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Best Comic Book Covers of the Week: 8/16/13

Time to find out what the coolest comic book covers were this week!

Hello ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to another week of "Best Comic Book Covers of the Week" where we choose the best comic book covers of the week. Geez, that's really redundant. Oh well. The staff picked a whole bunch of super cool looking covers, and we narrowed it down to five. Let's get this started.

First up, we have the cover to MIND THE GAP #12. This eye catching cover, featuring pieces of the cast's face, was drawn by the very talented Rodin Esquejo. Robdin's color work, as well as design here, are beautiful. It's a very smooth and realistic feeling cover.

It's hard to believe that WALKING DEAD is already at issue #113. It seems like just yesterday it was hovering around #50. This week's cover has a really cool perspective and features Andrea, holding a gun in a tower. As always, it was drawn by Charlie Adlard. It has everything I love about covers: guns, towers, and mobs with guns.

This next issue was picked out simply because I have a thing for Becky Cloonan's art. This issue is THE TRUE LIVES OF THE FABULOUS KILLJOYS #3. The color work really stands out here, and Cloonan's art style makes for a really captivating cover, especially with so much negative space here.

Sneak attack hug or has Iceman locked Thor into the Million Dollar Dream? Either way, we loved the cover to ASTONISHING X-MEN #65 this week, which was drawn by Phil Noto. It's a very cool cover, and we're not just saying that because of all the ice. Get it?

Last, but not least, we have the cover for UNCANNY X-FORCE #10. This cover really wants to make your brain scream, and it was drawn by Kris Anka. Frankly, any time Puck appears on the cover of a comic book, it has to go on this list. That's a law, right? The contrasting styles on this issue are what really grabbed us here at CV.

Well, there's another week of the best comic book covers under our belt! What do you guys like? Do you disagree? Let us know in the comment section!

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Posted by ajshadowhawk

Interesting covers. I like the one for Killjoys and Astonishing X-Men.

Posted by RulerOfThisUniverse

Cool covers.

Posted by Nahuel

Just the Killjoys this week :/

Posted by Baberaham_Lincoln

Does Noto ever draw interiors now? i know he did thunderbolts, but he'd fit really well in all x-men books... same as Mike Del Mundo.

Posted by Enzeru--defunct

Those picks seem kinda random and are not really well explained for the most part in the article.

My picks would have been:

Thor - God Of Thunder #11= A pissed off Thor with not only one, but two Mjolnirs?!

Spawn #234= Two of Todd McFarlane's creations come together: Spawn and Haunt and the cover does the team up justice.

World's Finest #15= Boobs.
Batman #23= It may be a minimalistic apporoach, but it still shows the birth of a Legend.

Archer & Armstrong #12= A guy VS a T-Rex? Epicness factor over 9.000! No further explanation needed.

Posted by G_Money_Christmas

I personally have to go with this one...


Posted by Renchamp

@baberaham_lincoln said:

Does Noto ever draw interiors now? i know he did thunderbolts, but he'd fit really well in all x-men books... same as Mike Del Mundo.

I know he did interiors for the last part of the first volume of Uncanny X-Force.

Edited by KryptonSabbath

Edited by Hel

Love the Astonishing X-Men`s cover. Its beautiful in colour and its simplicity

Posted by TDK_1997
Edited by CaptainHoopla

I found this to be a pretty "meh" week for covers. My pick, Red Sonja #2.

Post edited to add this awesome Infinity #1 variant by In-Hyuk Lee. Couldn't find this one anywhere on the site though.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

I need to start reading the Killjoys

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

That Walking Dead #113 cover is pretty sweet!

Posted by Wolverine08

How did Thor: God of Thunder #11's cover not end up here?

Posted by Hel
Posted by guttridgeb

None of these really stood out. They're good but not as good as the best usually are.

Posted by InFamous_Wolf

No love for Spawn

Edited by fallbrigade
Posted by flazam

How could you not love this?

Edited by judasnixon
Edited by kid Apollo


Posted by Breadspread

Batgirl was robbed! Easily the best cover of the week.

Edited by spinningbirdcake

Cool list. I Especially like the Fabulous Killjoys cover. This wasn't one of the best covers of the week but it made me actually laugh, which was kind of the opposite of the intended effect:


Posted by noj

Not too many great covers this week. Out of this list the only ones I liked are the Noto Xmen and the Cloonan Killjoys. I would have added both the Capullo and Frank Batman covers

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

MEH covers....

No love for Spawn

This one is my favorite!!!

Posted by Jake Fury
Posted by DonFelipe

I like the selection though at least one Red Sonja and the Haunt/Spawn cover are missing, and maybe this one, too:


How come they are not looking each other into the eyes?

Posted by Battle_Forum_Junkie

Must say, I'm surprised this Batman #23 - Secret City, Part Three; The Pit variant didn't make the list. It's wonderful and rather iconic if you ask me. This would be my favorite of the week.

Yeah, I've been kind of disappointed with the main covers for Zero Year so far.

They've all been pretty boring, IMO.

Edited by Jaymundo

Some pretty generic covers this week, if I had to pick one I'd say TWD.

Edited by lykopis

Astonishing X-Men is amazing, I would go with that one.

Edited by Tradewind

IMO that Uncanny X-Force cover can totally easily be replaced with the one for Red Sonja 2.

From this week's pick I find Killjoys' cover to be sweet! Plus that Liberator cover is awesome! Thanks for posting, G_Money_Christmas.