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Best Battles in New Comics: 4/18/14

Come feast your eyes on awesome action scenes from the latest issues of SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN, X-O MANOWAR, and THOR: GOD OF THUNDER.

Hey there, action junkies! If you're a regular, welcome back and we hope you'll think this latest edition is full of win. If this is your first time checking out the weekly segment, then you're in for quite a treat! This week, we have a battle between two Marvel characters that literally shakes the Earth; a slugfest in space between two Valiant dudes; and the brawl in the big finale of SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #31 (without major spoilers, of course).

"Hey, why isn't a fight I love being highlighted and/or listed in the honorable mentions? What gives?!" It's possible we didn't read that issue (A LOT come out each week, after all), or we didn't dig it as much. So, be sure to make suggestions in the official Best Battles Discussion Thread from now on to put this stuff on our radar. We review that before writing this weekly feature and do our best to get our hands on the issues suggested.


Jason Aaron has filled THOR: GOD OF THUNDER with some amazingly epic brawls. Remember the double Mjolnir action in the Godbomb arc? How could you not, right? Well, his latest battle could very possibly be his best one yet. Old Galactus and King Thor are having a little -- okay, a big -- standoff over the fate of Midgard. Galactus wants to finally eat it, and, despite the world being desolate, Thor refuses to let big G have it as a snack. They've been having one hell of an amusing verbal exchange and Galactus blasted him an issue ago, but now the clash has truly begun! It opens with a gorgeous splash page (by Esad Ribic... we'll praise him in a little bit) but then Aaron delivers something so ridiculous yet astonishing: the Asgardian hits Galactus in the stomach so hard that he vomits.

Only in T:GoT will you get a caption about Galactus puking.

As thrilling as Aaron's script may be, it would be basically moot without an excellent visual team. Luckily for Aaron, the mighty Esad Ribic and colorist Ive Svorcina are working on these pages. The thunderous encounter is taking place on a barren stage, yet this duo instills a crazy amount of power and life into the cosmic melee. Keep in mind, we're only offering you 3 bits of the entire fight. There's a whole lot we're not showing you and they're absolutely worthy of your eyes' focus.

Thor: God of Best Battles.

Did you see that? The freaking Earth is shuddering as these two titans clash. The funny thing is we're not even showing you the absurdly powerful hit that occurred before that. Hint: take a look at the moon in the above image. Yeah, it wasn't like that before this match started. That's all we'll say, and trust us, that's only potentially spoiling half of what the strike produces. We haven't read every single new comic, but it feels safe to assume it's the most potent punch that happened in this week's new batch of issues. At any rate, the struggle continues and neither is slowing down... until Thor lands a game-changing blow, that is.

No Mjolnir toss will ever best the one that made Galactus scream, "GAAAARGHH!!!"

While the hammer toss does indeed knock down the devourer of worlds, the fight is by no means over just yet! Honestly, we cannot stress enough just how immensely enthralling this book is and this is absolutely a must read issue. It's not designed as a jumping on spot, but thanks to an adequate recap page, it can most definitely serve as one.


Valiant's next big event, Armor Hunters, is approaching and Robert Venditti was given the chance do to some major hype-building in his most excellent sci-fi book, X-O MANOWAR. In the latest issue, a creature named Malgam demands for Aric's sophisticated armor. Naturally, the Visigoth refuses and it's not long before the first wallop is thrown and man, it's a strong one.

Venditti's X-O has all the punches. All of them.

Malgam packs quite a punch, but given the armor's durability, it only fazes Aric of Dacia. The alien then throws some debris at its armored target, but X-O's able to slice through it with little effort. As the odd being races towards Aric, our hero swiftly realizes there's just no reasoning with this enemy. With that in mind, Valiant's cosmic powerhouse swings his vibrant blade in an effort to disable his foe. In one fell swoop, the enemy's hand is lopped off.

Watching Aric wield the sword is always a good time. Unless you're his enemy, obviously.

Fun fact: Malgam recovered after an energy blast took off a chunk of his head in the last issue. So yeah, we can all assume slicing off one of his hands won't bring the fight to a close, but at least Aric's trying to avoid making this a battle to the death. Still, his attempt to bring the fight to a halt is futile and the behemoth quickly retaliates with yet another massive blow.

See, I told you it has all the punches.

Malgam proceeds to obliterate the latest member of Unity, but we all know X-O will make it out in one piece. But how does he survive this slugfest in space? We won't spoil it for you; however, we will say it teases that there's much more to the alien armor he's bonded with. Plus, it's the prelude to Armor Hunters, so how can you resist this? X-O MANOWAR's consistently great, so go give it a shot, people.


This is it, friends. Dan Slott's SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN ends here and it's up to Peter Parker -- you know, the actual one -- to save the New York from the Goblin King. As several heroes duke it out with Spider Slayers, Spidey heads straight for the boss fight: the Green Goblin. The evil guy is waiting for the wall-crawler on Alchemax's roof, and he isn't alone. The villain has Anna Maria Marconi, Otto's girlfriend, tied up and surrounded by explosives. He's prepared to hit Otto with a great tragedy, but the Goblin quickly discovers that Otto is no longer in control. How is he able to find this out, you ask? It hits him when Spider-Man delivers one of his signature quips, because we all know Superior Spider-Man wouldn't mess around like that. The masked fiend begins to fly away, expecting the costumed hero to stay behind and rescue the girl. That doesn't happen, though. The Goblin's expectations are shot as Spider-Man leaps after him instead of hanging back to save Anna. We all know Peter's not cold blooded like that, and he winds up proving he can take down the villain and save the girl at the same time. All he'll need is a sharp object, and luckily for him, the villain just tossed one his way. Thanks, Gobby!


You see, Anna doesn't need Spidey to save her -- just a means to free herself. Now that she has a dagger, Parker's confident she'll be able to cut free from her restraints and then elude the Goblin's explosives before they detonate (they're on a timer, of course). Now that he doesn't have to worry about her, Spider-Man brings the fight to the Green Goblin and opens with a vicious and bone-crunching attack to his wrists. Ouch.

Who will edit this so it looks like they're smooching?

As the two grapple on the twisting glider, Parker's able to strip the villain of his green and purple mask. Goblin Nation has kept us wondering if it really is Norman Osborn behind the mask, and it turns out Slott was understandably saving the reveal for the final chapter. What lies beneath that signature mask may not be what you expected. Or is it? We can't read your mind, after all.

4th panel is blacked out because SPOILERS!

Peter Parker is able to best his foe, but what about Anna? And how will Pete explain his crazy situation to his friends and family? After all, Otto's actions over the past few months have left many people he's close to thinking he's quite a jerk. This is a huge issue and something no Spider-Man fan should miss. Come on, it's the return of Peter Parker!

Honorable Mentions

That's it for this week, friends! What are your top three fights from this latest round of new comics? Also, don't forget to make nominations every week in the official thread or tell us via Twitter. See you next Friday. Oh, have a good weekend, too!

Posted by iceslick

I pretty much agree with this week's best battles. Thor vs Galactus and Spider-Man Vs Green Goblin were the best for me.

Posted by AllStarHit-Girl

I dropped XO after unity, I may pick it back up, but I dont really read event anyway. hurm.

Posted by RisingBean

Looking forward to actually reading the Thor battle once it comes to trade.

Not a big fan of the concept of Galactus puking. He's supposed to be energy contained in armor. Doesn't make sense.

Posted by DonFelipe

I'm getting more and more excited about Armor Hunters!

Posted by mogo1

You convinced me too buy Thor and maybe even XO. I've been reading what I can find on the original series

Posted by ptigrusmagus

Thor is one of the best comics Marvel has since #1

Posted by medulaoblaganda

now people can agree that thor will destroy superman!! yes?

Posted by Fallschirmjager

Old Thor needs his own book because he is far more interesting than regular Thor.

Edited by k4tzm4n

@mogo1 said:

You convinced me too buy Thor and maybe even XO. I've been reading what I can find on the original series

yes animated GIF

Edited by ArturoCalaKayVee

The X-O Manowar battle was definitely great. As was Superiors.

Posted by Wolverine08

Thor is just a boss.

Posted by Rainja

@medulaoblaganda: KING Thor is Thor at his BEST is probably more than a match for Superman but current Thor is still inferior to Superman on a consistent basis. And to end all arguments as to who is stronger look at what officially happened when Thor and Superman actually fought in the crossover. Superman Won......Now, who do I prefer? Thor personally, but he is outmatched.

Posted by medulaoblaganda

@rainja: did you even read thor vs gorr battle? did you see the feat he performed? those feats are enough to tell you that superman is outmatched. you know the best part about thor? lol he is magic, and superman is weak to magic, but not like totally weak though, but when both of them keep on fighting superman will eventually go down. the crossover battle is due to fan vote bro!!!.

Posted by DemonKnights

Yes, sloow as wolverine thor is going to beat superman. /Sarcasm

Posted by Lazz33

I'll take a God from Ascard over a man from Krypton any day.

Edited by Experio

Thor was an epic read

Edited by Ladyonora
Posted by CaptainHoopla

Excellent battles from excellent books this week.

Posted by anurag_50

Well, keeping SMan vulnerable and prone to defeat makes him look more human, so that readers can relate more easily.. SAge Supes would be a match for King Thor.. Its just his bloody weakness to magic.

Spidey <3 Peter returns, I presume?

Posted by micah

By the time Armor Hunters is done, X-O Manowar will have a heck of a lot of feats.

Posted by God_of_Wrath

King Thor vs Galactus?! S**t just got real. Yay. This is my new definition of epic!

Posted by tensor

This battle show you that when Galactus is not well Fed he can be beating it is has time and time again in marvel not the first or the last.

Edited by thewalkingdeadpool18

Seems like Thor is always on here. I will get around to reading the whole thing when it's on Marvel Unlimted.

But for the Thor vs Superman fights......i hate those what characters will win fight. Let me answer every what character would win fight with one sentance.

Whoever the writer decides to win will they can have Doop beat Superman if they want.

Edited by CaptainMarvel4Ever

When I got to the Peter vs Osborn fight, I had this playing in the background

and it made it that much more awesome. It also ended at the perfect moment.

Posted by k4tzm4n

Seems like Thor is always on here. I will get around to reading the whole thing when it's on Marvel Unlimted.

But for the Thor vs Superman fights......i hate those what characters will win fight. Let me answer every what character would win fight with one sentance.

Whoever the writer decides to win will they can have Doop beat Superman if they want.

Honestly, Thor: God of Thunder hasn't made too many cameos in this segment.

Posted by Overlander

Those were all awesome fights this week. Fantastic choices!

Posted by medulaoblaganda
Edited by SimonM7

Here you go Katzman. Sorry for the somewhat rushed 'shop, but I sped up when I realised what I was wasting my friday night doing. :D

Posted by lifeofvibe

@simonm7: im not sure what to say about this oh i guess LARWD HAVE MERCY!!!

Posted by k4tzm4n

@simonm7 said:

Here you go Katzman. Sorry for the somewhat rushed 'shop, but I sped up when I realised what I was wasting my friday night doing. :D




Posted by Ultinuc

I agree, thanks for not spoiling the identity of Goblin King, I've only just started reading ANY comics this year, so I appreciate the lack of spoilers

Edited by vedat


Posted by Auction_Sniper
Posted by Darkseid_Prime

This list pleases Darkseid_Prime

Posted by AmazingWebHead

@simonm7: Reminds me of the first episode of the 'Amazing Friends' series.