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Best Comic Covers of the Week: 10/26/12

Check out our favorite covers from this week's new releases.

This week we've been blessed with a lot of great looking covers; so we've highlighted a few more than usual. As always, check them out and let us know if we missed one that you really, really liked out of this week's new releases.

First up is the cover to ASTONISHING X-MEN #55, by Phil Noto. The abstractness of this image is what really struck us as being cool. The concept of featuring X-Men characters as bullets is pretty awesome in itself; but the symbolic nature of the image is what makes it even cooler. It's almost as if this image is a reflection of the X-Men's weapons arsenal.

== TEASER ==

Next up is the cover to ADVENTURE TIME #9. Not only is the cover really well illustrated by Chris Houghton, but it is also really funny; so you can't go wrong with that combination.

This week's THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #696 cover by Steve McNiven and West features Hobgoblin versus Hobgoblin, squaring off against one another in a crazy fight; the extent of which we see within the issue. First off, it's McNiven; so it's beautiful. Yet, what's really cool is the fact that the two Hobgoblins are fighting each other through Spider-Man's eyes.

The theme for the last two covers of DEBRIS is depicting a picture within another picture. This week's cover to DEBRIS #4 is no different the image by artist Riley Rossmo is abstract and really interesting -- there's a lot going on. There's a sense of balance in the picture, as well. The black background and then the snowy, white image inside; it's really beautiful.

This month's cover to SPAWN #224 brings back memories of Frank Miller's Batman. Artist and Spawn creator Todd McFarlane has been dishing out some stunning covers to Spawn, each of them paying homage to modern comic books from Miller's Batman to Alan Moore's WATCHMEN. This week it's pretty cool to see McFarlane channel his inner Frank Miller.

This month's FABLES #122 cover is absolutely stunning. Cover artist Joao Ruas delivers a breathtaking image of the wolf, mouth wide and ready to attack his unsuspecting victim. The colors in the picture are subtle and blend really well together; reflecting this dark, dreary and brooding tone.

Finally we have Alex Ross' cover to THE SHADOW #6. Not only does the image capture the absolutely and utterly creepy, but it does this in a way that is incredibly detailed and lifelike. The cover is eerie and the viewer is drawn directly to The Shadow's eyes thanks to the intricate angle Ross used.

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Posted by longbowhunter

That Spawn cover really stood out on the shelves this week. McNiven's Spider-Man covers have been great.

Posted by Cavemold

lol the spawn cover suprised the warzone punshier cover should be on here

Posted by Decept-O

Incredible. Do say that Debris cover is lovely as are The Shadow, Fables and Spawn.

Posted by BatWatch

I have been skipping these articles because I usually do not care for the choices, but I am glad I dropped in today because these are great pictures.

Posted by Mercy_

Oh mannnnnnnnnnnn. That Noto cover *__*

Posted by kid Apollo

i watch Adventure Time with my 2 yr old nephew, i'm 24, and i honestly couldn't tell you who laughs more when we watch

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

Loved the concept for the Astonishing X-men cover

Posted by Queso6p4

Nice selection for this week. I was fond of Secret Avengers #33, and Clive Barker's Hellraiser #19.

@kid Apollo: I tried watching this show with my best friend but found it too strange.

@haydenclaireheroes: Yes! I almost bought it just because of its awesomeness.

@longbowhunter: Yeah, when I saw that I had to buy it, even though I won't read it.

Posted by DonFelipe

Spawn. First I thought it is quite boring for a Spawn cover but you're right, it works well as a homage to The Dark Knight Triumphant:

Batman vs Spawn
Posted by Grey56

Dear Todd McFarlane -

Please do something original and not an homage to something else. It's not cute anymore. Use your awesome talent, please.

Posted by Mercy_

I keep coming back just to look at the AXM cover.

Posted by k3vbomb

@Grey56 said:

Dear Todd McFarlane -

Please do something original and not an homage to something else. It's not cute anymore. Use your awesome talent, please.

couldn't agree more. It's getting alittle cray old.

Posted by Allie_Ho

Alex Ross really draws some realistic and stunning stuff.

Posted by Bitchgurl

The Shadow cover is a SUPERB piece of art!

Posted by spiderturtle

I enjoy McFarlane's homages....

Posted by htb106

I love those X-men and Spiderman covers!

Posted by Lvenger

The covers this month for Amazing Spider-Man have been beautiful.

Posted by Or35ti

The Spawn and the Astonishing X-Men covers are my favorite. I especially just love the Spawn cover's style.

Posted by hunter5024

Fables always has such cool covers. Makes me think I should give them a shot, but then I remember I'm not supposed to judge books by their covers.

Posted by thespideyguy

My top twelve.

Posted by fables87

Fables is the best I think.

Posted by EdwardWindsor

Surprised to see no mention of hellraiser yet again , this weeks cover was pretty good to

Posted by Wolverine0628

@haydenclaireheroes said:

Loved the concept for the Astonishing X-men cover

Yep. :)

Posted by The Stegman

I Vampire #13 was the best cover of the week imo 

Posted by Deranged Midget

McNiven continues to impress with the ASM covers.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

@thespideyguy: Bro those are great covers alsooo

Posted by KnightRise

@DonFelipe: I'd buy it just because it looks so dope

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

The Spawn and Shadow covers FTW I say. Absolutely love 'em!

Posted by RoboShark

Debris is a cool book that always has cool covers.

Posted by nszerdy

That Spawn and Fables covers are Fantastic!