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Best Battles in New Comics: 10/25/13

This week, we're featuring awesometastic fights from SAMURAI JACK, LARFLEEZE, and JUSTICE LEAGUE. Come check out all of the glorious action!

It's Friday and that's totally worth celebrating, right? So what better way to rejoice than revisiting some of the most excellent action sequences from this week? And, boy oh boy, we have some really good ones in store for you. First, we're jumping into the very first issue of the new SAMURAI JACK series for some fantastic sword craziness. Then, we'll fly to the cosmos to watch ring-slingers brutally duke it out. Last but not least, we'll come back to Earth to observe a brawl between two ridiculously formidable dudes. They all have their own special qualities which make them rock and please the eyes, but keep in mind we're only showing you bits and pieces of each battle! If you want all the details, go buy the comic, silly.

Did your favorite melee not get a mention? Well, it's possible we didn't read that issue, so be sure to make suggestions in the official Best Battles Discussion Thread from now on. We review that before writing this weekly feature and do our best to get our hands on the issues suggested!

Samurai Jack vs. Arcus, Thurn, Clari, Robuttinski and Headclaw (SAMURAI JACK #1)

IDW's fist Samurai Jack issue has landed! We've heard nothing but love from fans of the show and, best of all, the issue is totally new reader friendly, too! In the premiere issue by writer Jim Zub and artist Andy Suriano, Mr. Ponytail Samurai Jack finds himself in a gladiator arena while searching for a thread of time. Five warriors stand in Jack's way and he's asked who he would like to face first. The samurai realizes he'll get worn down and eventually lose if he faces them one at a time, so he pulls a "come at me, bro" and says he'll take them all on at once. Jack dodges their initial attacks and things begin to get insanely fun when the coolest character ever, Headclaw, enters the fray. HE'S THE BEST!

The best there is meets the pointiest there is.

Jack can breathe a sigh of relief now that Headclaw "the stabbiest" is out of the picture, but he still has four combatants left. Who has what it takes to assault Jack next? Why it's it's the robot with the butt blaster, of course! Plenty of great scenes have graced our eyes this week, but very few can compete with Samurai Jack deflecting bullets from a butt blaster. Seriously.

Reflexes = boss level.

One of the blocked projectiles puts a hole in Thurn, removing him (or it?) from the fight, and another tags Clari, but she's just annoyed instead of eliminated. Meanwhile, Robuttinski continues to fire at Jack to no avail. The hero rushes the enemy, and let's just say the injuries that the robot's allies have received are nothing compared to what the samurai is about to dish out. It's time for Jack to get his slash on.

Samurai Jack > Robuttinski, the butt blaster!

What happens to the two remaining gladiators? Does Jack get the thread of time he's looking for? Well, you'll just have to buy this issue if you want to know. You totally should because it's full of awesome. Never even seen an episode of the show before but this issue was a pure blast!

Larfleeze vs. Orange Lantern Corps (LARFLEEZE #4)



LARFLEEZE IS... royally screwed. The Orange Lanterns have returned and they want one simple thing: to kill the selfish alien. They land the first strike, but Larfleeze recovers and dishes out a mighty attack of his own. They dare defy the mighty Larfleeze? They shall pay for this!

Enjoy the edge while it lasts, Larfleeze.

Sadly, things go downhill for Larfleeze at this point. And by downhill, we're talking about Larfleeze literally getting his head smashed into the ground. Despite his best efforts, he endures a relentless beating from some vicious characters. Even though Larfleeze is incredibly powerful, it comes down to the simple fact that he's outnumbered by people who possess the same abilities. Anything he can do... well, more of them can do it right back at his drooling face. His arrogance certainly doesn't help his odds, either.

Even when getting his face smashed, Lafleeze loves talking about himself.

The always pleasant Larfleeze gives it his all and this cosmic slugfest eventually comes crashing down on the planet Unicorn 12, unfortunately killing some adorable locals in the process. In spite of the odds, Larfleeze emerges from the rubble and is prepare for more frenetic fighting. Tragically, the numbers advantage takes a toll on the alien and each of his foes lands a strike on him.

Larfleeze: the bravest and most honorable soul in the universe.

He refuses to surrender, but it's clear he has lost the battle. So, what happens next? Does Larfleeze find a way to elude his enemies or does something truly unfortunate happen to him? Guess what we recommend? Yup! Buy the issue to find out on your own. Honestly, this book is consistently vibrant and provides galaxy sized entertainment, so it's totally worth checking out.

Ultraman vs. Black Adam (JUSTICE LEAGUE #24)

Ultraman is the strongest there is... or is he? As the evil version of Superman from Earth-Three assaults the Daily Planet, Jimmy uses the Superman signal on his watch to call for help. If you've been following along in FOREVER EVIL, then you know Superman isn't there to save the day, but another immensely powerful character answers the call: Black Adam. Prepare for greatness.

Your jaw is dropped, yes?

The two super-human characters fly through the air, smashing through a building before Black Adam takes control and sends the member of the Crime Syndicate of America smashing back into the ground. This is all brought to life in an amazingly cinematic fashion thanks to Ivan Reis' artwork and, despite the fight not actually being very long, it's quite grand.

Cargo yards: a popular spot for super-powered slugfests.

Black Adam is an immensely powerful being and when the two crash back to the surface, he immediately takes the edge. Shazam's foe pushes Ultraman into one of the containers and starts grappling with the man who is attempting to conquer the planet. However, much to Adam's surprise, he's unable to restrain Ultraman and it's more than transparent this fight has only just begun.

Not even Black Adam can withstand the ultra backhand.

Dang, talk about a great lead-in to FOREVER EVIL #3. Bring on more of this epic super-powered throwdown, Geoff Johns!

Honorable Mentions

Image taken from X-FACTOR #200

What are your top 3 fights from this week? Share them with us below! Also, don't forget to make nominations every week in the official thread or tell Gregg via Twitter.

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Posted by AllStarSuperman

Black Adam vs Ultraman sounds very cool

Posted by IndieComicsFTW

I think Black Adam is getting set up for Jobber central after his great runs in the past. Oh well.

Posted by Trevel8182

Poor Black Adam, dude can never catch a break :'-(

Edited by MartianManhunterIsBetterThanCyborg
Posted by flazam

Black Adam vs Ultraman Epic!!

Edited by patrat18

@flazam said:

Black Adam vs Ultraman Epic!!

Posted by Lvenger

It'll be interesting to see whether Adam's greater magical powers on the forefront will enable him to stand against Ultraman. Probably not but it sounds like a great fight and all. And you should totally watch the show Gregg, Samurai Jack is a boss! Kudos for picking his fight out this week!

Posted by solon

@flazam said:

Black Adam vs Ultraman Epic!!

Posted by longbowhunter

Uncanny Avengers was one of my favorite books this week. Happy to see it at least get an honorable mention. Janet going inside Banshee's throat and destroying his vocal cords was hardcore.

Posted by ColaNicole

@indiecomicsftw: Even if he was to be beaten I wouldn't necessarily see it as BA getting jobbed. Ultraman's a pretty tough guy and for all we know he could be stronger than before in the N52. Besides, villains are supposed to lose, no?

Posted by hart7668

@colanicole: Which is interesting to note considering Ultraman is evil.

Posted by The Stegman

@indiecomicsftw: Even if he was to be beaten I wouldn't necessarily see it as BA getting jobbed. Ultraman's a pretty tough guy and for all we know he could be stronger than before in the N52. Besides, villains are supposed to lose, no?

Well, technically, in this scenario, Black Adam is the "hero" lol.

Posted by solon

spider-man vs carnage was pretty good

Edited by Ostyo

Adam, noooooo! D:

Posted by SaintWildcard

Superman vs He Man was awesome. Didnt know He Man was that powerful, might make me read his comic in traded.

Posted by frankcal460

Superman vs He-Man was definitely my favorite battle this week. The DC Universe vs Masters of the Universe series is definitely going somewhere and I can't wait to see how it's all going to pan out.

Edited by RisingBean

I'm waiting for the inevitable Wolverine vs Headclaw fights on the battle forums.

Also you have He-Man taking on Superman a runner up, Katz? For shame.

Posted by Owie

Pretty awesome picture of Black Adam there.

Posted by k4tzm4n

I'm waiting for the inevitable Wolverine vs Headclaw fights on the battle forums.

Also you have He-Man taking on Superman a runner up, Katz? For shame.

Moderator Online
Posted by RisingBean

@k4tzm4n: And next week in best battles in new comics this thread, K4tzm4n VS. Risingbean.

Can K4tzm4n get the crowd hyped? Will Risingbean *ahem* rise to the challenge? Will RDJ disapprove by yanking his shades off?

Find out next week, viners!

Edited by ULTRAstarkiller

Is Ultraman powered by magic too?

Posted by frankcal460
Posted by GreenScar1990

Black Adam should be able to kick Ultraman's ass!

If BA gets beat or turned into a jobber for Ultraman's sake, then I'm calling BS.

Posted by dauntes_patron

Thunderbolts entire issue was a fight.

Red Hulk & Red Leader vs Aliens

Punisher, Elektra, & Venom vs Entire MOB

Deadpool vs Pizza

Posted by frankcal460

@greenscar1990: if Ultraman is supposed to be the opposite of Superman, will magic have the same weakening effect on him or will it do something else entirely?

Edited by Trodorne

Superman vs He Man was awesome. Didnt know He Man was that powerful, might make me read his comic in traded.

First volume is out already, the second volume that starts the ongoing series is out in march, and april is the event book.

Yes I would say it was a great fight. Dexter Soy did an amazing job building up the fight.

Posted by Blackdog2009

@greenscar1990: Superman beats up BA too. Why would an immoral Ultraman not be able to?

Edited by LCazT1996

Dat Black Adam/Ultraman fight. xD

Posted by Crazy_Wilhelm

Guys, it's not jobbing if the person you're fighting is arguably one of the most powerful beings in the world. Black Adam losing to any Superman equivalent isn't jobbing, it's just how the cookie crumbled on that particular day. Ultraman is superbeefy; don't forget that part of the New 52 initiative was making Superman the strongest hero on Earth again. His evil counterpart is presumably equivalent, and that means Black Adam's gotta work for these victories. I can't imagine he'll win the fight by himself.

Remember all of Superman's feats thus far, the speed feat flying to Pluto and back, the strength feats of lifting the Earth's weight for five days before breaking a sweat, all that stuff. Ultraman should theoretically be able to replicate all of those until proven otherwise; we saw how casually he moved the Moon already. Ultraman is indeed the strongest there is for now.

Posted by fables87


Posted by twogauge

Black Adam vs Ultraman? Close fight, but Ultraman doesn't really hold back, so I think that he'll either win by a little, or get destroyed.

Posted by tomlikesfries

Rat Queens #2 also had a pretty sweet battle. The book is awesome, it definitely needs more readers.

Posted by evilvegeta74

Anyone have a scan of Superman vs He-man ?

Edited by molotovzav

I thought Superman is weak to magic, and Ultraman is just Evil Superman from Earth 3? But I've wondered if they dropped this completely in the new 52. To clarify, just dropped the Superman is weak to magic. Ultraman is just there for the syllogism.

Edited by comicvine_is_jericho

@solon said:

spider-man vs carnage was pretty good

Agree awesome book, was disappointing this time around with this carnage story for the lack of Crain art in the interior, but so far i've been satisfied with the story even if it is focused on C - list characters more so than Carnage himself. but this recent issue had plenty of Carnage good ness along with an awesome ock/Spidey battle.
4/5 stars

Posted by MaximumGeyser5

Next Stop Jobber Central *Black Adam walks off the train* if he loses i wont blame him its a typical case of CIS to give Ultraman some Feats and make him seem dangerous, but i know Bizarro vs Ultraman is gonna be Da BeezKneez lol

Posted by MaximumGeyser5

If Black Adam loses, i for one wont be surprised its a typical case of CIS to make Ultraman seem dangerous and give him some Feats, but i do know Bizarro vs Ultraman is gonna be the BeezKneez Lol

Edited by StrangeMan

Wait wait wait, Samurai Jack's got a new comic? Let me go ahead and cry some tears of joy right now, brb

Posted by Miss_Garrick

He-Man can beat Superman. 1: He HAS THE POWER!! 2: That power is magic, and unless New 52 removed it, Superman isn't invulnerable against magic.

Why didn't anyone from Comicvine mention before there's a Samurai Jack comic?!?!

Posted by iceslick

@k4tzm4n: How about a best battle of week of Gregg kicking ass in Arkham Origins? lol ;-P

Posted by VeganDiet

Aww man, I got here too late to nominate the dustup between Ultimate Spider-man and his crew and Roxxon And his brain trust. Sure, it was really short, but the art was beautiful and fluid, and everyone got a cool moment.

Posted by staypuffed

Yeah Black Adam vs. Ultraman was awesome. Ivan Reis' artwork has been top-notch in the JL title.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

Wooo Samurai Jack!!

That Ultraman and Black Adam fight was weak though. I would rather put the Heman vs DC universe fight in the best battles.

Posted by evilvegeta74

Anyone have a scan of Superman vs He-man ?


Posted by Baberaham_Lincoln

wait how did BA come back? i thought he was ashes turned to ashes (did i miss something?) and from that question, how did Shazam revert back to his normal self?

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