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Best Comic Book Covers of the Week: 8/8/14

What covers really kicked some butt this week?

Welcome back to Best Comic Book Covers of the Week. Each week, we take a look at all the new comics that come out and decide, in a battle to the death, which covers are the coolest. We also ask our followers on Twitter to let us know what they loved using #CVCovers. Let's get right down to business and see what blew our socks off this week.

BATMAN ETERNAL #18 by Alex Garner

First up, we have BATMAN ETERNAL #18 by Alex Garner. Normally, Garner does work on BATGIRL, so he's pretty used to drawing characters in the Bat-world. He does some great work with colors and shading here for sure.

BLACK WIDOW #9 by Phil Noto

Up next is BLACK WIDOW #9 by Phil Noto. It is a really cool idea to put Punisher's logo into this cover, since it is a cross-over and all. Noto always makes Black Widow look so awesome and stoic. Super cool work here.

PUNISHER #9 by Mitch Gerads

Here's PUNISHER #9 by Mitch Gerads. In the other half of the Black Widow/Punisher crossover, we have this cover. It's cool to see the focus on the black widow spider, while everything else is out of focus.

GREEN ARROW #34 by Andrea Sorrentino and Marcelo Maiolo

Finally, we have GREEN ARROW #34 by Andrea Sorrentino and Marcelo Maiolo. Andrea always does stellar work on these covers and the colors from Marcelo are incredibly well done here and add so much to the cover.

Here's what you folks picked on Twitter.

GRAYSON #2 by Mikel Janin

Your pick is GRAYSON #2 by Mikel Janin. His work is always awesome and while were not sure if Jeremy Cox did the colors for this cover or not, the color style is simply awesome.

There you have it! Let us know in the comment section below what covers you loved! Also, check us out on Twitter and let us know on Wednesdays and Thursdays what covers you loved using #CVCovers. See you folks next week!

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Posted by dotwilson

yesss, i was hoping the Black Widow cover would make it on this list... noto is perfect.

Edited by MadeinBangladesh

I see a lot of Red and White covers.

Here's m favorite. Man this cover artist is amazing!

Posted by MarcosVergara14

I love Mikel Janin's art!

Posted by Xwraith

Finally you put a Sorrentino cover here.

Edited by Akindoodle

I see a lot of Red and White covers.

Here's m favorite. Man this cover artist is amazing!

Ryan Sook. Amen

Posted by CaptainMarvel4Ever

I see a lot of Red and White covers.

Here's m favorite. Man this cover artist is amazing!

Yeah these Futures End covers have been great

Posted by king1_icon

mr T

Edited by RaggedScarecrow

I thought Suicide Risk had a fantastic cover:

Edited by pikahyper

Posted by CaptainHoopla

The Punisher cover bothers me. The hourglass on a real black widow spider is on its stomach, not its back.

Posted by Overlander

I loved all the covers this week. Great job!

Posted by Lone_Wolf_and_Cub

The Punisher cover bothers me. The hourglass on a real black widow spider is on its stomach, not its back.

I think that is the bottom of the widow spider.

Posted by CaptainHoopla

@lone_wolf_and_cub: no, it's the top/back of the spider. You can tell by how the legs bend down and the web is under it indicated it's walking on it. Kind of a silly thing to think about, but I've seen more than my fair share of them around my office the last few years. I love the cover though, and I'm sure it was drawn that way for effect, but it bothers me for educational, or in this case, mis-educational reasons. Other than that, it is a good rendition of a black widow.

Posted by manwithoutshame

normally I'm a big fan of Alex Garner but Killer Croc looks kinda funky on this one. the mouth looks completely wrong, he only has four upper teeth but it doesn't look like any have been broken out and it's just a weird looking face he's pulling there.

also Punisher needs to ditch that ski mask he looks ridiculous. everyone knows the Punisher is Frank Castle, I can see him now, "Hmm, don't know about this mask, better put another skull on it. Yeah."

Posted by medulaoblaganda

i love me some punisher cover. the cover looks freaking awesome

Edited by WheatStalker

Actually no one in L.A. knows Frank is the Punisher, in this series, except for a few. Even the LAPD just call him "that guy," or "the Punisher." The mask is so that Frank can enjoy scrambled eggs at the diner without being recognized. And so he doesn't get shot while drinking coffee.

The spider on the cover is on its back, against the frayed web, similar to how Natasha has her back against the wall with Chaos.

Posted by Samuel_Simmons

So these all suck.

Edited by Lone_Wolf_and_Cub

@captainhoopla: Yeah your right actually. I was on my iPhone and it looked like it was possibly the bottom. But now that I'm on my Mac I can tell its on the top.

Edited by Fallschirmjager

Edited by Kravis

Adi Granov's variant for Miracleman #9 is superb.

Posted by betogonza

I thought Suicide Risk had a fantastic cover:

This is badass!

Posted by KingWillie

Love the Batman Eternal.

Posted by Ms-Lola

I really liked both the Black Widow and Punisher's covers this week. Nice perspective for both combinations of each characters' visual markers.

I'd bring up She-Hulk's cover this month, because Wada is just that good.