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Best Comic Book Covers of the Week: 1/17/14

What covers got us all excited this week?

Welcome back to another week of some of the coolest covers in comics. Each week, the Comic Vine staff discusses the best covers of the week all while fighting to the death in the Thunderdome. Let's get right down to business and see what was cool this week.

BATGIRL #27 by Alex Garner

First up is an artist you're probably pretty familiar with, since he's a regular on our list. It's Alex Garner and his cover for BATGIRL #27. Garner always does some amazing work. His page set-up here is really cool and by blurring the background, he gives Barbara this incredibly sense of movement.

DAREDEVIL #35 by Chris Samnee

Second up on our list is DAREDEVIL #35 by Chris Samnee. Samnee is another artist we see on this list all the time because his covers are eye candy. This very startling cover looks great, and what's really cool about it is how the logo for the book goes along with the water ripples. The color palate, in addition, is great here and makes this cover stand out.

X-MEN LEGACY #22 by Mike Del Mundo

Up next is X-MEN LEGACY #22 by Mike Del Mundo. It's like All-Star week here on Best Comic Book Covers because we've seen Del Mundo on here quite a few times. He always has interesting covers, and while this is probably one of the more normal looking ones, it's so different from the rest of the books, in a good way. The color work on here is great, and we love the way he uses negative space.

THUNDERBOLTS #20 Variant by Phil Noto

Here we have a variant cover by Phil Noto for THUNDERBOLTS #20. The main cover of this book was pretty awesome, but the variant cover really caught our eye. It's a great homage to pulp covers from the past. This really gives off a sense of fun and we love the font choice for the title.

BEDLAM #11 by Frazer Irving

Finally, we have the cover for BEDLAM #11 by Frazer Irving. This is a very powerful cover as a man reluctantly holds a gun towards the cover. The look on his face says everything you need to know about this cover. Irving does an amazing job with his faci

That does it for another week of awesome comic book covers! Did you love a cover this week that we didn't put in this list? Then make sure to let us know in the comment section below!

Mat "Inferiorego" Elfring hosts an Internet culture podcast and tweets on his Twitter account about celebrities beards during award season.

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Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Man, I'm really gonna miss Legacy

Edited by AllStarSuperman


Posted by longbowhunter

Love the Thunderbolts cover.

Edited by BraveKnight99

Really liking that Thunderbolts.

Edited by Guardiandevil83

Dat Batgirl cover doe.

Edited by patrat18
Edited by RulerOfThisUniverse

That Batgirl one is great.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

WHATTT!?!?!? Bedlam#11 came out this week? I missed it!!

Posted by inferiorego

@madeinbangladesh: someone on Twitter told me it didn't but numerous sites have it listed as this week.

Posted by batmannflash

Batgirl always has amazing covers

Posted by snarkybits

Beautiful Batgirl cover...

Posted by Master_Thief

Can someone explain to me whats going on with ghost rider.... is it johnny blaze or someone else?

Posted by marvelman2099

better this week then last week

Posted by marvelman2099
Posted by Bad_People

Alex Garner is the sh%t.

Posted by Ostyo
Posted by mikep12

Like the batgirl cover most and dc title covers in general as they tend to actually tell what's in the book marvel titles are a bit cartoony

Edited by MadeinBangladesh

I just remembered after reading this comic...

@inferiorego you missed the best one!

Posted by kit07

I love me some Batgirl, but that cover is terrible.

Really digging the Daredevil cover though.

Edited by pikahyper

@madeinbangladesh: someone on Twitter told me it didn't but numerous sites have it listed as this week.

The digital edition was on sale from some digital retailers for a few days, they've since taken it down but people have purchased and read it so technically it came out but not officially until next week, happens every once in a while for a few publishers and regularly for Archie.

Posted by Master_Thief
Posted by Jake Fury

Not the best this week but Spectre looks awesome.

Posted by Jake Fury

Batgirl cover is awesome.

Edited by manwithoutshame

my vote:

Posted by oldnightcrawler

I just remembered after reading this comic...

@inferiorego you missed the best one!

that was a great cover. I don't know if it was better than Daredevil's cover, but it's easily as good as anything else on this list.

Posted by Experio

Better covers than last weeks.

Posted by Extremis

Really nice covers this week!

Is Thunderbolts any good now that Soule is on writing duties? His Red Lanterns is quite good.

Posted by korghano

That's a lot of great covers. Don't think I could choose just one!

Posted by marvelman2099
Edited by Maddpanda531

@extremis: I've only read the newest issue, but I enjoyed it quite a lot.

Posted by Skyhawk1

Batgirl FTW.

Posted by Extremis

@extremis: I've only read the newest issue, but I enjoyed it quite a lot.

Sweet! I'll have to pick an issue up this Wednesday. I know next to nothing about Red Hulk, aside from him being Thunderbolt Ross.

But that aside, this book seems like you don't have to know too much to jump in. Am I right about that?

Posted by Maddpanda531

@extremis: Yeah, you don't need to know much. The "Point Now" issues are all supposed to be really good jumping-on points. Of course, it's still a continuation of the previous issues, but having not read them, I thought it was a good place to start

Posted by MasterBelmont

Sick Thunderbolts cover. That series looks really epic now, since I heard it sucked before getting a new writer. Well, it's got two of my favorite heroes (Deadpool and Ghost Rider), so I'm sure I'd like it.

Edited by KingRobbStark

I don't understand why Batman hasn't tapped that.

Posted by EdBlank

I don't understand why Batman hasn't tapped that.

Because: "I know Batman; and you, Sir, are no Batman."

What kind of standup guy would Batz be if he was sniffing after his dear old friend's daughter?

Edited by Spideysense44

Daredevil cover

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