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Best Comic Book Covers of the Week: 10/25/13

The coolest looking covers for the week of 10/25 are here!

Welcome back to another magically thrilling episode of "Best Comic Book Covers of the Week" where the Comic Vine staff time travels to 1776 and discusses the best comic book covers of the week while on a raft, heading down the Mississippi River and puts their picks into a nice, compact article for you to read. This week, we got some super cool picks for you.Check them out!


First on our mighty list is SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN TEAM UP #5 by artist Paolo Rivera. It's the first humorous cover of the week! We really like what's going on here with Spider-Man at the helm, using Doc Ock arms to grab the other villains as a "prize." While everything on this cover is fantastic, I can't take my eyes off of Green Goblin. He has this very cool, classic look, which reminds me a lot of reading classic issues of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN as a kid. The color work here is also fantastic. This cover really pops.


Up next is the cover for BATMAN THE DARK KNIGHT #24 by artist Alex Maleev. There is just something super-awesome about Maleev's art. His style is extremely intense and is a bit different from what we're all used to as comic book art. The color work on this cover is outstanding, and we love the amount of emotion that Alex puts into Batman's face here. It's a great stand-out piece of art.

PRETTY DEADLY #1 by Emma Rios

This week marked the debut of a new series and the cover looked great. Here's PRETTY DEADLY #1 by Emma Rios. This cool new series has itself a pretty dang cool cover. There's a lot of subtle things we really enjoyed about the cover here. The shading on the legs looks really great. The line and color work are top notch here as well.

FF #13 by Mike Allred

Of course, the next cover on the list is FF #13 by Mike Allred. Quite often, he appears on this list because his style is extremely cool. Laura Allred does the colors on this cover, and if you really pay attention to some of the finer details, instead of the piece as a whole, you'll notice some really nice work. Take a look at Ant-Man's hand or helmet, there's little details within those parts that really make this cover stand out. All-in-all, we are loving this all-Allred cover.

SUPERIOR CARNAGE #4 by Clayton Crain

Another artist who makes continued appearances on our list is Clayton Crain and for good reason. Here's his cover to SUPERIOR CARNAGE #4. Crain's art is just so dang amazing! The way he draws Carnage is so dang cool. We love those symbiotic strings that come off of him. Spider-Man jumping at him from the background has some great colors in it. Once again, Crain does a really cool job here.

HARBINGER #17 by Matthew Waite

Next up is HARBINGER #17 by artist Matthew Waite. I'm receiving flashbacks from college of late nights, playing Mario Kart, and lots of loud arguments which resulted in the loss of friendships. Valiant has been doing these covers, which are all obviously homages to classic video games, and they're just super cool. There's a lot of nostalgia here, and some older readers will really love this.

THUNDERBOLTS #17 by Julian Totino Tedesco

Finally, the last cover on our list is THUNDERBOLTS #17 by Julian Totino Tedesco. Typically, the covers to the issues of THUNDERBOLTS have been a bit more seriously, and here, we have Deadpool enjoying a nice, very cheesy slice of pizza. In the background, the rest of the team is battling it out, and one of my personal favorite things about this cover is the Leader pounding on the window to get DP's attention. Overall, it's a really nice piece and the art is beautiful.

There you have it! Those were our favorite covers gracing some of the new books this week. Got a cover you loved and thought we missed out on? Make sure to put it in the comment section, and let us know why you loved it! Make sure to type your response in all caps so we know how you truly feel!

Mat "Inferiorego" Elfring is a writer and hosts this silly podcast. He also tweets.

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Posted by AllStarSuperman

I like thunderbolts

Posted by GraniteSoldier

That Superior Carnage cover is pretty boss. Thunderbolts cover is awesome, made me laugh.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Older readers? Damn, now I feel like an old man.

Posted by ptigrusmagus

I'm glad Thunderbolts has improved, I like those characters.

Posted by akbogert

If only Crain's art went past the cover, I'd probably have actually read this miniseries.

Edited by Overlander
Posted by TheManInTheShoe

Love that Spider-Man cover

Posted by HeckTate

@jonny_anonymous: I felt it as soon as I saw the Eternal Warrior Pitfall style cover from a couple weeks ago. Getting some Atari flashbacks going.

And I love the Pretty Deadly cover, stared at it for so long. Had to flip a few of them around in stores because they were shelved upside down (so her reflection looks right side up). I'm so disappointed my shops didn't have variants for it, some of those looked amazing.

Edited by Renchamp

Mike Allred can't draw a back She-Hulk.

Moderator Online
Posted by solon

I like Superior Carnage

Edited by RulerOfThisUniverse

That Dark Knight cover is amazing.

Edited by Cap10nate

@akbogert: Crain did some interior work for Eternal Warrior 2 this month during flash back scenes. They were nearly as fantastic as his covers.

Posted by jstndmnd

How did these two not make it:

Edited by spinningbirdcake

Awesome choices. Though the marvel covers would sooooo much better if they would just ditch that stupid red banner. I liked this one too.

Posted by ravisher

i knew dark knight as gonna be on there

and i agree with the pics in the comments

Edited by patrat18

@jstndmnd said:

How did these two not make it:

Agreed. Superior Carnage cover is boss also.

Posted by Miss_Garrick

I like how in SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN TEAM UP, the ock arm is making a groove in Sandman. His expression implies it hurts! Nice detail.

Posted by DonFelipe

Posted by Jolt92

That Harbinger cover is really bad.

Posted by Dud317

I actually preferred the b&w version of Dark Knight. It looked great, rather than looking like a sketch that so many b&w covers resemble. I'd post it but I'm on my iPad so the text editor is very limited.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

@jolt92 said:

That Harbinger cover is really bad.

Yea I gotta agree with you. I don't get the appeal behind these 8-bit covers. They look lame to me.

SOme of these covers are great though!

Posted by Extremis

Indestructible Hulk 14 ftw!!

Also yeah Marvel ditched tht red banner for like one week and it looked great without it and here it is again... Damn you Marvel, remove that stupid worthless red bar.

Edited by pikahyper

Moderator Online
Posted by TheUnN4med

I think this sould be in the list. Velvet cover is awesome

Edited by MaccyD