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Best Comic Covers of the Week: 4/11/14

Find out what's awesome this week in covers!

Welcome back to another Best Comic Book Covers of the Week where the staff of Comic Vine picks out their favorite covers from recent releases and presents them to you. On top of that, we ask our Twitter followers to pick a few of their favorites as well. Let's get right down to business and find out what was cool in covers.

ALL-NEW ULTIMATES #1 by David Marquez

First up this week is ALL-NEW ULTIMATES #1 by David Marquez. This cover does a great job at showing what this book is about: young folks as super-heroes. Marquez's style is always appealing, especially with the Ultimate versions of characters as well.

JUDGE DREDD #18 by Shane Pierce

Next up is JUDGE DREDD #18 by Shane Pierce. This cover came out of my nightmares. It's pretty haunting and Pierce does a phenomenal job setting up a cover that really sticks with the reader. It's hard to get this image out of your head.

FLASH GORDON #1 by Marc Laming and Jason Ullmeyer

Here is the cover for FLASH GORDON #1 by Marc Laming and Jason Ullmeyer. If you've been reading this feature, then you know any time there's anything that remotely looks like a propaganda poster, it makes the list. It's one of my personal favorite styles of covers and most of the time, really reflects what's going on int the book.

DEADPOOL #27 by Art Adams

Next up is DEADPOOL #27 by Art Adams. Normally, homage covers don't make me laugh this much, even though nothing is really changed. This homage to DETECTIVE COMICS #27 is pretty dead on, but just seeing Deadpool swing through the air gets a good giggle out of me.

DAREDEVIL #1.5 Anniversary Collection by Marcos Martin

Finally, we have the DAREDEVIL #1.5 Anniversary Collection by Marcos Martin. There were five of these covers (the rest right below) and each one highlighted a moment in Daredevil's life. This is a really cool concept and each cover does a great job at reminding the reader of these small stories in his life.

Each week, we ask our followers on Twitter what covers they loved, and this was the Twitter pick of the week.

BATMAN ETERNAL #1 by Andy Kubert

Our twitpick this week is BATMAN ETERNAL #1 by Andy Kubert. Votes were all over the place this week, but this one had the most votes. This ready-for-action cover is really cool looking, but I'm a little scared for Gordon. I don't want him to fall off the roof.

That's it for another weekly adventure with the best comic book covers of the week, we'll see you guys next week with a whole new batch of covers. Do you have a cover you simply love that we missed? Let us know in the comment section below! Also, make sure to check us out on Twitter to get your Twit-picks in for next week using #CVCovers.

Mat "Inferiorego" Elfring is a writer, twitterer, podcaster, and enjoys hugs from pugs.

Posted by Hawkguy

Omg that Dredd cover....

Posted by Overlander

Those are some great choices.

Posted by viin

Batman Eternal variant and Deadpool are pretty good. I enjoyed the cover of Green Arrow 30.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Death! To! Ming!

Posted by ArturoCalaKayVee

That Deadpool variant might just be the greatest cover I've ever seen in my life.

Edited by pikahyper

This was a great week for covers, especially for Iron Fist where 3 out of 5 of its covers are epic.

Posted by Maddpanda531

@pikahyper: Of the covers you just posted, my favorites are Creepy, Deadpool, and Iron Fist (Grasshopper).

Posted by pikahyper
Posted by MadeinBangladesh


Posted by CaptainHoopla

Excellent stuff, but have to give a shout out to the standard Guinness Book of World Records Deadpool wedding cover. The 230+ characters on it is pretty cool.

Edited by Cap10nate

I really liked this cover. It is simple, but it is ominous.

Posted by DonFelipe

This was a great week for covers, especially for Iron Fist where 3 out of 5 of its covers are epic.


Posted by pikahyper
Posted by DonFelipe

@pikahyper said:

@donfelipe: The current Creepy series has had some amazing covers.

Yup, some of them are really nice. #3 is hilarious and the cover artist hasn't even been added to the list of creators yet. I've got work to do...

Posted by pikahyper

@donfelipe: #3 was great, I love that Dark Horse is continuing the tradition of epic covers from the anthologies Warren published.

Edited by DonFelipe

@pikahyper said:

@donfelipe: #3 was great, I love that Dark Horse is continuing the tradition of epic covers from the anthologies Warren published.

Yes, and it's not just about the covers. Dark Horse's volume really is a continuation of the original volume with black-and-white short stories only (except for a 1-2 colored pages per issue) and featuring Uncle Creepy. It's great this kind of format still sells so well... about 4.500 copies every quarter; according to comichron.

Posted by pikahyper

@donfelipe: well a lot of those old Warren fans are still alive and kickin' so that's probably a big chunk of those numbers :P not many of the younger generations like this stuff unfortunately.

Posted by Grey56
Posted by pikahyper

@grey56: The more I look at it the better it gets, the color palette and textures are amazing, even the girls tattoos look incredible.

Posted by Grey56

@pikahyper: Agreed; glad to see the traditional horror/pulp roots getting a nod. But yes - the use of the color wheel is fantastic.