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Best Battles in New Comics: 7/11/14

Check out awesome action scenes from the latest issues of GRAYSON, ALL-NEW X-MEN, and SPREAD!

Thanks for checking out our latest edition of Best Battles in New Comics! We're about to offer you a glimpse of our three favorite action scenes from the latest wave of new issues. Honestly, it was very tough narrowing down the options. From the Big Two to brand new indie titles, there was a ridiculous amount of fighting going on in the most recent comics. It wasn't easy, but we finally managed to select three to highlight and we hope you'll enjoy them every bit as much as we did. And if not, well, maybe we'll win you over next Friday.

If you're not a fan of the battles we picked, we encourage you to praise the one you have in mind instead of just posting something like, "why isn't ___ in here?" It just may motivate someone to check out the comic, after all. Also, we have a discussion thread for this segment and check it frequently on Wednesdays and Thursdays. So if there's a fight you like in a new comic, be sure to recommend it in that thread before we write the feature.

*The final highlight isn't for the faint of heart*


Whether you like it or not, Dick Grayson, the man formerly known as Nightwing, is now beginning his career as a spy. Seeing as he's agile, incredibly skilled, and was trained by the world's greatest detective, something tells us he should be a pretty good fit for the job. The new series kicks off its first chapter with an action-packed mission. We have mixed news for you if you took a look at the cover and said to yourself, "I don't want to see Dick Grayson use a gun!" Yes, he technically does use a pistol in this opening chapter. However, he doesn't use it the way you'd expect him to. Who needs bullets when you've been trained by Batman to be a master with throwing weapons?

The gun is really just a batarang in disguise.

The operation on the train is good fun and shows how slick Grayson can be, but things take an especially exciting turn when he bumps into a majorly dangerous character: Midnighter. If you should know one thing about the guy in leather, it's that his abilities as a hand-to-hand combatant are no joke. Luckily for Grayson, he isn't exactly a slouch in this department, either.

Grayson's graceful way of fighting is always a joy to witness.

After seeing this turn of events, there's likely a few Midnighter fans out there that are scratching their heads. Yes, Grayson's a good fighter -- exceptional, in fact -- but Midnight's on a ridiculously high level when it comes to battles. However, it's soon revealed that Midnighter's just having a bit of fun observing his opponent and eventually stops holding back.

You'll be hearing from Spider-Man's lawyers, Midnighter.

Now that Midnighter's "pissed off" and no longer toying around, how is the first Robin going to get out himself of this one? Trying to take this guy down in a melee is an uphill struggle and then some, so what could he possibly do to defeat this deadly dude? Or is he unable to do so all by himself? As always, you'll just have to read the whole issue to get all of the details. And, let's be honest here, who isn't at least curious to see the beginning of Grayson's new path?


Remember when Kitty Pryde called Professor X a jerk? Well, she should have been talking about the child he has in an alternate future with Mystique, because that guy is a total jerk and definitely deserves the insult. Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen's latest chapter of ALL-NEW X-MEN opens with Young Xavier dishing out some harsh revenge against the past and present X-Men. As he diverts all of his attention to making the various mutants suffer, he remains oblivious to one lethal character that's sneaking up behind him: X-23!

X-23 doing what she does best.

Even after Jean Grey follows up with a blast of her own against the villain, the fight is far from over. It wouldn't be a highlight in Best Battles otherwise, right?! Raze, the alternate future child of Wolverine and Mystique, leaps into the fray and begins to slash away at X-23. As these two battle -- and poor Laura gets kicked in the noggin -- this gives Xavier a moment to recover. And a moment is all he needs to use his powers to make all of the mutants turn against each other. Now, prepare your eyes for splash page greatness!

Stuart Immonen strikes again.

We don't want to spoil any of the issue's big twists and turns, but it's safe to say you know all of the mutants don't actually kill one another, right? Okay, cool. So, there's a few developments with Xavier along the way -- stuff we totally don't want to ruin for you -- but another character still remains as a threat: Raze. The shape-shifter taunts X-23 into another fight, but Scott Summers, a.k.a. Cyclops, won't allow any of that nonsense to continue. In case you forgot just how forceful those conclusive blasts of his can be, here's a nice example of the punch these projectiles are packing.

Just a friendly reminder that Cyclops' optic blasts are full of awesome.

What happens to Charles Xavier II? Who's behind Xorn's mask? It's the final chapter of the Future Brotherhood's battle with the current and young mutants, so you definitely don't want to miss it if you've been following along with all of the X-Men's crazy adventures!


Imagine if Quentin Tarantino rebooted John Carpenter's The Thing. It sounds like a massively graphic dose of horror and action, doesn't it? Well, that's basically what Justin Jordan and Kyle Strahm's new Image title SPREAD is like! Here's all you need to know: it's years after these frightening creatures have, well, spread across the planet and humans are struggling to survive. Our main character, No, is immune to the spread, but they're still more than capable of killing him with their pointy and jagged parts. Luckily for No, he knows how to take care of himself and is more than handy with a blade.

Welcome to the soothing world of SPREAD.

These monsters aren't the only threat wandering around. There's also a group of humans called Raiders and the name pretty much says everything you need to know about them, right? But before No bumps into those cruel people, he still has this horrifying creature to deal with. Cutting off its "eyes" was a good start, but that won't keep the thing down for the count. Like we previously said, No's good with a blade, so he knows how to make his attacks count.

Aw, he just was just reaching out for a hug!

Remember those Raiders we told you about? They're about to rudely pop into No's world. One of them is an archer named Amell (maybe an Arrow nod?) who claims he never misses. He takes aim at No and releases the arrow. No, with his trusty blade, swats away the projectile at the very last second and appears to do so with total ease. The creative team then proves our protagonist is a formidable dude and has him absolutely obliterate these bad people. Things are about to get vicious.

If you haven't noticed by now, this book has a wee bit of bloodshed.

What else does this new and creepy world have to offer? And what's the deal with the baby on the cover? If this terrifying and violent issue sounds like something you'd maybe want to check out, we strongly recommend giving it a shot. It did receive a 5-star review, after all.

Honorable Mentions

  • DEADPOOL #31
  • RAI #3
  • BATGIRL #33
  • SPIDER-MAN 2099 #1

What are your top three fights from this latest round of new comics? Also, don't forget to make nominations every week in the official thread or tell us via Twitter. See you next Friday and have a good weekend!

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Posted by patrat18

Nightwing had some damn good feats in that issue. Loved the artwork.

Posted by DemonKnights

Loving Grayson, so far.

Posted by Strider92

Spread was awesome can't wait for the next issue!

Posted by TDK_1997

Grayson was first a great start for the new book and the fight between Dick and Midnighter was more than cool.

Posted by Queso6p4

Love the new (?) opening image. Might have to check out The Spread if I can stomach it. Thanks, Katzman.

Posted by Sovereign91001

Loved the Midnighter/Grayson fight, in Grayson #1, I really liked it when Midnighter says Dick's fighting is'like jazz, Disciplined but not adverse to improvisation' really summed up his character and fighting style pretty well.


Hypno's ftw

Posted by micah

Midnighter is a total boss.

Edited by CorruptedOwl

My boy's in good hands!

Posted by DarthAznable

Need to pick up Rai #3 also...Grayson looks silly.

Posted by Overlander

Great picks this week. Spread looks gory. o.O

I loved All-New X-Men this month. That was a fantastic issue and the battle was well worth highlighting. Thanks, Gregg!

Posted by Gojira2014

Wow, Spread looks great. I love the Thing movie and this seems pretty sweet concept of the Thing meets Road Warrior.

Posted by Nahuel

What book do I drop to add The Spread?!

I think I'll say goodbye to JL Dark :(

Great picks!

Posted by saucygiraffe

Why is mystique having everyone's baby?

Posted by _ANDY_CAN

midnighter is cool

Posted by dagmar_merrill

I think Spread may be excessively gory.

Edited by Wolverine08

All New X-Men looks dope.

Posted by RisingBean

Spread will be something I look into. Looks swell.

Edited by OreoAssassin

Nightwing series looks awesome

Posted by Saren

Janin's fight scenes are great. Based on that first issue, I'd say Grayson has the best combat art out of any Bat-book, with Gleason's B&R stuff coming in second.

Edited by Ancient_0f_Days

@k4tzm4n: Who's the bald guy who gets Gunneranged

It looks like Lex....but then again, almost any clean shaven bald guy could look like Lex.

Edited by Life_Without_Progress

Thus, Justin Jordan has probably created a possibly new overpowered character that he claims he is weaker than he actually is

Posted by Fallschirmjager

Forgot to vote again :3

Posted by Krypton-115

@corruptedowl: I haven't read Forever Evil, but doesn't Midnighter technically know that Dick is Nightwing, even tough he's supposed to be "dead"?

Posted by tparks

Wow, Spread looks great. I love the Thing movie and this seems pretty sweet concept of the Thing meets Road Warrior.

I was thinking the same thing. I might just pick this up.

Posted by Denn979

Grayson's really good.

Posted by CorruptedOwl
Posted by RogueShadow

Okay, I'm convinced. I'm gonna read me some Grayson.

Posted by Nefarious

Grayson vs Midnighter? Funny.

Posted by Bat_Girl_CC

The whole Fist of Cain group, adressed in Nightwing #30 give me hope, for a possible Cassandra Cain return in this book, but if the idea is to job her like they did to Midnighter...then, no thanks! i'll keep waiting.

Posted by BruceWayne19

Grayson fits really well into his role, loving this book

Posted by RexWing

No Bullock vs the Bat from detective comics haha?! That last page was so boss

Posted by Darkseid_Prime
Posted by Experio

Midnighter's getting sued

Posted by LyraFay

That blood in Spread, wow talk about bleeding dry.

Posted by micah

@tparks said:

@gojira2014 said:

Wow, Spread looks great. I love the Thing movie and this seems pretty sweet concept of the Thing meets Road Warrior.

I was thinking the same thing. I might just pick this up.

Not jumping on the bandwagon, but I was too.

Posted by buttersdaman000
Edited by Teerack

Omg Molly's reaction to being freed from Baby Xavier was so horrible it almost made me cry. Molly doesn't deserve anything like that ;_;

Was kind of hoping Deadpool would have killed baby Xavier.

Posted by nappystr8

Dick Grayson vs. Midnighter is a super fun idea. I may have to go pick up that issue.

Posted by angel2dan
Posted by HeckTate

@sovereign91001: That was my favorite line of the week. Met Tom King at a local signing today and told him that and he got a little excited. Guess it was one that stuck out for him, too.

Posted by ZZoMBiE13

Wow. Spread looks pretty intense. I haven't heard of it before now. Reminds me of the Carpenter classic The Thing. I'm going to have to see if I can find a copy of that. :)

Edited by joaoanjos