Beware the Batman - 'Tests' Clip 1

Batman's work is never done. At least he can be polite while beating down common criminals.

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Beware the Batman - 'Tests' Clips and Images

Anarky has arrived in Gotham and wants to challenge Batman for control of the city.

Now you have a reason to wake up on Saturday mornings. DC Nation is back and that means a new episode of Beware the Batman, the last animated series featuring the Dark Knight. Airing Saturday, July 27 at 10:00 a.m. on Cartoon Network, "Tests" will feature the debut of Anarky.

A new villain has come to town to challenge Batman for control of Gotham City: Anarky (WALLACE LANGHAM). Resembling a ghost image of Batman, Anarky prides himself on his brilliance – and intends to prove it to Batman by manipulating a pair of unsuspecting pawns to do his bidding. But Anarky’s real plan is far more devastating: seeking to create a disaster seen by all of Gotham and proving once and for all that even the great Batman is powerless to protect his fair city from the clutches of Anarky.

In this first clip (seen at the top of the page), Batman takes down a couple criminals but it doesn't look like they'll be around when the GCPD show up.

In the second clip, get ready for some Batman vs. Anarky action.

Warner Bros. Entertainment also sent along some images for the episode.

Also during the DC Nation block, you'll be able to see the third chapter of the Wonder Woman story. You can check out the clip HERE if you haven't already.

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Posted by iBatman821

Man I'm lovin this show Batman is so legit I really don't care what ppl say about him and his Reign he's one of the best DC Characters

Posted by CyberWarrior

That guy looks like Moon Knight with a white skin-like mask on his face. And another emblem of course.

Edited by theTimeStreamer

this show is the worst thing it could be: mediocre. background noise. forgetable and that thing about not bringing in established villains, yeah they did that but that bird chick was a huge rip-off of catwoman she even looks like her. maybe they will finally do a flash show after this dies.

Edited by MasterDetective

Katana still looks weird

Posted by Squalleon

I hope this show doesn't get a second season.Maybe we will get something better if they cancel it.JLA,Flash animated series.
The action scene was mediocre by the way.

Posted by EuniceGalaxy

its cool show but i dont like katana

Edited by longbowhunter

I'm pretty luke warm on the show. It really bothers me how there are never any cars on the road or people on the street. It's like Gotham is a ghost town.

Posted by Dark_Vengeance_

Anarchy, not too shabby.

Posted by Jayc1324

Slight spoiler at the end..

I never liked katana from the start. Bruce wayne doesn't need a darn bodyguard no matter how skilled she is. What type of crap is that? Anyway I don't understand what her test was this episode. Was it to find the library? Bruce seemed pleased with her at the end.

Edited by superior_prime_maybe

This could have been a solo nightwing series.... sigh.
Just the idea of batman everywhere is making me not see this even though this is a legit batman series.
I wish i could appreciate it more.

Posted by Life_Without_Progress

Anarky kinda looks like moon knight in this show

Posted by Breadspread

I just wish they kept some of Anarky's original design: Red cloak, gold mask... still I'm interested to see what they do with the character.

Posted by patrat18
Posted by EJT

Is sad to see what they are doing with Anarky... =/

Edited by MrMazz

Overall I think the character of Anarky has potential with what the show is trying to do. But that final battle was devoid of anything resembling tension. You can read more of my thoughts in my review here

I just wantt o point out that image 3 completely shows off why Katana freaks me out so much. SHE HAS CREEPY DEAD DOLL EYES!!!!!

Posted by Jayc1324

A lot of complaints about "too much batman" or too much batman shows. It's not like he is preventing other heroes from getting shows, they just haven't been made yet. I wanna see a flash show too but this show isn't stopping that. Dc is probably gonna be adding more to DCNation like the Wonder Woman shorts

Posted by Destinyhero20

Wish this was a Nightwing show, so tire of Batman shows

Posted by Bobsjonjon

This show is horrible... Can't even finish an episode

Edited by bob808

Why the hell is Anarky a villain in this show

Posted by dcdyno

it uses obscure villians

Posted by Commander_Kane

The animation looks like a bad video game..

Posted by Jack Donaghy

this show is the worst thing it could be: mediocre. background noise. forgetable and that thing about not bringing in established villains, yeah they did that but that bird chick was a huge rip-off of catwoman she even looks like her. maybe they will finally do a flash show after this dies.

Why do you even have a Batman avatar when half the things you say about him are negative? Just wondering, though you probably will duck this and not respond.

Posted by Mezmero

This show has not been off to a great start in my opinion. The action is just okay and the art style is serviceable but nothing about the plotting or pace has been particularly exciting. I mean how we suppose to BEWARE The Batman if the bad guys from the first two episodes got away? I'm guessing this whole show is suppose to act as some sort of retelling of Year One. However making Bruce a less capable crime fighter feels counter productive to the good will set up by all the older, better Batman cartoons. I'll keep up with it for now to see how they handle some of his more recognizable villains but my faith in this production has been shaken.

Posted by KingRobbStark

If you want to ruin a show, use CGI. Just animate the damn thing. No one likes this CGI bullshit. Lazy douches. Also why can't they base the show off the comics like the Japanese do? The comics have been out for over half a century, so they shouldn't worry about running out of material, as such they can use the time to make a proper animation with a proper soundtrack. I'm tired of all these half assed shows coming out recently.

Edited by ILLO_29

I got to say I'm not digging this series. The CGI doesn't do it for me, there's no soul, no character to anything. The CGI isn't even that good there is no texture everything seem flat and smooth, also Gotham seems very sparsely populated. Also that dialogue, ugh...

"Don't hurt your brain..." is batman in the third grade?

Posted by theTimeStreamer

@jack_donaghy: sorry to disappoint you but i'm not an idiot fanboy that will eat up any that has batman's logo on it. wow i responded even though you are not worth the effort. i'm an in a good mood as opposed to batman's general mood.

Posted by CyberWarrior

@patrat18 said:

@cyberwarrior: and who dose moon night copy batman

Say that again, I don't understand whatta' talking about.

Edited by Guardiandevil83

@jayc1324: Everybody needs somebody some time.

Absolutely everybody needs someone somehow.

I don't know..but something, deep inside Bruce's heart just told him. That maybe, that sometime is now.

Posted by patrat18
Posted by CyberWarrior
Posted by patrat18
Posted by DeathandGrim

Hmm, I actually enjoyed the animation. It kinda feels like The Incredibles (which i hope gets an actual movie sequel)

The voice acting was solid. And it actually felt like batman (take notes Ultimate Spiderman)

I may give this show a viewing after all

Edited by RufusY2K

Anyone notice that the two dudes helping Anarky were Doodlebug and Junkyard Dog from the Arkham Asylum: Living Hell miniseries? So with Lunkhead on last week and Humpty Dumpty slated to appear, that's most of the villains created for that story. I'm anticipating Great White Shark and Jane Doe too, eventually. Although Jane clearly can't murder people and wear their skin, so maybe she'll be like a Clayface or something. Very obscure villains, but I'm cool with that.

Posted by 2cool4fun

@squalleon: Yea cause this is more of a detective than action show, and it was about time we get to see that side of batman animated!

Posted by MasterDetective

@squalleon: Yea cause this is more of a detective than action show, and it was about time we get to see that side of batman animated!

2cool4fun, please. There was a lot more detective stuff in Batman TAS than in this show

Posted by Xshinobi

I have only seen the first episode but I really enjoyed what I saw and I'm looking forward to the following episodes. I'm constantly surprised by how good CG animation has gotten for TV shows. Between this, Green Lantern, TMNT and Clone Wars TV CG animation sure has come a long way from the days of Main Frame.