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BLEACH -- The Next Live Action Manga?

The latest Japanese comic in Hollywood.

You know, there’s a saying that “there’s no such thing as bad press” and I wonder if we’re seeing a demonstration of that today with THR’s report that Warner Bros. is developing a big-screen adaption of the manga series BLEACH

 Samurai who've just hit the salon.

Before I explain my assertation, I’ll fill everybody in on this series if you don’t know.  It’s a MASSIVE global hit that’s been produced weekly in Japan by “mangaka” Tite Kube and the plot shakes down a little like this…

The story centers on a 15-year-old boy who has the ability to see ghosts and meets a female Soul Reaper, a member of an order that escorts the souls of the dead. A fight with an evil spirit causes the Reaper to transfer all her power to the boy, leaving her stranded in the human world and the boy taking over her job as a fighter of evil.

 The manga itself.

Getting to back to the “bad press” thing… I bring that up because some of you might have heard of this series a couple weeks back after Nick Simmons was accused of plagiarizing it in his comic, INCARNATE.  Notably, some of you might have heard of it for the first time, there, and, perhaps, looked up the book after it was brought to your attention. Thus, a seemingly negative case of accused plagiarism actually benefits the book that’s supposedly been wronged. I can’t help thinking that sort of thing might be coming into play here. Sure, this deal might be a long time in development, given how huge the manga is, but it isn’t too far out of the realm of possibility to suggest that a WB exec might have first of BLEACH when the plagiarism case showed up in the trades and figured, “Hey, this might make a good movie.”

 Here's looking at you...

If it plays out, this will be joining PRIEST and ASTRO BOY in the American-adaptations-of-anime-and-manga department. Peter Segal, the director of GET SMART and 50 FIRST DATES, is lined up to direct and I say, “Don’t freak out.” Give the guy a chance - - there have been many directors who’ve successfully transitioned from one kind of movie genre to another.  

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Posted by vuki

Obviously Hollywood can't keep anything sacred. I'm a fan of the Bleach anime series and there is no chance in the world for it to be transferred to a big screen that it works.
I hope they won't make this, but if they do I sure hope it ain't gonna be just CGI...
 God damnit !

Posted by xerox_kitty

I'd rather see the Japanese make a live-action version of it.  The anime is pretty close (right up until the bloody awful Bount arc, that is), so there isn't a need to do it... but that's never stopped Hollywood before. 
Maybe they'll just take the Bleach Rock Musical on tour instead ;p    
Posted by Mr. Dead Pool

To bad I was kinda hoping for One Piece

Posted by johnny_spam

I wasn't interested after they left Earth and went to another world if they do make a movie I might be interested if they keep it set in the beginning of the series. 

Posted by AngelFrost

ooooo . :D this sounds good.
Fullmetal Alchemist , Sailor Moon , Tenchi Muyo & Naruto should be next. ^_^

Posted by sora_thekey
@xerox-kitty said:
"Maybe they'll just take the Bleach Rock Musical on tour instead ;p     "

That reminds me...  
Over at Anime Vice Gia wanted Zac Efron to be in a live-action version of Death Note! (Notice how Musical imideatly ties to Efron!)

Posted by xerox_kitty
@sora_thekey: That could work!  He could pass as Spitfire from Air Gear too ;)
Posted by Agent Buttons
Posted by Sylar0

Cant hollywood leave anime and manga alone it's enough that they are ruining Death Note by making a live action American version, not to mention that the live action japanees sucked. But hey maybe they'll suprise me with Bleach and not make it suck like they have and are doing. 

Edited by AngelFrost
@sora_thekey:   & to join Zac  is ....   
Gothic, Teenage, Rockstar-actress ... Taylor!

Posted by ChristhopherBell

Posted by AngelFrost
@Sylar0 :  I liked the japanese film version. - _ -
Posted by Sylar0
@AngelFrost: Well unfortuanetly I wasn't a big fan of the movie it had it's own story line that differed from the anime and the manga and I guess that's one of the reasons that I didin't like it. Plus I'm a big Light fan and well I didn't like what they did to him in the film.  I mean really l beats him really he's supose to beat L not the other way around.
Posted by AngelFrost
@Sylar0 :  Yeah, true. :/  I didn't mind the story-line too much, it was a little different. I thought the casting was good, I especially loved the guy that played L  ^_^ he was awesome, very creepy. & Misa was good too.
Posted by Sylar0
@AngelFrost: Yeah the guy that played L was good he actually got and award for playing L but I cant remember what award it was.
Posted by AngelFrost
@Sylar0 :   :O wow, awesome. ^^ he definately deserved it.
Posted by Bloodstonefreak

Hopefully they don't destroy it like they did Dragon Ball... *stabs eyes out with a spoon*

Posted by Nyogtha
@AngelFrost: Would definitely like a Full Metal one.
Posted by gia

I solemnly swear to see this movie, as long as they don't do this: 

Posted by Jordanstine

Woohoo!  Just diddly-oodily great!   
Can't wait to see another Japanese-American adaptation like Dragon Ball Evolution or Street Fighter Legends Chun-Li!  
Godzilla 2000 was the bomb! 
Oh wait... nevermind, I'll pass.
Posted by AngelFrost
@Nyogtha:  Awesome. :D I love Fullmetal Alchemist. ^_^
Posted by ~The Wanderer~

No matter how much I suspect this'll be adaptation decay from beginning to end, I'll see this.

Posted by sora_thekey
@AngelFrost: Could work!
@xerox-kitty: Yup!
Posted by NightFang

No, let the Japanese make this movie!

Posted by DMC


Posted by DH69

my eyes they're burning!!!!

Posted by Yumulu

A bleach movie... Wow this gonna be one of the best piece of art ever. It will join all the movies classics like Catwoman, Dragon Ball evolution,  Santa Claus Conquers the Martians & any film made by Jason Friedberg \ Aaron Seltzer

Posted by jamdown

let us all hope this will not be as horribly bad as dragon ball live action movie
Edited by ninjadude853

this isn't a good idea 
 in fact, this is a shitty idea
 and why the hell is matsumoto in that picture?

Posted by ARMIV
@DMC said:
" OH HELL NO!! "
What he said.
Posted by Destinyhero20

Posted by Citizen 14

Sweet. I'm down for it.

Posted by CellphoneGirl

OMFG!!!!!!! I can't wait!!!! :D

Posted by Ms. Omega


Posted by jonasLighter

NNnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooo!  If there is a god, this will never come to pass. Some things should never be tranlated from animation. Have these slow- wits not learned from DragonBall, Stret Fighter(VanDamme), and the upcoming Tekken?

Posted by jonasLighter

In the words of Ash, "Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo"!

Edited by Yung ANcient One

 can someone be awesome... and give me the Plot Summary of the Show/Magna called Bleach... what is it about... and a quick summery of the characters that would be awesome... 
Example: Spidey-SPiderman is about a Kid. Who gets super powers(spider-themed). Who fights crime. and Fights Evil. Spidey is a kid named Peter Parker. Now hes the back in the day "Loser". Few(but great/close) friends. And couldnt get a date. His plot is. that once he gets his powers his life is turned up sidedown.    

in more ways than one

he has several stories of him conquering adversaries
Posted by Suigetsu


Posted by AprilTaylor

Well Bleach can't get any worse than it already is *thumbs up* Eddie Murphy will play the role of Tousen.

Posted by Rune

I think it could translate very well to a live action movie, I would however prefer a Japanese version as it would be better then anything America would produce.

Posted by Omegaman10
hahaha imagine that 

I could see a manga like death note tun into a movie but things like BleacH??!!!
Posted by DarkSyde79

This is gonna be sooo bad!!! It's hard to turn ongoing mangas/animes into properties because it's hard to fit the arcs into a couple hours. Especially when you have to develop multiple character relationships as well as the main character(s) personality. Bleach has so many different relationships at play beyond Ichigo's and Rukia's that it won't even be worth it. This is why anime movies work so well because they play to the already established fan base and tend to tell one shot/what if? stories.

Posted by pinchpaker29

this sucks! hollywood already ruined dragonball and streetfigther for me... this is bound to fail.
Posted by blueninjapanther
@gia: that looks like SHIT!!!!