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Best Comic Book Covers of the Week: 4/27/12

This week's covers have nothing in common -- and each one is prettier than the next.

Each week the Comic Vine staff looks long and hard at all the gorgeous covers to the week's new releases and we choose the ones that we like the best. After looking through this week's books, we've once again chosen some of our favorite covers. Unlike last week's choices where three of the four covers we chose were part of Marvel's "Avengers Art Appreciation," this week's covers have absolutely nothing in common!

First one up is the cover for IDW's POPEYE #1 which took it's inspiration from another classic title, ACTION COMICS #1. You probably recognized the resemblance between the two covers immediately, which celebrated Superman's first appearance. Artist Bruce Ozella replaces Superman holding a car over his head with an image of Popeye. The cover also features Olive Oyl, Swee'Pea and J. Wellington Wimpy. Yet I doubt this cover would be as pretty if it weren't for Luke McDonnell's awesome colors. This isn't the only time an artist has paid homage to ACTION COMICS #1 -- in fact, here's an entire gallery of homage covers for you to check out.

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One of the things we'll miss about seeing new MOON KNIGHT books each month is Alex Maleev's awesome covers. When it comes to covers to the series, Maleev has certainly delivered and it's safe to say he certainly ended the series on a high note. The cover to MOON KNIGHT #12 depicts the hero at the center of a sphere which resembles a crescent moon. It's just a really clever depiction of the character, but also just really aesthetically pleasing.

Although no one wants to see Boba Fett dead, the cover to STAR WARS: BLOOD TIES #1 is still a pretty compelling cover -- even if it did make some of us a little bit uneasy. Cover artist David Palumbo depicts Boba Fett sprawled out on the ground in a seemingly desolate space on a cover that would prompt any Star Wars fan to pick up. The image begs the question of whether or not Fett will really die in this Dark Horse series.

Another final issue that made this week's list is the cover for Marvel's final issue of THE TWELVE. The issue features cover art from Paolo Rivera, but this one is definitely different. The cover likens an oil painting, and has an incredible amount of depth. It can sometimes be hard to choose team book covers, but this one is just really, really pretty. There is no one character that really stands out above the rest; each gets his little moment in the spotlight.

Did you like our choices, or did we miss out on some cool covers? Let us know which covers were your favorites for this week!

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Posted by B'Town

Terrific choices. I'm really happy to see Popeye as well as the Star Wars cover make it!

Posted by IrishX

A beautiful final cover from Maleev. 

Posted by primepower53

@IrishX said:

A beautiful final cover from Maleev.


Posted by Icon

Love the Action Comics homage.

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

The best from this list was the Twelve cover

Posted by FoxxFireArt

Hmmmmm, that POPEYE cover looks oddly familiar. It's as if I've seen that before somewhere, =D

Posted by The Mighty Monarch

I mean, sure the art style of the Twelve cover is nice, but the design overall is pretty standard.

That Moon Knight cover REALLY makes me want to check the series out, despite it ending soon.

Posted by The Impersonator

@primepower53 said:

@IrishX said:

A beautiful final cover from Maleev.


Edited by pikahyper

Sorry but nothing beats this one:

Posted by revbucky

Good stuff!!

Posted by The Mighty Monarch

@pikahyper said:

Sorry but nothing beats this one:

I think this feature is now meaningless. That's the best cover that has ever existed in the history of always.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Man I love those but the Popeye cover FTW! :)

Posted by GamerGeek360

I really enjoyed this cover as well.

Posted by TDK_1997

The Popeye one and the Star Wars one are great.

Posted by Nuec_Sol

@haydenclaireheroes: I agree. My second choice would be the Moonlight cover

Edited by Zeeguy91

I thought Superman #8 had one of the best covers of the week

Posted by JamDamage

Moon Knight as always is in here. Derservedly too.

Posted by jonnystorm777

That Popeye comic looks very classic. I wanted to pick that up.

Posted by ThePRez

@GamerGeek360 said:

I really enjoyed this cover as well.

for me this is the cover of the week

Posted by SylentEcho

Freakin' LOVE the Popeye cover.

Posted by WW-Fan

love the Popeye One :D

Posted by difficlus

@pikahyper said:

Sorry but nothing beats this one:


Posted by the_fallen11

Maleev's cover is amazing

Posted by WZA

Lovee the popeye cover lol

Posted by Wolverine0628

Love that Moon Knight cover.

Posted by TheFaustianMan

It's Popeye all the way for me! Followed by Twelve.

Posted by Eyz

I just really love that Popeye cover ^___^