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BFTC: Arkham Asylum #1, Good Comic Or Cheap Tie-In?

Review for the latest Battle For The Cowl tie-in comic.

"Battle For The Cowl" is proving to be a great storyline.  Along with it, we've been getting tie-in issues.  Some have been good and others feel like just a way to make more money for DC.  With BFTC: Arkham Asylum, is the issue worthy buy?


Do you think Jeremiah's plan for the "new" Arkham will work?  How long do you think it'd last?
Posted by warlock360

nice review, but wtf are you ALWAYS in the basement for!? O.o is that where you live nowadays?

Posted by SUNMAN
Voidheart said:
"nice review, but wtf are you ALWAYS in the basement for!? O.o is that where you live nowadays?"
O_O ouch!!!!!

Like I am wasting my money on this comic
Posted by warlock360

its not exactly a waste, at least not for now it aint, but once something happens in the future that you can declarate with this issue it wont be because the understanding is there.

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

Ok the story wasn't bad but if their going to seriously improve Arkham Asylum these are the biggest things that need a changin'
1. Increase the security
3. Hire  very competent doctors
4. Try actual rehabilitation(for once)
5. Change the name from asylum to hospital,because you don't get better in an asylum
6. Don't follow a plan created by Jeremiah Arkham's uncle(wasn't his uncle Amadeus Arkham?)
That's all i can think of for now , but i gotta say don't have much faith in a new Arkham Asylum actually helping people.

Posted by inferiorego

I enjoyed this one-shot heavily

Posted by Precise
inferiorego said:
"I enjoyed this one-shot heavily"
Posted by Nibiru

It was really good.

Posted by geraldthesloth

This one shot was good.

Posted by Icarusflies

I really liked this one shot.

Posted by Da Talking Beaver

I also enjoyed this book & want to know what happens next. 

I also enjoyed this review but the constant movement of G-Man was a bit off putting. Why didn't he just sit down?
Posted by Media_Master

I liked the style G-Man reviews comics, makes it interesting to watch!

New asylum sounds great!

Posted by Icarusflies

One thing I don't get: If the inmates are harmless, why are they in the Arkham Asylum for the CRIMINALLY Insane?

Edited by Nibiru

Matbe it's, because there's no regular asylum around Gotham :)

Posted by Editman

It sounds pretty awesome, might have to check it out.

Posted by mattydeNero

What I got from this one-shot was basically that they're giving us a preview of the new Arkham.  Plus, No Face, Mirror Man, and Hamburger Lady are more than likely going to be some new crazies that are eventually going to revolt out of the asylum and into the streets of Gotham to cause trouble because they're all psychologically screwed up and want revenge on the world that shut them out.  No real surprises there.  I thought it was overall a necessary one-shot.

Posted by Icarusflies

WHY is she called the Hamburger Lady?

Posted by inferiorego
Icarusflies said:
"WHY is she called the Hamburger Lady?"
Her face is like a hamburger
Posted by Emerald Warrior

THIS was the best BFTC tie in yet. Fully enjoyable.

Posted by Fastback

hamburger lady is easily the dumbest comicbook character name I've ever hear, tied with condiment man or whatever he was called (from a robin issue).

Posted by emif

I have mixed feelings about the whole comic. I really like that they are following up with Jeremiah's plans for a super special awesome arkham and his growing affection for the trio. 

 On the other hand, I feel that Sinner is a little cliched (do we need more seven sins references?) and I was disappointed that Black Mask is in YET ANOTHER comic. He feels overused to me.
But, Amadeus and his presence being the soul of Arkham is always awesome. I'm hoping they elaborate him and not just relive A Serious House.

Posted by emif
I kept scratching my head over that one too. The only thing we could figure is that they're all kleptomaniacs.
Edited by NightFang

Lol. G-Man. No-Face, Mirror Man and Hamburger Lady could make really good villans for the new Batman & Robin.