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Best Comic Book Covers of the Week: 2/21/14

Let's find out what covers were super awesome this week!

Welcome back to the best comic book covers of the week! Each week, the Comic Vine staff picks out their favorite covers from the past week and praises them beyond belief to a point of pure ridiculousness. Let's get right down to business and check out some of the coolest covers from this week.

PUNISHER #2 Variant by Jerome Opeña & Frank Martin

First up is PUNISHER #2 by Jerome Opeña & Frank Martin. The colors in this piece are fantastic. Frank Martin does some amazing things with the graffiti behind the Punisher. The overall piece is extremely eye popping, specially the split between the gritty side of things and the palm trees of L.A.

BLOODSHOT & THE H.A.R.D. CORPS #19 by Clayton Crain

Up next is BLOODSHOT & THE H.A.R.D. CORPS #19 by Clayton Crain. I think everyone is in agreement with how epic Crain's covers are, right? This cover just screams awesome, and the layout and colors are nothing short of pure brilliance.

GHOSTED #7 by Matteo Scalera

Here we have the cover for GHOSTED #7 by Matteo Scalera. Fans of the series will love this cover simple because of who is on it. Random folks will love it for the little things, like how Anderson's body fades out or how there are skulls on her legs.

RED SONJA #7 Variant by Amy Reeder Hadley

Next on our list is a variant to RED SONJA #7 by Amy Reeder Hadley. This is one intense cover, and while there were quite a few cool looking covers from this book, this month, Hadley's cover really captured the ferocity and intensity of this character in battle.

AVENGERS WORLD #3 by Agustin Alessio

Next is AVENGERS WORLD #3 by Agustin Alessio. This cover looks like the VHS box art of a 70s martial arts movie, and we mean that in the most complimentary way possible. The colors give this a very classic looking style which really makes it pop out.

SUPERGIRL #28 by Giuseppe Camuncoli and Cam Smith

Finally, here's SUPERGIRL #28 by Giuseppe Camuncoli and Cam Smith. I've always been a huge fan of Camuncoli's work and it really shines here. Supergirl not only looks awesome, but incredibly angry as she reaches for that red lantern ring. Easily, this is one of best covers from DC this week!

That's it for another weekly adventure with the best comic book covers of the week, we'll see you guys next week with a whole new batch of covers. Do you have a cover you simply love that we missed? Let us know in the comment section below!

Mat "Inferiorego" Elfring is a writer, twitterer, podcaster, and other things that are pointless and trivial.

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Posted by AllStarSuperman

Avengers world as the best

Edited by Alertcircuit

I like Supergirl's and Punisher's the best

Posted by KidChipotle

I really liked SSMTU and Nova's this week. Unity's was cool too.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

More people need to read Gail Simon's Red Sonja

Posted by RulerOfThisUniverse

Don't really get what's so great about the Ghosted, Red Sonja, or Supergirl ones.

Posted by lifeofvibe

bloodshot is that ace?

Posted by Loki9876

Avengers word is beautiful

Posted by Overlander

Some awesome choices there. It was a solid week for guns on covers.

Posted by TheManInTheShoe

I'll just leave these here:

Posted by Lone_Wolf_and_Cub

Punisher and Avengers World are nice. Loving how it looks like Frank has an inadvertent halo above his head.

Posted by kilomac29

I was pretty fond of the regular Justice League #28 cover. Probably more for the colors than the pencils though.

Posted by iaconpoint

Nice Red Sonya but anything with the words Gail Simone on the cover cheapen it. I'll go with Supergirl instead.

Posted by G_Money_Christmas

I was going to agree with Supergirl. I like how they gave her the goatee too.

Posted by Cap10nate

I can't wait for Crain to do the interiors for Rai and Harbinger. I love his art.

Posted by FearTheLiving

Punisher one is pretty awesome.

Edited by longbowhunter

Amy Reeder's Red Sonya is just about the best thing ever.

Posted by spinningbirdcake

@longbowhunter said:

Amy Reeder's Red Sonya is just about the best thing ever.

As far as I can tell pretty much anything from Amy Reeder is the best thing ever. So mad Rocket Girl got delayed.

Posted by TheWrathofLucille

This was my favorite cover this week!

Posted by lifeofvibe

Anybody know why ace is in valiant?

Posted by Perfect 10

too bad that's not the cover i have for avengers world

Posted by Extremis

I see you got a taste for the violence.

That Punisher one is pretty great. The comic itself, not so much.

Posted by longbowhunter
Posted by mak13131313

Good choices this week. It's hard to say which is my favorite for the week. I like Supergirls, Bloodshots and, Avengers World.

Posted by pikahyper

Posted by spinningbirdcake

@longbowhunter: Yeah I have those in trade and they're great. She also did really good work on Batwoman. Really different style from JH that I thought was a cool change.

Edited by HulkPool23

definitely punisher, always had good covers

Posted by Exile-616

I could never fathom how one can see any appeal in Clayton Crain's art.

Posted by Trodorne

A great cover by Pop Mhan

Edited by amaltheias

Avengers World is gorgeous, wow.

Posted by Lykida

The Avengers Worls variant is so nice. I just wish the story was as good as this...

Posted by Xwraith

No Unity?

Posted by TheUnN4med

I love the Ghosted one. I think the Red Sonja regular cover is better. The bloodshot cover is awesome too!!