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Beware the Batman - 'Allies' Clips and Images

Batman continues his attempt to put away Tobias Whale while also moving forward in possibly getting a new crime-fighting partner.

It's time to check out a preview for the next all-new episode of Beware the Batman. "Allies" airs Saturday, September 14, at 10:00 a.m. on Cartoon Network as part of DC Nation. Warner Bros. has sent over some clips and images to let us know what the episode is about.

Tobias Whale (MICHAEL LEON WOOLEY) is the most powerful gangster in Gotham City, and, after years of trying, Batman just got the evidence to put him away. But Whale is not going to be harpooned easily. After his lawyer tells Lieutenant Gordon to free Whale or else, the gangster has Barbara Gordon (TARA STRONG) kidnapped and held in “The Cauldron,” the most dangerous part of Gotham. Even the cops are afraid of this place, but not Batman. With Alfred and Katana’s help, they stage a raid on the Cauldron, which is populated by a frightening group of thugs called “the Ghosts.” As it turns out, the Ghosts aren’t the most fearsome threat. Barbara Gordon is being guarded by a dangerous figure with a flaming head, who calls himself Phosphorous Rex.

Here's the first clip featuring a confrontation between Batman, Whale and Gordon.

Here's a look at Katana, finally able to join Batman in his fight.

If you need more, here's some images as well.

Edited by ptigrusmagus

I like this show and can't wait to see the story lines unfold with a big baddie!

Posted by Bazinga

The show is really interesting exept I think the story with humpty dumpty was ridiculous

Edited by NightFang

I'm really getting tired of this show.

Edited by TenEyedMen

LOVE the strong use of continuity in this show. Reminds me a lot of The Spectacular Spider-Man.

Edited by TenEyedMen

I'm really getting tired of this show.

Then you can stop watching. No one will miss you. ;)

Posted by gator4eva

I've really enjoyed the show and its just getting better and better. Super excited for this episode.

Posted by Ghidoran

You know what would've been cooler than Katana? Cassandra Cain.

Posted by TenEyedMen

@ghidoran said:

You know what would've been cooler than Katana? Cassandra Cain.

I love Cass. But she would have never fit the role Katana has in this show.

Posted by MartianManhunterIsBetterThanCyborg

@ghidoran said:

You know what would've been cooler than Katana? Cassandra Cain.

Nah. The show is obviously building up to the Outsiders.

Posted by MasterDetective

Batman pisses me off by the way he treats Katana and Alfred

Edited by MrMazz

@masterdetective: why this is how he's been shown to treat ALL of his partners/family. He gives them the allusion of free will and autonomy as his partner but Batman is always in control and always has the keys to the kingdom.

Posted by Miss_Garrick


Posted by Magmaster12

The thing with Batman's side kicks is that he always uses younger people because they're easier to manipulate as comrades, which was one of the reasons Nightwing had trouble tolerating him as he got older. Batman and Katana have there fair share of arguments in this episode because she's smart and practically already on Batman's level and I can imagine I can see them parting ways over a disagreement very soon.

I have a feeling though I'd probably dislike this show a lot more if it wasn't the only serious comic book show.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Awesome! Gotta get backon these episodes!

Posted by MasterDetective

so is Katana supposed to be a better fighter than Bruce?