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Best Comic Book Covers of the Week: 5/11/12

Check out a list of the week's best comic book covers; from MYSTERY IN SPACE to FAIREST and many more.

With another week over and a slew of gorgeous comic book covers from this Wednesday's releases, we've once again chosen some of our favorites and have highlighted them here for you to see. And of course, if we miss any of your favorites, be sure to let us know and to post it in the comments below!


The cover to Vertigo's one shot that was released earlier this week makes our list for the week's best covers. Mike Allred delivers a fantastic cover as well as a story that will take you "to strange and mysterious places" like the "edge of the abyss." Who better to illustrate the deep space adventures found in this anthology than Allred himself? The cover is classic Allred in a style uniquely his own and he gets some help from none other than Laura Allred. The pair deliver a beautiful cover. The character at the center of the image has perfect anatomy, and is drawn from an interesting perspective; he appears almost to be falling backwards into space.

== TEASER ==


Another Vertigo title makes this week's list, and one look at the cover you'll know why. Gracing the cover of the latest issue of FAIREST is Lumi, also known as the Snow Queen in the Fables universe. The cover is drawn and colored by none other than Adam Hughes who captures Lumi's playfulness and sex appeal effortlessly. The image not only makes the list because it's a pretty picture (which is obvious), but also because of its perspective. Here is Lumi, blowing on what appears to be a window. She fogs up the glass and writes the name of the series with her index finger. In this image the reader is looking at her reflection, which would give anyone a chill. Framing Lumi's face are tiny snow flakes that have fogged up the window; and it's detail like that that make Adam Hughes stand out from other artists in the industry. Hughes is constantly thinking about perspective; about how the image will appear to the viewer; and this picture is a perfect example of that.


You may have heard about that other crossover at Marvel titled 'Exiled' that launched May 1st with EXILED #1 and continued this week in JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #637. We chose the cover to JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #637 because it's beautiful, but also because we wanted to show off all of the covers that will span all five issues that take up the 'Exiled' crossover by artist Stephanie Hans. The picture is breathtaking, taking elements of characters and worlds that we see in the NEW MUTANTS as well as JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY and mixing them together. What you get is a gorgeous five-cover spread of Hans' work which can be displayed consecutively once it's been collected. Hans captures everything from the fear on the faces of these characters, the ferocity of Asgard and Thor, and Loki's mischievous grin. The result is truly beautiful group of covers.


Finally we have the cover to Chris Roberson and Rich Ellis' MEMORIAL #5, a series being published by IDW that focuses on the incredible adventure of Em, a talking cat as she traverses through an incredible world of "walking shadows, living statues, blind kung fu librarians and forgotten heroes." While Ellis does the interiors of this series, the breathtaking covers are being illustrated by famed comics artist Michael WM Kaluta, known for his STARSTRUCK comic book series which was recently reprinted by IDW in 2009.

The cover focuses on Em, but references the age old story of Adam and Eve. Behind Em is an image of an apple tree, and wrapped around its branches is a serpent. Em stands before a fallen apple and appears to be taken aback by fear. Everything about this cover is beautiful. The image has incredible depth, with the serpent and the tree behind the young girl. It's also very symmetrical, and the viewer must look through a frame in order to see the temptation behind Em. It's a really beautiful image.

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Posted by fables87

These are all really good, but I'm gonna have to say Fairest FTW.

Posted by primepower53

@fables87 said:

These are all really good, but I'm gonna have to say Fairest FTW.

have to agree.

Posted by ALittleTooRaph

@fables87: Haha! Yep, Fairest for sure!

Posted by Urthiln

I was to see an issue of Dicks make the list. Maybe the offensive cover? That would be fun.

Posted by Billy Batson

Dat Fairest.

Posted by TheHeat

The Fairest cover looks pretty sweet.

Posted by astrid12

Fairest. My god that is a beautiful cover. And Im a fan of the Snow Queen (in any fable) so this is like extra points. No Wolverine and the X-Men #10?

Posted by lifeboy
Checkout the cover to Peanuts. It has snoopy as the masked marvel wrestling lucy. It is hysterical as well as the story inside.
Posted by DATNIGGA

I'll read journey of mystery

Posted by Saren

What, no Deathstroke?

Moderator Online
Posted by bladewolf

What, no Demon Knights?

Posted by minigunman123

@CitizenBane said:

What, no Deathstroke?

Posted by mattwing87

I really liked the covers to Higher Earth! The ones posted here are lame!

Posted by IrishX
Posted by jrock85

Fairest was awesome.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Fairest wins...once again, anything by AH! wins by default...

Posted by GamerGeek360

What, no Batman?

Posted by moywar700

Fairest is the best cover


Posted by That60sGuy

Mystery in Space is a really classic cover. The image is reminiscent of classic 60s/70s fiction. The Fairest series has had beautiful covers all the way through. The other 2 covers are good but not great IMO.

Posted by DarthShap

Love me some Adam Hughes.

I really do not understand why DC stopped reprinting the DeMatteis/Giffen JLI run at the exact moment AH started to do pencils.

Posted by Mucklefluga

Fairest is so so good

Posted by feargalr

The Fairest one is really cool

Posted by Funrush

@GamerGeek360 said:

What, no Batman?

Agreed. I thought it was great.

Posted by wmwadeii

I never read any of the Fables series, but the Fairest cover made me want to pick it up.

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

My favorite from the list was Mystery in Space

Posted by Mumbles

fairest is the best cover of the week. amazing like always AH!

Posted by VioletPhoenix

The Fairest cover is amazing, for a second I thought it was Emma Frost before reading the top

Posted by BlackArmor

@fables87 said:

These are all really good, but I'm gonna have to say Fairest FTW.

might as well call that cover Charlie Sheen cause it's winning

Posted by revbucky

Great art across the board!

Posted by knighthood

I'll be the odd one and say Memorial was my favorite cover.

Posted by ArtisticNeedham

I loved the Allred one so much, but I couldn't find it at my local store. Did it come out this past week? How much of the inside was Allred?

Posted by That60sGuy

@ArtisticNeedham: Allred doesn't do much of the inside work.

Posted by ThePRez

no batman? I love that cover, anyway great pick

Posted by Billy Batson


and yet you uploaded it with the variant cover. SMH. Fixed it for you :p

Posted by Ijan092

Batman #9 variant cover was awesome

Posted by lifeboy
Posted by ArtisticNeedham

@That60sGuy: @aztek_the_lost: Thanks. I might have actually seen that but I can't remember. I'll have to check later. But if he doesn't do much maybe I wont worry about it. Great cover though. One of this weeks best for sure.

Posted by Green_Lima_81

Gonna have to go Fairest on this one! Something about Adam Hughes that makes me say "AH!".

Edited by The Black Hood

The Fairest cover is perfection. Kudos to the art team that put that together!

Posted by rogueparadigm
Posted by HempKnight757

Yeah the Mystery in Space cover is really cool & they had been advertising for a good while. Turns out that is the variant cover & there is only 10 of them. Sweet! To bad my LCBS only had the regular cover that doesn't hold up at all to this one. Total disappointment.

Posted by KidSupreme

pretty cool covers