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Blackest Night #3 REVIEWED

G-Man looks at the final issue of this Blackest Night mini-series.

The end of this mini-series has arrived.  I'll admit, I really like the first issue.  The second was good.  What about the third?  

While this story is over, it feels like there's more to tell.  Obviously there is more to the main Blackest Night series.  We should be seeing Dick going to the other heroes to fill them in on his battle.  They had a different fight than we've seen in the other Blackest Night stories.  The other Black Lanterns all seem to take a deadly approach when battling the heroes.  They seem to go for the kill in order to convert and turn them into Black Lanterns.  The Black Lantern versions of their parents didn't seem to go that route.
The writing and art were good here.  I still think that the psychological approach is one of the biggest advantages the Black Lanterns have.  The heroes will get thrown off a little when faced with a twisted version of a deceased loved on.  I'm simply on the fence with the conclusion of this mini-series.  I feel like there should be more but, at the same time, the story shouldn't be unnecessarily dragged on.  I am curious to see what Deadman will do after this.  While I was a little concerned with Red Robin being pulled into this series and returning to Gotham after leaving for his quest in his own series, I like how seeing these events just further convinces him that Bruce could still be alive.  While this may not have been my favorite Blackest Night tie-in comic so far, it was a fun ride. 
Posted by Bergquist

the "rage ,love hate" whatever, powers the black rings up

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I think it has to do with having them feel one emotion instead of two. with the whole idea of two colors of the spectrum combined making white light and riding the ring from the user's hand, it seems like its harder for the B. Lanterns to attack them. Or, maybe they're afraid to take their heart with two emotions? If you notice, as soon as they have one emotion, that's when the black lanterns begin to attack, and stop the mind games. This is also true the green lantern issues and in blackest night with Kyle Rayner and Jade, Arisia and parents, and even Ray Palmer.

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I can't wait to read this issue. I've heard that there is a Blackest Night: Flash coming out soon, so I've got no doubt that Capt. Boomerang will appear in that.
Posted by Omega Ray Jay

not followed any of this though i have enjoyed hearing bits and peices as time has gone on, good stuff.

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Unfortunately, I haven't even gotten to read the second issue.  The shop still only has the variant cover for it, and $20 is just too much for me to spend on a 22-page issue at the moment.  Hopefully, both #2 and #3 will be in this week and I will feel satiated.  = D 
@bergquist said:

" the "rage ,love hate" whatever, powers the black rings up "
Interestingly enough, as I was catching up on the Green Lantern issues last night, I came to this odd conclusion:  the spectrum for Black Lanterns is fear.  It seems to be the misnomer in all of it, as all the other ones they pop up with show the different emotions of the color spectrum. 
@Moomin123 said:
" I can't wait to read this issue. I've heard that there is a Blackest Night: Flash coming out soon, so I've got no doubt that Capt. Boomerang will appear in that. "
BN: Flash, BN: JSA, and BN: Wonder Woman...from what my local shop said.  Those should be starting up right after the one-shots, I believe.
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I've read it and it's awesome!!!. That person that the ring couldn't detect was Jason blood, him coming in gave dick an idea and that idea made him and Tim see where the black lanterns where going.Also loved the Art by Ardian Syaf.

Edited by Legend of Zelda

So is Blackest Night suppose to be kinda like marvel zombies. Except that they don't eat flesh and stuff.

Posted by War Killer

That's a question I have, I didn't get this issue so I'm just doing from what G-Man said in the review, but when Hal first got his ring, he didn't have any powers, the ring gave him the powers, so why not the Black Rings? I mean didn't all of the other rings give their wearers them powers as well, why not the Black Rings? And tht would explane why they are just picking heroes from Earth, because they Have powers, I'm just wondering like with Black Hand, all he had was that laser thing, does he still use that or does his ring give him some sort of power that we haven't seen yet? (so many questions...and so little answers)

Posted by Media_Master

At least it'll be easy to pick up (only 3 issues).

Posted by Xion

Yeah, thats how i felt about the ending, that it left us hanging a bit, but its all for a bigger  cause =)

Posted by kalel60

waiting on issue 3 still getting them from comic books for less dot com so it's cheaper.but running alittle bit behind.on what you said about they have no hearts i don't know how they can have souls because that would mean deadman has two of them. he can't be deadman and a black lantern at the same time can he?  this seems like something the spector should somehow be involved in..not omly him but the stranger and fate....where do they fit in all this and to what purpose is the over all agenda in this. with the lanterns..    
Posted by Dr. Detfink

I agree with G-man, there's a lot of depth to this story but nothing that can be wrapped up in 3 issues. I'm assuming Batman and Red Robin's adventures with the zombies continues as supporting cast to the main Blackest Night label.

Posted by Obsurity

Y'all think that the black lanterns should go trying to get villians too? Jason Todd is necessarily a villian but he should be dead....
Posted by NightFang

Nice review. I think Deadman is really being controlled by his corpse and is spying on the other Heroes and will turn on them when the time is right.

Posted by Comiclove5

Agreed, G-Man it was a fun ride, but that is all I think it was meant for.
Posted by Nahero

i saw it coming not even astaroth could hold a candle over Etrigan so i expected him to kick some black lantern ass and since hes a demon he stands a better chance cuz demons don't have hearts and the only reason Dove couldn't be read either is because she's the avatar of peace and is an agent of order not exactly the emotional type.  
to be honest some of the stuff in the issue was alittle confusing but i'll get over it
Posted by G-Man
@Nahero: You weren't alone.  I felt like I might've missed something.  A 'circus' in the cemetary, etc.  But whatever.  It was fun.