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Best Comic Book Covers of the Week: 8/9/13

What were our favorite covers for this week?

Welcome back to yet another amazing Best Comic Book Covers of the Week where we, the Comic Vine staff, pick out some super-rad covers that were released this week, and we present them, to you, in a nice little package that you can either open and enjoy or you can donate them to your local comic book cover donation center. Well, that made no sense! Onto the comic book covers!

First cover of the week is ALL NEW X-MEN #15 featuring Jean Grey and Beast about to have a little kissy-time. This cover was drawn by Stuart Immonen. The best part of this cover is Cyclops in the background. He's probably yelling "NOOOOOOO!" The classic romance cover style here is the main reason it made the list this week. It's vintage!

Next on our best comic covers list is the cover to ACTIVITY #14. Mitch Gerads was the artist for this issue and the cover. All the covers to this series have the same template of the title and logo in the center of the issue, which is very cool. In addition, the perspective here, of a man drowning with an armed gunman above him, is eye catching.

While searching out the best comic covers of the week, some of us (me), search out what Francesco Francavilla has done for the week because his covers are just so captivating. This week, Francesco drew the cover for DARK SHADOWS #19 by Dynamite comics. He always has a way of catching the reader's attention with his covers, and he does it yet again here.

The 4th best cover on our list comes from the new Boom Studios book ROBOCOP: LAST STAND #1. This cover was put together by Declan Shalvey. Maybe it's because so many of us are nostalgic for the old Robocop movie, but seeing Robocop looking as stoic as ever on this cover just put a smile on our face.

DAREDEVIL DARK NIGHTS #3 is the last cover on our list this week, and it's not just because of that wicked awesome icicle beard. This cover was crafted by artist Lee Weeks. Daredevil looks moments away from kicking some major butt here, and I love the color choices be Weeks here. The red really pops off the page because of all the different blue tones in the background.

Well guys, that's it for our picks for this week! Make sure to let us know what your favorite covers for the week were in the comment section below. See you next week guys!

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Posted by thespideyguy


Posted by The Stegman
Dial H
Earth 2
Phantom Stranger

Posted by TheManInTheShoe

Kinda missed these

Superior Carnage #2
Iron Man #14
Avengers A.I. #2

You can even see the little Ultron in the back

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

DD Dark Nights is pretty cool

Posted by papad1992

X-Factor #260

Posted by Bio Guyver

Beast X Jean. Still, I'm rooting for young Scott :P

Posted by DonFelipe

I like The Activity cover. The others don't really blow my socks off. Dark Shadows - it's one of the weakest covers of this series in a while and it still makes the list. It's beautiful though. All Dark Shadows covers are nice.

What about...

Sheltered - Note to self: Pick this up!
Like Dark Shadows', all Luther Strode covers should make this list always.

Or what about all four of this week's The Shadow covers?

Last not least my favorite comic and cover this week:

Edited by nappystr8

Trillium was the only comic this week to have two covers. That's right two covers! Because two is better than one, clearly Trillium wins best cover of the week.

Edited by matchesmalone21

No Dial- H or Trillium? ...shame!!!!!!!

Posted by MrMazz

That X-Men cover is my pick. Just because of Scotts reaction shot so great

Posted by CaptainHoopla

@the_stegman: Love the Phantom Stranger cover, it's my pick of the week.

Really like The Activity cover, cool water distortion effect.

Posted by Outside_85

All-New X-Men: Gimps in love.

Posted by CaseyJones

Digging how they did the underwater effect on The Activity cover.

Posted by DCWarFan73

@the_stegman: Great pic with Phantom Stranger - the covers for his series are some of the best.

Posted by InFamous_Wolf

The Activity cover looks cool with the water effect.

Posted by InFamous_Wolf

No love for the Luther Strode cover?

Posted by Hawkguy

Loving me some Fabok

Posted by NightCrawler358

Honestly not a great week, nothing really stands out to me. Some solid stuff as always, but the best covers use the same layouts and ideas as their previous issues, like Black Bat using the minimalist background, black on red etc. If I had to pick out one, I'd say

The Shadow #16:

Posted by derf_jenkins

I think the Dial H covers were all really good. Shame that series is going away.

Posted by viin
Green Arrow #23

Edited by Miss_Garrick

Jean Grey and Beast?!? EW EW EW EW EW!!!!!!!!

Posted by marvelman2099

Kinda missed these

Superior Carnage #2
Iron Man #14
Avengers A.I. #2

You can even see the little Ultron in the back

that carnage is just to bad ass!!

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

That Robocop cover is pretty sweet.

Posted by KingWillie

Eh, they were all pretty average to me..