It was after 'my time.' I have watched Duck Tales (and even had a Duck Tales game for my Game Boy). I can't wait to discover what he's about. "

AWWW MAN !!! You don't know what you were missing. Do they not play repeats on the Disney Channel anymore ?
Posted by Theodore


Posted by Tyler Starke

I used to love the crap out of this show

Posted by Scoobypuff
@G-Man: how could u not watch this show,it was so good. it was a staple in the old cartoon line ups with tail spin
gizmoduck for the win!!!
Posted by hdorman1


Posted by Donovan Montgomery

Yes, my cartoon watching days should have probably been over when this came out but I was still dedicated to them :)....still am and I'm almost 40, lol 
I watch them with my kids so I have an excuse ;)  I am dutifully introducing them to a lot of my old favorite shows...thank you youtube and dvd's.
Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

.......I.....i'm so....soo.....SO HAPPPPY!!! excuse

Posted by Sylar0

Man I can't wait I remember when I was younger and I would watch the cartoon man this is awesome.

Posted by MrDirector786

YES! It was so long ago when I used to watch this show. I'm really glad to hear this.

Posted by thechessclub

I <3 Boom! So Much!

Posted by lostlantern13

My only complaint? No sweet theme song with the comic... 


Posted by GoldenKnightSky

man I love that show it was so cool 

Posted by eserrano05

i use to love this show cant wait

Posted by defaultdefaultdefault
@lostlantern13: you could play it every time you open an issue. i know i will. lol.
Posted by CylonDorado

Whoa, I was really little when I used to watch that show.
Posted by Grendel
@G-Man:  And Gummi Bears, right? That was some solid sh*t right there. I think it was the only one of those Disney Afternoon shows to have a series finale, too.
Posted by Jake Malcom


Posted by defaultdefaultdefault

 Darkwarrior Duck!
Posted by G-Man
@Bruce Vain:@Scoobypuff: 
It's just when the show was on, I wasn't around in the afternoons to watch it. Too busy with school (or dare I say, college). I didn't have anything against the show. It just didn't fit into my schedule. I am looking forward to checking this comic out and my daughter is as well after I showed her this.
Posted by afierce

Yes! When there's trouble you call DW!!!

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