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Best Battles in New Comics: 10/18/13

This week, we're featuring awesome fights from FOREVER EVIL: ROGUES REBELLION, BLOODSHOT, and JUSTICE LEAGUE BEYOND 2.0.

Best Battles is back, Viners, and we've returned with some glorious action scenes! This week, we're diving into DC's Beyond Universe, watching the chaos unfolding in Bloodshot's world, and seeing how the Rogues react when their fellow villains attempt to destroy Central City. They all have their own special qualities which make them rock and please the eyes, but keep in mind we're only showing you bits and pieces of each battle! If you want all the details, buy the comic, silly.

Did your favorite melee not get a mention? Well, it's possible we didn't read that issue, so be sure to make suggestions in the official Best Battles Discussion Thread from now on. We review that before writing this weekly feature and do our best to get our hands on the issues suggested!

Image taken from BURN THE OPRHANAGE #1.

Kal-El vs. Jax-Ur / Justice League Beyond vs. Superman robots (Justice League Beyond 2.0 #5)

Okay, JUSTICE LEAGUE BEYOND 2.0 technically came out last week (Saturday), but seeing as Best Battles runs on Fridays and it couldn't apply to last week's feature (if we had one, that is), we simply couldn't pass on highlighting it this week. Why, you ask? Because it was very, very excellent. In fact, the following three images you'll see are just barely scratching the surface of all the action crammed into the digital issue.

So, here's what's going on: Kal-El is powerless and in the Phantom Zone. There, he encounters Jax-Ur and his son. His son has the ability to turn the Superman robots in the Fortress of Solitude against Kal's teammates. As Kal has his hands full with Jax, the Justice League members are having all kinds of trouble as well. Jax puts a serious hurting on Kal, but it's not too long before he shows he doesn't need his powers to hold his own.

Batman training > your training.

Back on Earth, the team struggles against the numerous Superman robots. Outnumbered against powerful forces, eventually it's Shazam who realizes this isn't a match they can win with just their fists -- they have to use their minds, too! Time to eat magic lightning, Superman robot!

"You hear that, Terry? STOP FIGHTING SO DUMB!"

As the future Justice League continues to struggle (there's a great image of Big Barda knocking a Superbot on the head), Jax and Kal carry on with their vicious punchfest. It's a brutal back and forth and even after the image below, Jax is by no means down for the count. He still has plenty of fight left in him and he may still have a trick or two up his armored wrist gauntlet.

That's one epic BRAKK!

Is Superman able to save the day with just his skill and wit? Does the Justice League successfully hold off the swarm of super-strong robots? Well, you'll just have to read to find out, won't you?

H.A.R.D. Corps vs. Harada's Base / Bloodshot vs. Gunslinger (BLOODSHOT AND H.A.R.D. CORPS #15)

Toyo Harada is experimenting on Bloodshot's (for his nanites) and Project Rising Spirit won't stand for any of that jibber jabber. So, they've created an all-new H.A.R.D. Corps (led by veterans Gunslinger and Maniac) and they're going in with one simple objective: retrieve Bloodhsot. They've made it to their target, but the group is hit with some bad news: the seemingly unstoppable soldier is in a severely weakened state. Instead of going out guns blazing with Bloodshot by their side, they're now forced to carry him out. Luckily for them, they're doing just fine.

Lifeline, give me awesome.

The team's luck doesn't last long, though, because it's not long before the insanely power Harada hears of this intrusion and goes to address it himself. The H.A.R.D. Corps members have an impressive amount of powers at their disposal, but Harada's simply on a whole different level. They won't be able to elude him for too long, so Maniac makes the selfless and brave decision to hold him off while his team flees.

Maniac lives up to his name.

Is it a boss battle of epic proportions? What happens to Maniac? We won't tell you, but it's totally worth experiencing for yourself. Maniac's actions allow the team to escape with Bloodshot, but ultimately, Harada isn't even bothered by it. You see, he already extracted nanites from Bloodshot and that was his goal all along. He has no further purpose for the weakened man they were once stored in.

Massive face-plant is massive.

Upon returning to the PRS base, the first thing Bloodshot wants to do is get the hell out of there. He's been manipulated for far too long and thinks anything new they'll tell him is a lie. However, Gunslinger needs him because they're going to go back to Harada's and the enhanced soldier has what it takes to hinder the powerful character. Tensions are running high, so instead of a civilized debate, they come to blows and, believe it or not, smashing Bloodshot's face into the ground -- so hard it lifts cars, mind you -- isn't even the end of it.

The Rogues vs. Secret Society (FOREVER EVIL: ROGUES REBELLION #1)

After attending the lovely meeting in Rhode Island with all of the other popular villains, the Rogues return to Central City... except they didn't expect it to look like a total war zone. After a little investigating, they found out Gorilla Grodd let loose against the city. The place has endured massive destruction and Captain Cold realizes he needs to make sure his sister, Lisa Snart, is still safe in the hospital.

They do finally locate her, but unfortunately for them, the Secret Society shows up and it's not to bring her a "get well soon" card. It turns out the Crime Syndicate wants to make an example out of Central City and these villains are here to finish the job Gorilla Grodd started. Their first target: the hospital. And so begins the villains fight! Naturally, they all pair off and Captain Cold takes the first shot, stunning Black Bison. Plastique then tries to take on Heat Wave, but it's an epic fail for her because all she does is make him even more powerful. Amid the chaos, Typhoon talks a whole lot of trash against Weather Wizard, but it's not long before he eats those words.

Countered like a true Pokemon master.

The Secret Society talks a big game, but so far the Rogues are holding their own and with a fair amount of ease, too. As characters continue to pair off, Hyena chases after Trickster. The hairy villain calls Trickster a clown, and as expected, Axel throws some banter right back at the foe. However, insults aren't the only thing he tosses in this skirmish.

It's so cheesy that it's great.

Hyena manages to return the favor and bite Trickster's arm, but fret not, he's flying around just fine a few pages later and still tossing terribly annoying explosives right at Hyena. As each Rogue holds their own, the book chimes back in on Cold's battle and yes, he's still dominating against Black Bison.

Tell me again why Captain Cold isn't playable in Injustice: Gods Among Us... ?

All seems to be looking great for Flash's villains, but then Multiplex jumps Leonard Snart. Completely outnumbered, Cold gets knocked to the ground and the crowd of clones begins to stomp and pummel him. How does he get out of this painful situation and who shows up next? You'll just have to buy and read the book if you really want to know.

Honorable Mentions

Image taken from X-FACTOR #200

What are your top 3 fights from this week? Share them with us below! Also, don't forget to make nominations every week in the official thread or tell Gregg via Twitter.

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You forgot about Richard Dragon, Bronze Tiger and DC Comics martial arts deity, Karate Kid.

Posted by instantdeath999
Edited by sidismail98

So..... Superman from the future admits that Batman is the greatest hand-to-hand fighter ever...... good to know. Add that to the Batman respect thread.

Posted by sidismail98

@lvenger: His fighting skills aren't overlooked, it 's just that they're not master level. Compared to others he's a twelve year old who took some judo classes.

Posted by Lvenger

@lvenger: His fighting skills aren't overlooked, it 's just that they're not master level. Compared to others he's a twelve year old who took some judo classes.

Exactly my view too and I don't deny that. I was more or less reminiscing about Pre Flashpoint Superman's skills rather than New 52 Superman's fighting skills.

Posted by ivolution2k1

i like capn colds ice gauntlets i think he would have been awesome in injustice

Posted by Jake Fury

Trying to dial down my single comic purchases, but dang the Rogues' book is tempting.

Edited by sidismail98

@lvenger: The reason he doesn't use the complex fighting moves is because, who needs to know WHERE and HOW to punch when all your punches can bust planets? I don't really want Superman to be a martial arts master. That's like giving Batman powers.

Question: Someone told me Superman beat Batman without powers? Is that true? If it is, it's the biggest PIS I've ever seen.

Posted by ZeroOriginality

Villains 101. Lesson #1: Sometimes the villain is stronger or better.

Edited by Lvenger

@sidismail98: Ironically, I think this was during a story when Superman's powers were passed onto Batman and Batman started losing control mentally. Then Superman lured him to Crime Alley with prep and with Zatanna's help managed to depower Batman. That's the only instance I can think of.

Posted by bellaardila92

@hancock89: he is not the greatest fighter ever Wonder Woman is better.

Edited by Hancock89

@bellaardila92: ...... errr, okay... now why exactly are you saying that to me?

Posted by sidismail98

@bellaardila92: How is WW better? Batman even held her in a choke lock and he wasn't even serious. WW is a Greek Warrior right? Well, her fighting styles are outdated. If she WAS one of the top ten fighters in DC, she'd be at the bottom of the list. Batman however, is tied for #5 with Bronze Tiger. Combine that with his resources, strength, determination, durability, and intellect and you've got yourself "The most dangerous man on the planet". I quoted Superman.

Posted by sidismail98

@lvenger: How the FRACK would Batman lose mental control? His whole shtick is self control and resisting madness! Batman without powers is already smarter(at least tactically) than Supes! Now you take away Superman's power and give it to Batman and Superman is smarter? Biggest PIS I've ever heard. Batman would never be lured into a trap like an idiot. I'm not saying Batman vs Superman or Batman vs Zatanna, I'm just saying that this is PIS because Batman has indomitable will and never goes mad against all odds.

  • 61 results
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