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Best Comic Covers of the Week: 4/5/13

Get a look at some of our favorite covers for this week's new releases!

Each week we sift through our buy pile and choose some of our favorite comic covers for the week's new releases. This week was a tough one as there were plenty of beautiful covers to choose from. As usual, we are sure there are some we may have missed so be sure to let us know which are your favorites by posting them in the forums below!

Who doesn't love a good Skottie Young cover? I know I do. The variant for THANOS RISING #1 illustrated by Young gives the menacing character a childish grin, and it's absolutely adorable.

Sometimes it's hard to overlook a solid superhero, action shot. That's exactly what happened when we got a peek at the cover to ACTION COMICS #19 by Tony S. Daniel. The anatomy of Superman is great and Tony proves with this image that every once in a while he can knock it out of the park as an artist.

Artist Jae Lee's ANIMAL MAN #19 cover is somber, eerie and simply perfect. His clean lines and intricate details really make this a beautiful picture.

Sometimes all it takes to make a great cover is to think abstractly, such is the case for the cover to BLACKACRE #5 where the story is revealed in the silhouette of a cloaked figure. It's different which is what really struck us and stood out to us above the rest.

Francesco Francavilla's DARK SHADOW'S #15 cover is all kinds of creepy, focusing in on the series' main character who is seemingly shrouded in darkness. It's a beautiful image: striking, compelling and well illustrated.

Billy Tan's DEADPOOL #7 variant cover has absolutely nothing to do with Deadpool, but that's ok. The variant showcases "Iron Man's many armors" and the execution of perspective is really something spectacular.

Artist Brian Boland knocks it out of the park with his cover to DIAL H #11. The image is very simple, but incredibly articulate at the same time. Looking at the picture it seems almost as if it comes alive off of the page, illustrated and colored in a way that gives it this appearance of being three dimensional. It's a great picture and is really well done.

The list wouldn't be complete without Adam Hughes' breathtaking cover for FAIREST #14. Hughes' use of light and dark in this image is just outstanding.

James Stokoe's cover to GODZILLA HALF CENTURY WAR #5 is beautiful. The amount of time, effort and detail that went into illustrating this cover is clear, which is why we can't help but put it on our list.

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That War Machine armor looks awesome. So does that Superman cover.

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The Godzilla, Fairest, and Superman covers are my favorites out of this. All plenty o' gorgeous!

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Detective Comics #19

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Cool Covers

Posted by bob808

Posted by Overlander

Personally, I find the quality of Jae Lee's work is dependent upon how good the inker is.

I love the Fairest cover. That is fantastic and well worth showcasing this week. It's so good it nearly eclipses the rest of the entries.

Posted by Battle_Forum_Junkie

That Skottie Young variant was funny. Defiantly my favorite one.

Posted by ColonelRunAway

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Posted by CovertAvenger

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Right when I saw the teaser announcing Thanos Rising, the first thing that popped into my head was: "I can't wait to see the Skottie Young variant cover."

I was not disappointed. (Everything else was great too, of course.) :-)

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Posted by JamDamage

I love all things Skottie Young, and having Jae Lee on here is a treat as well. The guy does not get the praise he deserves.

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godzilla half century war is the best godzilla comic ever made!

Posted by Fhiz

Except that wasn't the published Animal Man cover?

Posted by andy_117

Godzilla: Half Century War's art looks so good, in and out. Makes me wonder how the internal art for Kingdom of Monsters got the thumbs up.

Posted by AllStarSuperman

I liked the action comics 19 fold out cover. But I loved the variant cover! I wish my store had it! Also earth 2 Dr fate by Brett Booth was awesome

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I normally hate variant covers. They normally feel like a cash grab that ultimately holds no real value. Now, having said that. I'd love to see Skottie Young variants for everything. They are so adorable.

Posted by sinestro_GL
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The DC covers were gatefold covers. Might have been better to put the full images, methinks.


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Posted by Jake Fury

Swamp Thing #19 was great.

Posted by fables87

Fairest and the first one.

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All three covers for Thanos Rising were incredible.

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Skottie Young should really get an ongoing book

Posted by Scarlet_Spider_Forever

Oh come on where is Venom #33?

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That Thanos cover seems so..... Right lol

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Thanos Rising #1 is one of the few times that I prefer and bought the regular cover over the Skottie Young baby variant. That cover just doesn't speak to me at all. The Bianchi regular cover however, would easily be my pick of the week. Deadpool #7 was a close second.

I know they used that image in the solicits for Animal Man #19...but was that cover actually on the book at all? The regular cover was the WTF cover by Howard Porter, and I don't recall seeing that particular Jae Lee cover anywhere, even as a variant?

Posted by Ganthetsward20

Earth 2 cover was one of my favorites of the week

Posted by Teerack
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Action Comics and Animal Man FTW for me in this case...

Posted by Ellie_Knightfall

Anything that Jae Lee does is complete and utter perfection.

Posted by Onemoreposter

@babs said:

Sometimes it's hard to overlook a solid superhero, action shot. That's exactly what happened when we got a peek at the cover to ACTION COMICS #19 by Tony S. Daniel. The anatomy of Superman is great and Tony proves with this image that every once in a while he can knock it out of the park as an artist.

Everyone once in a while? Tony S. Daniel, while perhaps not the greatest comic book writer to ever grace the pages of comicdom, IS a consistently fantastic artist.

Here are just a (very) few panels showcasing his talent from over the past 5 years.

This man knocks it out of the park as an artist just about every time he illustrates a page.

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@babs : Babs ma'am - no nod to Swamp Thing # 19 or Image's Sex # 2 ? Just curious - the latter is tongue in cheek but impressive just the same.

Posted by cmyers1980
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How about indestructible hulk #6?

Hulk worthy!!