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'Black Summer' Movie Adaptation!

Another of Warren Ellis' projects make its way to the big screen!

Another of Warren Ellis' books make its way to the big screen!


 It looks  like Juan Jose Ryp   and  Warren Ellis' comic book ' Black Summer' will be receiving a film adaptation according to a report by Variety. The film will be produced by Vigilante Entertainment, a relatively new production company, and the project is being led by Ryne Pearson ("Knowing"). This is not the first of Ellis' films that is receiving the Hollywood treatment! 'Black Summer' will join the ranks of Ellis' 'Red' which is currently in development at Summit Entertainment, and ' Ocean' which is being produced by Hollywood Gang.

The comic was first released in 2007 by Avatar Press and is considered to be a dark superhero story in the similar style to ' Watchmen.' The story centers around a John Horus, and the Seven Guns who, being dissatisfied with the political situation of the United States, decide to take matters into their own hands after scientifically modifying their bodies. The comic is considered to be a dark and politically charged story. It will be interesting to see Ellis' story translate to the big screen. Are you looking forward to the film?
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Posted by CuttingEdgeKomix

This book was awesome and if done right would make a great movie.
Posted by Green ankh

Didnt read the book, but it sounds cool. I'd see the film.
Posted by FLStyle

Guy on the cover has hair growing out of his lips, rather disturbing.

Posted by Vortex13

I just recently read this book and I thought it was great. It will depend on how they make the movie and how it is translated for me to decide to see or not to see the film.

Posted by Risky

I enjoy most of Elis' stuff, to be honest he is one of my favourite writers. I can't wait to see if they can do him justice on the big screen. Lately we have seen a lot of good and even more bad comic adaptations so I hope this will be rather like "Watchmen" and not another "Elektra" debacle.

Posted by ateygheyev

Ellis is my favorite writer too and I'm always for telling a story thru different media,  While the comic is amazing, I really do feel the actual  story as a  movie  will get lost amongst all the explosions, sfx, and bodies torn apart.   And though I loved the Watchmen, that movie was motivated by the upscaled violence--which I do have a place in my heart for--and less on the social commentary--aside from that awesome title sequence.  But, eh, its hollywood. 
Posted by AngelFrost

Hm ... the premise doesn't seem all too interesting to me :/  think I'll skip it.

Posted by inferiorego

This was an amazing story, I highly recommend to anyone.

Posted by Vortex13
@AngelFrost: One of the heroes, separate from the others knowledge, kills the president brutally. I don't think I'm giving anything away since it says it on the back of the cover and it happens about three pages in.
Posted by TicketyTock

The book was pretty good, but it got kinda over hyped because of the president killing thing. A bit of a gimmick, but the story was pretty solid. Id see the movie if they keep the original costume designs (there are some awesome ones!)

Edited by NightFang

This is awesome, can't wait to hear more about this.

Posted by glforthewin

can't wait for this they should get Ellis to write the script

Posted by Darkchild

Book was AWesome so hell yes

Posted by Media_Master

News to me.

Posted by sarah morgan

Kathern Artemis is soooo badassss

Posted by davidhofmeister1

omfg this would be a sweet movie.
Posted by Kairan1979

Only if this movie is R-rated. Othervise it doesn't make sense.

Posted by DoomDoomDoom

Just picked up this series, I've only read up to #3 so far but I can already tell a movie adaptation would be awesome.