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Best New Comic Book Battles This Week: 11/09/12

Round 2 of Carnage and Kaine, Nightcrawler is merciless against the Blob, and Deadpool battles the 32nd President of the United States.

New comics Wednesday has come and gone and it was overflowing with praiseworthy battles. Every week I do my best to narrow it down to my 3 favorite slugfests, but this week really put me in a tough spot.

Seriously, just look at how many honorable mentions I listed! I bet that's not even scratching the surface of the options, too. Sadly, the not-so-lovely weather over here in the Northeast part of the United States impacted new comic book day. I wasn't able to get all of the comics I wanted to check out, so if there's a stellar battle that happened to elude my eyes, please feel free to chat about it!

Without further ado, here are my top 3 new battles this week.

Scarlet Spider vs Carnage (Scarlet Spider #11)

Time for round 2! Like I previously pointed out, Carnage is simply too powerful for Kaine to logically defeat in a random encounter. He's stronger and vastly more durable. All Kaine can do is dance around the red symbiote and try his best to give him hell. Thankfully, Carnage was in a joyous mood this time around and toyed with Spider-Man's clone, letting Kaine completely thrash him as he taunted the anti-hero.

Wow. Just wow.

Kaine pretty much ran the gauntlet when it comes to his options. He slugged Carnage in the face as hard as he could, ripped into him with his stingers, and even used the mark of Kaine (which was a bit less effective than the last time he used it on Carnage). The end result was brutal and jaw-dropping fight.

Kaine vs Wolverine: make it happen, Marvel!

Unlike Puny Parker, Kaine's dark roots means he has no issue unleashing and trying to put an end to Carnage's reign of terror. It was a genuinely valiant effort on Kaine's behalf, especially since he somehow managed to have Carnage on the ropes (I guess Cletus was having an off day). But in the end, a plot device kicked in and Kaine was needed elsewhere.

And the award for best kiss goes to...

I can't say I really agree with Kaine seemingly being able to pummel Carnage to death. I might be misinterpreting the last panel of their fight, but it definitely seemed like he had Carnage at his mercy before he had to bail. Carnage wasn't smiling, laughing or asking for more -- he was screaming. Kaine's supposed to be stronger than Spider-Man, but even then he shouldn't really have the strength required to deliver critical damage to Venom's son. In my eyes, Kaine can give him one heck of a fight, yet it's a battle he's going to lose every time because he likely wouldn't overcome Carnage's strength and durability. Regardless, it was a fantastic battle and absolutely a must read for fans of either character.

Carnage screamed for more in his fight with Kaine, but it looks like the masochist later got more than he could handle from Radu. Ouch.

"Carnage's face? I threw it on the ground." Radu

That's gotta hurt.

Nightcrawler vs Blob (UNCANNY X-FORCE #33)

It's not only a differing opinion on religion that sets apart Earth-616 and Earth-295 Nightcrawler. 616 Kurt is a man driven by morals, most often unwilling to use lethal measures and therefore limiting his options in combat. On the other hand, Age of Apocalypse's Kurt has a kill or be killed mentality and has no gripe whatsoever with dismembering an enemy. While the standard Kurt can juggle and even tele-drop his enemies, the alternate universe character on the Uncanny X-Force roster doesn't mess around with his targets. He goes for the kill.

The belly is mightier than the sword.

Now this darker version of Kurt finally faces off against Blob, the man who killed his wife. He immediately tries to stab the large foe in the gut, but the mutant's far too durable for such an attack. Immediately I asked myself, "Why would he go for a sword attack when he could systematically tele-dismember Blob?" We've seen him remove AoA Warpath's finger and AoA Deadpool's head, so why not pick Blob apart one limb at a time? Then I saw the reason... it's because Rick Remender had something much better and far more terrifying in mind. I give you... the teleporting shark that loves to nom nom.

Well, that's one way to lose weight.

Blob consumed Kurt's wife, so it's only fair that Kurt gives Blob a taste of his own medicine. Man, that truly is a rather diabolical and disgusting take on an eye for an eye. So long, Age of Apocalypse Blob, you won't be missed. You can't help but feel bad for the shark, though... or am I alone on that one?

His one regret: not getting the McRib this year.

Who gets to clean up this mess?

Deadpool vs Franklin D. Roosevelt (DEADPOOL #1)

The Merc with a Mouth takes on the 32nd U.S. President. On paper, this seems a wee bit one-sided. A man in a wheelchair versus an enhanced assassin with an assortment of firearms and swords? Yeah, I'll put my money on Wade. Thankfully, this isn't Wilson heartlessly defeating a man in a wheelchair -- although I wouldn't put it past him. FDR was brought back by the Necromancer, and this zombified President can easily wheel his way through a barrage of bullets.

Next time shoot the wheels, Wade.

Deadpool hops on the former President for a free ride into the subway and we quickly discover that not even a stab through the chest will faze this undead enemy. Despite being hit with "the very essence of death," Wade silences the former Pres in a hilariously untraditional manner.

That mask has gotta smell terrible.

Not even a direct hit from a subway car keeps FDR down for the count, so the offbeat mercenary does a little improvising. It turns out these Presidents can handle just about everything except for electricity. 1 down, 37 more to go. Good luck, Wade... you're gonna need it.

Battle fans, that's actually a pretty solid pain tolerance feat for Wade.

Honorable Mentions: TMNT vs Triceratons, Robin vs Huntress, Power Girl's foot vs Damian's rear, Captain America vs Harry S. Truman, Rulk vs annoying fan, Abraham Lincoln vs Deadpool

Well, those are my picks. What are your top 3 this week?
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Posted by Necrotic_Lycanthrope

Rulk vs. Annoying fan? Damn why can't Friday be here already?!

(Plus the upcoming She-Rulk issue has the potential of baby girl vs. big daddy.)

Edited by judasnixon

I loooove how Rick Remender writes like a crazy nine year old on PCP! Yeah I'll teleport a shark in this fat F***'s stomach! He teleported a F***ing shark! That is bananas! 

Edited by Hancock89

Nice choices. Nightcrawler's fight against Blob in Uncanny X-force was my favorite battle. The part I enjoyed most was Nightcrawler's monologue as he was watching Blob agonize in pain while the shark was feasting on his intestines, the scene was a bit gruesome but awesome nonetheless. And as you said the the bastard certainly deserved it, I think Rememder handled it quite well. Another great issue.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Nobody better get an idea for Episode VII for this or I will take back everything I said about being optimistic for a new trilogy...

Posted by ArtisticNeedham

So if I wanted to buy a comic this week that would be good reference for how to layout and draw a major fight scene which comic should I buy? Which shows the best flow of a fight? The right length a fight should be in a comic? The right level of action versus violence? From the article it looks like Scarlet Spider versus Carnage might be the best but were there better ones to use as reference?

Posted by Deadcool

LOL, I like those...

Posted by BlackArmor

Did Nightcrawler just teleport a freaking shark into the Blob's stomach?  

Posted by Super_SoldierXII

Not to over analyze, but razor sharp steel blades can't put a dent, and yet a smallish shark can tear him up? Is AoA Blob like a Cadbury Easter Egg, hard on the outside, soft in the middle?

I always figured durability was a package deal ... otherwise why bother? A Hulk punch might not break flesh ... but who cares when it would turn your insides to jello.

Creative end to a disgusting villain (and yes, good riddance), but not very credible IMHO.

Posted by DATNIGGA

kane stabbed the crap out of carnage but carnage didnt seem to feel it lol

& night crawler with the shark wow lol

Posted by Decept-O

Loving...loving...loving...the Nightcrawler Vs. "Blob" battle. Genius.

Posted by VictorVonDoom_1

Deadpool kicking off MarvelNOW properly. Enjoyed reading the first issue. But DAMN, Nightcrawler!

Posted by Zero_Shift

At least the shark gets to die happy, right?

Posted by powerhouse1122

By far this my favorite "best battles if the week" issue

Posted by RazzaTazz

Not that I didn't like last week's guest writer, but it is nice to see you back

Posted by jaytiz27

Lol, I gotta check out this uncanny x force.

Posted by BatWatch

That Deadpool idea sounds absolutely wonderful. I might have to buy it in trade. Hope the team has another crazy idea after this arc wraps up.

Also, I need to know what the deal is with Cap and Truman.

Finally, I thought the fight between Damian and Huntress was very lame. I poopoo your call on that one. However, this article was amusing as ever. Keep it up!

My review on Worlds' Finest:

Posted by riiiiiiiight

@powerhouse1122 said:

By far this my favorite "best battles if the week" issue

Mine too.

Posted by mrdecepticonleader

Those are some great battles but the Blob vs Nightcrawler one stands out the most. Its a truly greatly gory idea.

Posted by Yai_Inn
@k4tzm4n: This is great stuff. You should provide a link to the previous weeks battles though, for all of us who might have missed it
Posted by Cavemold

awesome battles lol

Edited by SmashBrawler

UXF always delivers.

Edited by MaxSchreck

Power Girl`s foot vs Damian's rear

Now I get it . That scene wasn`t the most stupid comic book page ever drawn/written in recent years . It was a metaphor for the new 52 . Power girl represents the reboot , Damian represents the fans .

Posted by FatFriar_16

Haha... Those were the 3 comic books I got this week!!!

What happened with Power Girl vs. Damian and Rulk vs. fan?!? O_o

Edited by k4tzm4n
@FatFriar_16 said:

Haha... Those were the 3 comic books I got this week!!!

What happened with Power Girl vs. Damian and Rulk vs. fan?!? O_o



Posted by Lvenger

Only Remander would kill someone by having AoA Nightcrawler teleport a shark inside him. RIP Blob Shark.

Posted by DarthLydia

Nightcrawler... now that's something I would do... The Sith approve

Posted by Or35ti

I do feel bad for the shark, Nightcrawler should've put him back in the ocean. Awesome battles :)

Posted by Queso6p4

This has easily become my favorite news segment. Can't wait to read UCXF tomorrow.

Posted by NXH

@judasnixon said:

I loooove how Rick Remender writes like a crazy nine year old on PCP! Yeah I'll teleport a shark in this fat F***'s stomach! He teleported a F***ing shark! That is bananas!


Edited by k4tzm4n
@Queso6p4: Wow, thank you.  That's incredibly kind of you. 
@jurrysnow@powerhouse1122:  Happy you liked it!  
@RazzaTazz: heh, thank you! 
@BatWatch: LOL @ "I poopoo your call."  I agree the issue was lackluster and it plays a role in my latest feature "Comic Book Rants/Raves" which is now live. 
@Yai_Inn: Thank you and that's a good suggestion.  I'll implement that next week.
Posted by texasdeathmatch

Hm, I could've sworn AoA Blob was killed way earlier...but awesome fight nonetheless.

Posted by ectoborge
Posted by YourNeighborhoodComicGeek

Great job!

Posted by BatWatch

@k4tzm4n said:

@Queso6p4: Wow, thank you. That's incredibly kind of you.
@jurrysnow: @powerhouse1122: Happy you liked it!
@RazzaTazz: heh, thank you!
@BatWatch: LOL @ "I poopoo your call." I agree the issue was lackluster and it plays a role in my latest feature "Comic Book Rants/Raves" which is now live.
@Yai_Inn: Thank you and that's a good suggestion. I'll implement that next week.

If you give me a link, I'll check it out.

Hey, I'm opening a Batman blog called BatWatch which will cover all Batman news, reviews, and commentary. I hope you will check it out.

Posted by Queso6p4

@k4tzm4n: You're welcome. :) You do a really good job with this.

@DarthLydia: Haha! So very true.

Posted by ThanosIsMad

Deadpool got his healing factor back, I take it?

Posted by Jake Fury

Nice work! Out of your choices I only read Deadpool vs FDR Zombie.0.

Edited by ljezell

I'm really enjoying the Scarlet Spider I would very like a game based on him or Ultimate Spider-Man.... In the distant future after they've had allot more adventures.

Posted by k4tzm4n
@BatWatch: It's over on the homepage (has Damian as a thumbnail).  Certainly! 
@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek@Queso6p4: Thank you.  As long as you guys like it, I'll keep writing it! 
@ThanosIsMad: Yes, the serum was only temporary. 
@Jake Fury: Thank you!
Posted by k4tzm4n
@ljezell said:

I'm really enjoying the Scarlet Spider I would very like a game based on him or Ultimate Spider-Man.... In the distant future after they've had allot more adventures.

Fun fact: Scarlet Spider's costume is an unlockable in The Amazing Spider-Man video game.