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Best Comic Covers of the Week: 11/09/12

We highlight some of the best looking covers of this week's new releases.

Each week we showcase the awesome effort put forth by artists on comic covers, and this week we have a whole heck of a lot. So let's not waste any more time, here are the best covers to this week's new releases!


When Superman has a cover that really manages to capture all of the character's glory and brilliance, we can't overlook it. This week the variant cover to ACTION COMICS #14 by artist Steve Skroce really highlights the character's glory, we hope you can agree.

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The focus of this issue was not only on Cyclops, Magneto and Magik; but it featured the appearance of yet another character that's been missing from Marvel for a few issues. Sometimes, Cable can look really great; and on the variant cover to AVX: CONSEQUENCES #5 artist Jorge Molina makes him look really, really cool.


An unlikely character has been given his very own two-issue series, and the book is as mysterious and dark as the cover to the first issue. Artist Eduardo Risso's cover to BEFORE WATCHMEN: MOLOCH #1 really manages to capture a dark and mysterious tone that resonates throughout the issue. The cover alone is incredibly striking, and definitely worth highlighting this week.


There were to covers to this week's CREATOR OWNED HEROES issue, and both were great, but there was something definitely creepy and beautiful about artist Andrew Ritchie's cover for the book. Not only was it creepy, but it was a great use of light and shadow to highlight the image. Definitely a gorgeous piece that draws you in and makes you wonder what the story is all about.


DEADPOOL #1 Bachalo variant
DEADPOOL #1 Young variant

This week we need to highlight not one, but two of the DEADPOOL #1 variant covers. Each cover is illustrated by a different artist, yet each is worth pointing out. Chris Bachalo has a Deadpool that is in the heat of battle, and is a great example of the artists abilities and use of perspective. Meanwhile, Skottie Young's baby Deadpool is just too cute for words.


The cover to HELLRAISER: ROAD BELOW #1 by artist Tim Bradstreet is definitely creepy. If you've been reading the series then this cover will absolutely make sense to you, and might even creep you out a bit more. We loved the detail in this image and the fact that it looks like a really eerie painting. Also, the use of a mirrored reflection was a nice touch.


You can never go wrong with Adam Hughes, even if his cover to this month's FAIREST is more than a little borderline risque. Not only are the two women gracing the cover to this issue absolutely stunning, but the shift in style and vibrancy of the fabric in the robe is definitely worth a second look. Hughes delivers yet another gorgeous cover.


Skottie Young makes our list twice this week. First with his cover for Deadpool, and now with his ROAD TO OZ #3 cover. The detail of his linework is fantastic and is something that Young really excels in. Not only that, but the artist always manages to capture this sense of innocence in his work, and this is a great example of that.


Last but not least is Jeff Lemire's cover to SWEET TOOTH #39. The cover is beautiful and Lemire's use of colors to illustrate the image is really stunning. We loved it because it seemed to capture a dramatic moment in the issue and freeze it. It's a really well executed image.

We're sure we missed some truly great covers, so be sure to post some of your favorites in the thread below!

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Posted by Mandrewgora

dang that action comics variant is great.

Posted by longbowhunter

That Action Comics variant is stellar. Haven't seen that before.

Posted by SmashBrawler

I love the AC variant.

Except for the huge cape, I don't like that.

Edited by Necrotic_Lycanthrope

I just want to reach in, grab the baby Deadpool, and hug him and squeeze him and pet him...

Until he shoots me in the butt with a Nerf gun. Then it's on. >:P

Posted by Cavemold

pretty good but shadowman should be up there

Posted by judasnixon

I don't know what's funnier Cable's baby arm, or the fact that he is only wearing one knee pad. 

Posted by Dark_Vengeance_

My favorite

Posted by zlightburn

That superman one is RIDICULOUSLY good!

Posted by Miss_Garrick

Is Superman attacking angels?!? WHAT THE WHAT??!!??

Posted by xanthiss

What is up with Cable's arm?

Posted by fables87

Good list! Loving Fairest covers. Adam Hugues knows his women. The Oz covers are always good too.

Posted by red_titan

oh my.

Posted by sora_thekey

Baby Deadpool is incredibly cute!

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

Really like that AVX variant

Posted by EdwardWindsor

good to see a hellriaser cover they are usually pretty good anyway.

Posted by Lvenger

I have to say I preferred the main cover

but the variant is awesome too. Superman fighting an angel death army from space is gonna be a great read next month for me.

Posted by Novemberx2

another overrated scottie young baby cover! It was fine the first couple of times, but now its everywhere and its awful.

Posted by mattwing87

Yay finally more awesome covers instead of just 3!

Posted by broo1232

Posted by Hax0r

@Lvenger: Are they supposed to be attacking Him? XD They're all going the wrong way! Lol.

Posted by Xanni15

Cable's looking beastly.

Posted by tomtomiii

You can't go wrong with a Fairest Cover! So far they have all been great! But you gotta give the nod this week to Skottie Young's Deadpool variant.

Posted by Overlander

I loved Steve Skroce's work on X-Man (post AoA) and his later turn on Spider-Man. Good to know he's still working.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

The fairest and Helblazer covers ae awesome other than that this was a crappy list.

How the hell did you not put this here?????

Posted by Reignmaker

Am I the only one who thinks Superman has a bad case of ghetto booty in the regular Action Comics cover?

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

I can honestly say I'm conflicted about which cover to deem the most worthy. All of them seem so great to me. The Fables one may have to win though since I put that as my profile background...can't go wrong with AH!