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"Blackest Night: Green Lantern Corps" #39

Babs reviews the latest tie in issue to the "Blackest Night" story arc!

  I'll admit that for the most part I had not been extremely excited over writer Peter Tomasi's tie in issues to the "Blackest Night" series, but this issue definitely changed my mind. If you have been following Geoff Johns' run, then you will definitely love all the questions that are answered in this issue.
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Posted by Paragon

I liked this issue too. It was interesting what Kyle said about what he saw in the Star Sapphire. Really changes things up with his relationship in the reader's eyes.

Posted by NightFang

This issue was very interesting.    

Posted by FoxxFireArt

Maybe Oa they are screening Hal's calls. That's just one of the signs that they just aren't that into you anymore. Move on Hal. There are more rings in the universe. We're learning that fast.
It's always nice to have casual conversations in comics. It seems rather weird when the only things said are narrative based.

Posted by Kyle C

 Good review. I also gave this a 3.5. It didn't blow me away but I thought it served as a good B-side to the events on Earth so far. Excited to see what happens next.

Posted by RedRyan

Good review but you should have mentioned the art of Patrick Gleason,he does excellent work here some very creative panel layouts. 

Posted by shugtastic

i liked this issue, but i didn't LOVE it.  Guy Gardner is one of my favorite characters in Comics, and DEFINATELY my favorite Green Lantern (Kilawog is #2!). 
 i've always loved that Guy was described as being "so full of willpower, that his ring was sparking" and in MOST (action-oriented) pictures of him, he IS drawn with his ring why is is that when the Black Lanterns are looking at them, Guy is NOT shown as Green, like the others? 
i know it's a small detail in the eyes of most, but that small detail really kept me from TRULY enjoying this issue.
Posted by Bastion the Master--Sentinel

she´s so  beautiful

Posted by Nahero

man i loved this issue

Posted by King Saturn
This Issue was Pretty Sick... Blackest Night has totally been Off The Hook since its Release...
Posted by Fresh Prince

I love the situation they put Kyle in.

Posted by Comiclove5

Blackest Night is becoming favorite crossover.
Posted by _brandon

that two page spread where kyle and company get into the tomb and find out what had happened was pretty amazing.  
some of those characters i dont think we've seen in years. 
that scene could use one of those numbered/names identification lists in the back of the book.
Posted by defaultdefaultdefault

downright dark and mean. im all over over it. gimme more Blackest Night.

Edited by Citizen 14

I really enjoyed this issue. Anything with Guy Gardener is great. aha.
I loved the scene at the tomb. 4 outa 5. Everything was just fine.
Especially the ending. I wonder what Kyle will do.

Posted by Joe Venom

Great issue I look forward to Daxam getting curb stomped ,and I have strange feeling that feeling that Guy may not survive this crossover.

Edited by chowy

I've been reading GLC for almost a year, and i think is one of the best titles on DC
The only problem is they get to tell the story of so many characters, and corps, that sometimes u get the feeling that each issue is too short
I just got one question, why is Jade's body on Oa, wasn't she on Valhala back on Metropolis?

Posted by Emerald_General_Jai

I definately enjoyed this issue. I personally love Tomasi as a writer, he's been doing an excellent job w/ this series (though i'm sry u haven't really been enjoying it as much as me Babs). This was another strong Issue from Tomasi and Gleason, I love how Tomasi has been dealing with the Lantern's as charachter's ovr his time on the book and how almost every issue has touched or strengthened or payed off on at least one of his plot points. I like how Kyle and Guy interact, that Tomasi did touch on the situation between Guy and Ice, and also the Star Saphire reveal about Jade. Also as a side note, gotta agree w/ Joe, can't wait for Daxam to get what's coming to them (or to find out what Tomasi meant about Sodam in his last interview) Either way, i can't wait tilll the next piece of Blackest Night.  
Edited by Archetype

Guy's the best...I also loved how laid back he was.I thought that image of them getting pelted by the black rings looked funny especially Soranik.Aside from that I loved the issue and continue to love Blackest Night.Aren't the black rings coming from the power battery in sector 666?and maybe Bruce's skull?

Posted by mattydeNero

I noticed the question Babs asked about where the rings are coming from.  I would guess they have been forged in the Black Lantern Battery that first appeared in DC Universe #0.  Either that or from the dead planet that has just risen.  I don't have anything in front of me right now so I don't know the name for sure.
Peter Tomasi is a very impressive writer.  Gleason's Kilawog is awesome.  GLC is an "A.D.D. book", and by that I mean that there's more than one or two characters that are involved in the story.  It's a really big team book.  He has written the Corps extremely well, and the fact you can go back and forth from the Batman U to the GL U is a pretty tough task.  Much respect.
Posted by goldenkey

is saddom yat dead??????
Posted by Omega Ray Jay

Not following it but keeping a eye on events here, looks cool

Posted by TheBug

I agree Guy is cute. The issue was a hit.
Posted by MJ Styles

Ah, I really enjoye this issue.  I feel as though the Green Lantern monthly might get more attention, but for me over the past couple of months "Corps" has been a more consistent  title.
P.S.  Babs, I like your couch!  HA.

Posted by EscoBlades

Poor Hal.......
@goldenkey: Yes, Sodom killed himself to re-ignite Daxam's sun (well, make it turn yellow)

Posted by The Sadhu

Here's a thought... you guys think that at the end of Blackest Night... we'll see the birth of the final Lantern Corp?
White Lanterns... ?!?!?! Anyone?

Posted by EscoBlades

I know who is ultimately controlling Scar, Black Hand and the Black Lanterns!!
Woop woop!

Posted by Media_Master

pretty interesting concept of bringing back all the dead laturns

Posted by ASKwhy

I just got the issue this week.  Yay, for DC letting their subscribers be the last ones...ggrrr.  Anyway, is it just me or does it look like Guy has the Star Sapphire symbol in his eyes when the "Unknown Power Rings" are approaching.  Maybe it's the artist's attempt at putting detail in the iris but then again, no one else has their eyes done like that throughout the issue.  So, despite Guy being full of rage, perhaps he'll be the one man to pull on some violet tights?  hehe ;)

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

If this is what the movie would be like then i would become a converted fan, let alone the posibiitys for the Black lanterns:
 If its been posted before sorry, must have done the wrong search.