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Blue Beetle Makes Video Game Debut


 Is that a legion of Gorilla Gordds they're going to be attacking?

DC’s Source blog has released this picture along with a blurb, letting the people know that Blue Beetle III is going to be a playable character in the BATMAN: BRAVE AND THE BOLD vidya game that’s coming to the Wii and the DS this fall. As far as I’m aware, this’ll be the first time you can play as any of the Blue Beetles in a game.  

Hmmmm… only just recently, Geoff Johns shared screenshots of live-action BLUE BEETLE TV show (and you can also see that scarab-powered scene in full-motion at Bleeding Cool.) Between that and this game, I get the feeling that DC Entertainment’s going to be putting a lot of push on Blue Beetle in the future.  You think about it and, even though the character’s a second or third-stringer in DC’s pantheon, he’s really got as much potential to capture the general public’s imagination as Green Lantern or the Flash. More so than any of the other characters who started at Charlton, to be sure. His back-story isn’t especially complicated and it’s really easy to sum up as this hapless kid coming across a magic scarab to John Q. == TEASER ==

Actually, seeing as how we’re five or so years off from the character’s debut in INFINITE CRISIS, I think we’ve got enough evidence to evaluate this incarnation of the Blue Beetle. Have you been enjoying Jaime Reyes more than Ted Kord? There’s certainly a world of difference between their powers and personalities. I’ll say that, at the very least, I think Reye’s outfit’s a lot slicker than Kord’s.

-- Tom Pinchuk is the writer of UNIMAGINABLE for Arcana Studios and HYBRID BASTARDS! for Archaia. HYBRID BASTARDS! is  
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Posted by sharky64


Posted by ImperiousRix

Like the way the game's looking.  Just good old-school beat'em up action.  Would probably prefer Ted Kord, but based on the Brave and the Bold continuity, Jaime fits in best, probably.

Posted by Crom-Cruach

Cool, hope we get to fight the Music Meister cause he was of pure awesome.

Posted by doordoor123

its a good idea to start pushing younger characters into a bigger picture. So eventually when characters like Bruce Wayne eventually (and hopefully) die, there is a new face of DC. And im not saying hopefully to Bruce Wayne because i dont like him. I really love him, but i wouldnt like Bruce and Kent to be the young Batman and Superman in 100 years. I know this might be nothing like that, but im hoping.

Posted by Arkham Lunatic
@Crom-Cruach said:
"Cool, hope we get to fight the Music Meister cause he was of pure awesome. "

Posted by cattlebattle

I think Reyes Beetle is a little too Power Ranger.
Posted by longbowhunter
Music Meister all the way. That episope was hilarious!
Posted by Crom-Cruach
@longbowhunter: Especially "Deathtrap" and "He drives us bats"
Posted by ComicCrazy

Eh looks ok.
Posted by TheMess1428

I think they need to bring back his comic book and put him back in the Teen Titans. If they're gonna push him, they need to really push him.

Posted by Darkchild
@Tom Pinchuk:  I understand everyone loves Jaime now that hes a BB, but i really wish they did more with Ted before he died for christ sake bring em back somehow into the mainstream. 
Cause frankly i just find Jaime whiny and b!tchy.....yet im still gonna watch the first ep to see how it does.
Posted by ComicMan24

I like how they are promoting the new Blue Beetle. It's nice to see new faces.
Posted by PrinceSy

I always wanted the Blue Beetle to get more attention glad he is now.

Posted by NightFang
@sharky64 said:
" awesome  "
Posted by goldenkey

I was turned on to how cool Ted Kord was in Countdown to Infinate Crisis.  The store owner gave me the book for free saying I was gonna like it so much Id come back and buy Infinate Crisis and the mini that was right before it.  Im drawing a blank.  Well I did,  and I think the Death of Ted Kord was one of the best one-shots Ive read.  B. Beetle 3 is just a cool ass character.  Cool powers, cool suit, and the first illustration of him is so damn pretty its not even funny.  The cover from Jim Lee for Infinate Crisis issue 3 or 4 I want to say.  They should put more attention to him.  He has a lof of cool potential.  He seems a like D.C. version of Ultimate Spiderman with obvious distinctions.

Posted by Illyana Rasputin