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Beware the Batman - 'Safe' Clips and Images

Do Science and deadly ninjas go together? Batman and Katana will find out in this new episode.

There's another all-new episode of Beware the Batman coming this weekend on Cartoon Network Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. ET/PT. "Safe" is going to have lots of fun ninja action. What more could you ask for on a Saturday morning?

Introducing the prototype of his newest product to the world – the Ion Cortex, a device capable of solving the world’s energy crisis – Bruce Wayne hires brilliant scientist Dr. Jason Burr (MATTHEW LILLARD) to work on the project. The announcement also draws the attention of one of the most dangerous groups in the world – the League of Assassins. When one of the League’s deadly assassins, Silver Monkey (JAMES REMAR), attacks Wayne Manor to kidnap Burr while Batman’s in Gotham, it’s up to Alfred and Katana to keep the assassin at bay until Batman’s return. But Katana is armed and ready for the task – with her legendary Soultaker Sword, a weapon she stole from the infamous League of Assassins!

You can check out a couple clips here (or you can watch clip 1 and clip 2 on our player as well).

In the first clip we see the League of Assassins making their first move.

In the second clip, Katana has to deal with Silver Monkey.

Here's some more images as well, courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment.

Posted by Breadspread

Awesome! Katana in action, finally!

Posted by G-Man

It's a little ridiculous how dark all those images are. Batman needs a bat-flashlight.

Posted by Guardiandevil83

Don't care what anyone says. This show is awesome!

Posted by theTimeStreamer

just cancel it already. it's so boring, gotham is a ghost town and batman has corny one-liners.

Posted by cobra88king8

My main problem with this show is the same problem I had with GL. Everything they build is so big but they don't populate them enough so it feels so empty. I can't stand it and it takes me out of the show whenever they're running around gotham and the streets are completely barren

Edited by MrMazz

YAY the League of Assassins is coming to Gotham! And better yet, Alfred gets to wear a sweet bowler hat!

Beware the Batman is reallys olid at the moment. It's not great ever lasting awesomeness right now but neither was B:TAS,YJ,GL:TAS, or any of the other DCU originals. I'm actually enjoying the instistance on lesser known villians first before moving into the more well known Rogues Gallery, which is comming you know Cartoon Network has that coprate mandate so Mattel can make stylized new versions of the Rogues.

Side Note: All the guns look like they fire staples.

EDIT: I just realized that it's Mathew Lillard voicing the science guy. After watching him in The Bridge so much it's kinda funny to see how bad things continue to happen infront of his characters

Posted by ULTRAstarkiller

This show is not that great but its not that bad

Posted by entropy_aegis

Jason Burr? as in Kobra? HELL YEAH.

Posted by Bull_iod

I am loving Alfred Statham

Posted by ViperKing

@mrmazz: The League of Assassins will be a great addition to this show. I agree that this show has potential in the future. I honestly think it is a great idea to reboot lesser known villains to be more interesting, threatening, and dangerous. The only reason the guns are unrealistic is because of the Aurora shooting. Due to that event, the show decided to recreate guns to be more unrealistic.

Edited by MasterDetective

still a better show than Brave and the Bold

Posted by ravisher

didnt really have faith in the show at 1st

was a little mad yj for canned but its a good show

Posted by Bobsjonjon


Posted by Teerack

Awfulness confirmed. /Pass

Posted by jointron33

Cue people complaining about Alfred using a gun

Also, Batman is the biggest hypocrite in comics. He feels it is "evil" to kill bastards like the Joker, who deserves to rot in hell, yet because of this, innocents die daily on his watch. Then again, I forget that the comic book community is still mourning the tragic loss of Trayvon Zod, who was unrighteously taken from us..........

Seriously, this show is what the new TMNT SHOULD HAVE BEEN. It brings new ideas, and has lighter moments while still being accurate the mythos and being serious.

Posted by jointron33

Also, haters, do us all a favor and eat chicken and die. No one will miss you.

Edited by Nightwing_Beyond

Alfred using a gun still irks me...

Posted by TenEyedMen

Alfred using a gun still irks me...

He's used one in the comics in self-defense.

Posted by Nightwing_Beyond

@teneyedmen: This isn't self defense though, he barges into the room with a shotgun and tried to mercilessly kill Silver Monkey. To me, No one who is a part of the house of Wayne should use guns. The charm of Alfred is that he's a normal man who handles extraordinary circumstances with grace and class. Next thing we know, Beware the Batman will have Vicki Vale be a part of the League of Assassins... It's a different interpretation and I respect that but, everytime I see this thug Alfred, I'm going to cringe at the screen. It's painful to watch.

Edited by TenEyedMen

@teneyedmen: To me, No one who is a part of the house of Wayne should use guns.

Yet in the comics, Alfred still keeps a shotgun in the house in case a very dangerous intruder barges in the house, and Bruce is OK with it because he's not immature enough to force his own hangups on his allies.

Also, "mercilessly kill"? He saved his goddaughter's life, for god's sake!!! He didn't even aim at him, just his hand to knock off the blade. Again, there are US laws that protect what Alfred is doing. It's very different than him just gunning down criminals in the street.

Posted by Jack Donaghy

just cancel it already. it's so boring, gotham is a ghost town and batman has corny one-liners.

My God you're terrible.

Posted by Nightwing_Beyond

@teneyedmen: I suppose you're right... Maybe as I get used to this show more it'll sit easier with me.

Posted by MasterDetective

Also, haters, do us all a favor and eat chicken and die. No one will miss you.

invite all of us to KFC then

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

The Animated series this is not...

Posted by MasterDetective

@thetimestreamer said:

just cancel it already. it's so boring, gotham is a ghost town and batman has corny one-liners.

My God you're terrible.

but he has a point

Posted by jointron33

@teneyedmen: You're talking to the community who thought Superman "murdered" poor innocent Zod. Why do you expect logic?

Posted by Nightw BR

I really don't like their version of Alfred, but I do like all the voice acting.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Love Silver Monkey's look! Awesome stuff :)