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Best Comic Covers of the Week: 1/04/12

Check out some of our favorite comic book covers for this week!

Each week we highlight our favorite covers out of all the new comic releases. This week we had a ton of great books with gorgeous covers, check out our favorites below and let us know what you think!

If you like Mike Mignola's art then you are absolutely going to love his cover to HELLBOY IN HELL #2. The cover to this issue is extremely minimalistic, but still really stunning. Mignola casts a darkness over the characters that grace the cover of this issue in a way that enhances the premise, tone and theme of the issue.

== TEASER ==

The cover to issue #34 of AMERICAN VAMPIRE is another one that really struck us. Artist Rafael Albuquerque captures loss and sadness in a very simple image. The use of rosy colors really enhance the image. Albuquerque also does a fantastic job conveying the rising sun in the background and the two characters in the foreground. Albuquerque masters light and shadow in this image.

Artist Stjepan Sejic delivers a very pretty colorless cover to ARTIFACTS #23 that gives the image an aged look. Personally, we liked the image on it's own without any of the lettering. It's a very simple picture that speaks volumes.

David Mack's cover to WILLOW #3 is absolutely stunning. Again, another very simple cover that is very fluid and beautiful, we had to put it on our list.

The cover to COLDER #3 by Juan Ferreyra is super creepy, but really beautiful.

As simple as it is, Skottie Young's cover to the first issue of NEW AVENGERS #1 is just adorable which is the reason why we simply had to add it to our list.

Colin Lorimer's HARVEST #5 cover is extremely detailed and paints a very eerie image of what fans can find inside.

Artist John Rauch's cover to INVINCIBLE #99 is just stunning. Not only is it a complex image that captures a moment of sheer excitement that we find in the issue, but it's just an all-around great action shot.

As usual, if there is a cover you absolutely loved that did not make our list, be sure to share it with us and the rest of the community below.

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Posted by mk111

The New Avengers cover made me smile. Thats a good sign.

Posted by ccraft

Colder cover, amazing. Invincible looks like an interesting comic book series.

Posted by pingclang

That Buffy cover is awesome and the Hellboy is killer.

Posted by cameron83

Can someone tell me who the floating baby is?

Posted by Necrotic_Lycanthrope

All so good. That Dinosaurus on Invincible looks kickass.

Posted by longbowhunter

@cameron83 said:

Can someone tell me who the floating baby is?

Black Bolt

Posted by judasnixon

That Harvest cover is the prettiest thing I've seen in a minute. Someone buy Colin a Drink for that cover.

Posted by postman

Sara, the Invincible cover is drawn is by Ryan Ottley. John Rauch is only the colorist.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

The Albuquerque cover to American Vampire #34 takes the cake, with Mignola's Hellboy in Hell #2 in a close second...

Posted by Decept-O

Artifacts, Willow and Invincible really are eye catching, and each beautifully done. Incredible work.

Posted by Twentyfive

They are all great. Wow.

Posted by Zeeguy91

Um...Flash #15 anyone?

Seriously. I'm continually blown away at how incredible the art on this series is.

Posted by TheHeat

I love Skottie Young's covers. The Buffy cover is beautiful.

Posted by JamDamage

@cameron83: black bolt

Posted by ColonelRunAway
Posted by millennium

hmmmmmm artifacts shouldnt be on this list becouse that issuse came out like 2 weeks ago maybe 3 weeks ago

Posted by Cavemold

the willow is my fav

Posted by TDK_1997

The Batman Inc. #6 cover also.

Posted by Miss_Garrick

@ColonelRunAway said:

Ooohh! That is neat!

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous
@millennium: it is pretty cool though 
Edited by pikahyper

I think the worst cover of the week deserves a mention:


Posted by Billy Batson

@pikahyper said:

I think the worst cover of the week deserves a mention:


LOL wtf.

Posted by pikahyper

@Billy Batson: at least they were smart enough to just keep that art on the cover.

Edited by Billy Batson

@pikahyper said:

@Billy Batson: at least they were smart enough to just keep that art on the cover.

The fact that kind of art makes in the book one way or the other isn't smart :p

Posted by Grey56

All with their own merits perhaps, but nothing really revving my engine.

Posted by pikahyper

@Billy Batson: unless they are doing it on purpose to see what they can get away with, if sales didn't dip they could continue doing it.

Posted by Reignmaker

That baby cover art doesn't interest me anymore.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh


Posted by thenexusrebound

@millennium said:

hmmmmmm artifacts shouldnt be on this list becouse that issuse came out like 2 weeks ago maybe 3 weeks ago

Yeah I thought that was odd. Considering issue 24 comes out next week

Posted by charlieboy

The Willow cover is gorgeous. Great story as well.

Posted by dmkicksballs13

@cameron83: Black Bolt

Posted by CelosBeats
Posted by G_Money_Christmas

Wow, only 1 Marvel and no DC.. Than is a change from the normal.

Posted by Quinn Gallagher

The Harvest cover is beyond gorgeous.

I always enjoy Skottie's covers.

Posted by Queso6p4

Nice choices.

Posted by emaster

Hellboy's cover is my favorite it's packed with a handfull of characters.